March 29, 2020
Experts warn predators use online ads to lure youth into human trafficking

Experts warn predators use online ads to lure youth into human trafficking

AROUND THE COUNTRY. THE DIRECTOR OF THE GROUP SAYS ALL OF THE CASES SHE’S SEEN STARTED THE SAME WAY — ONLINE. NEWS 13’S SOYOUNG KIM SHOWS YOU WHAT TO LOOK FOR. DEAN — EXPERTS SAY PREDATORS KNOW TEENS ARE EASILY ACCESSIBLE ONLINE — SO THEY LURE THEM IN WITH ADS PROMISING QUICK CASH. 5:20 – 24 “They’re responding to the ad thinking they can quickly get some money.” of our family and we’ll take care of you.” THE DIRECTOR OF THE ANTI-HUMAN TRAFFICKING INITIATIVE SAYS IF IT SOUNDS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE, IT PROBABLY IS. 2:09 – 17 “The last case I know of, in New Mexico, this young woman ended up in Arizona and was held against her will because she had responded to one of those ads.” LYNN SANCHEZ SAYS HUMAN TRAFFICKING NUMBERS ARE UP IN THE STATE.. AND ACROSS THE COUNTRY. AND ALL THE CASES SHE’S SEEN STARTED THE SAME WAY. 4:23- 28 “Every single survivor that we’ve worked with has been exploited through the internet.” SO WHAT ARE SOME SIGNS OF A SUSPICIOUS AD? SHE SAYS PREDATORS TARGET YOUTH. 3:11 – 18 “Asking for youth to respond who are 14 to 18 or 18 to 23.” BUT DON’T HAVE AN AFFILIATION. 3:02 -10 – “That don’t have some sort of legitimate backing, like Big Brothers or Big Sisters, or its not part of a youth organization.” AND ENCOURAGE TEENS TO BRING A FRIEND. 3:39 – 45 “That’s another indicator, why would they want them to bring a friend.” THE AG’S OFFICE SAYS IT HAS PROSECUTED SIMILAR CASES THAT INVOLVED ADS TARGETING TEENS. SANCHEZ CALLS HUMAN TRAFFICKING AN “OBSCURE” CRIME THAT’S DIFFICULT TO TACKLE. AND SAYS AWARENESS IS THE BEST PLACE TO START. 17:28 – 35 “Every single community to be on the lookout for it, then I think then we can start effectively combatting trafficking in our state.” THE ADVOCACY GROUP SAYS ITS SAFE HOUSE IN SANTA FE CURRENTLY HAS TWO SIXTEEN YEAR OLDS AND TWO SEVENTEEN YEAR OLDS WHO WERE RESCUED FROM ALBUQUERQUE. BACK TO YOU. OKAY SOYOUNG. THEY URGE ANYONE WHO NEEDS HELP OR INFORMATION TO CALL OR TEXT THE STATE HOTLINE AT 5-0-5 – GET – FREE. WE HAVE THAT INFORMATION FOR YOU ON OUR KRQE APP.

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