April 3, 2020
Example of a good ecommerce product description

Example of a good ecommerce product description

welcome to Daily Ecommerce Tips today’s Daily tip… example of a good product description so recently I was on the hunt for good solid table however it came down to two different sites and the bits of information that I was
actually looking for were whether the table could be dismantled now one at the site that I had drill down to actually had a great
table the picture this great the description however although it
described the material didn’t give me any information about the
weight how the table would come, would it be with it comes solid? Would there be any assembly needed? and opposed to the other site which
I actually ended up buying for him all this information was displayed straight away I didn’t need to call anyone I had it all there infront me and in fact price be very similar, it actually made my decision a lot easier so that tip for today is of course be
descriptive include all information that with
mentioned in the first product description video and also do you remember to check your
competitors because even though you prices might be very similar you need to
think about making sure that you display everything you need on that description say of course it does come down to the products and services
but its really important everything has been a
laid out nice and clear thank you for watching like comment and
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2 thoughts on “Example of a good ecommerce product description

  1. Dear Concern Person,

    Thank you very much for wonderful video. I own an E-Commerce website – I maintain the website by my own only. I have a question to come up with. I sell Grow A Beard T-shirt which comes with different colors. I'm selling each color t-shirt as a different product as I don't have many products. Is this case do I still need to write a different description for all T-shirt which belongs to the same category but it has just different colors?

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