March 30, 2020
Exact Numbers: Did I make money on YouTube when I stopped uploading?

Exact Numbers: Did I make money on YouTube when I stopped uploading?

I’ve always been kind of I would say
like a little bit obsessed with completely passive income and of course
creating content isn’t completely passive but like the fact that I went 3
and a half months without creating YouTube video and YouTube themselves
still paid me money what’s up guys oh it’s Meredith here and I want to talk
about how YouTube paid me to not make videos last year I just got back from
the gym I took a shower made some eggs made some coffee
I’m gonna have to do my hair later because I want to dive into this so I am
still getting used to my brand new lights and I think they’re a little too
bright plus I forgot to put lipstick on so last year, 2019, I’ve already shared
about this before but my youtube channel went kind of stagnant a little bit in
terms of like me uploading actual videos summer came and things got busy I did
not have a really good solid routine in place hello word of the year for 2020
routine so I didn’t create nearly as many YouTube videos in 2019 as I
normally would as I had the years before and my channel still grew I gained like
around I think ten thousand YouTube subscribers and interestingly though
nothing changed with my my income with my income that directly comes from
YouTube it was exactly the same whether I created videos or not and I want to
kind of talk about why and give you some of the numbers there and actually
calculate how much YouTube paid me do not make videos in 2019 or more
accurately how much I made passively in 2019 while not making videos because
some of my income doesn’t come directly from YouTube and we’ll talk about that
in just a minute too and I do need to record some things for the YouTube
growth lab so I’m I’m gonna have to do something with my hair so coming over
into my analytics I am looking at the analytics for just 2019 here since I got
almost 1.5 million views in 2019 which is amazing because I published how many
videos 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 look at this big gap here 13 14 15 16 17
18 I only published 18 videos in 2019 that
is a very far cry from being a consistent weekly YouTube creator that’s
like way less than half so 18 videos in 2019 and if you look at this huge gap
here and we’re just looking at views right if I come over to look at my
revenue look at this gap July 20th through November 8th I published nothing
no new videos were published on my channel for all of August September
October and part of November so like we’re talking about three three three
and a half months if you remember a couple weeks ago I published a video on
what YouTube paid me for five million views and if you haven’t seen that yet
I’ll put a card up there for you I’ve always been kind of I would say like a
little bit obsessed with completely passive income like recurring passive
income and of course creating content isn’t completely passive but like the
fact that I went 3 and a half months without creating YouTube video and
YouTube themselves still paid me money you can’t tell me that’s not passive but
because I wasn’t publishing any YouTube videos I also
Publishing any blog posts so this is really more of how much I made passively
during those three and a half months that I wasn’t creating content now in my
last video I mentioned that I have a pretty big goal for growing my channel
in 2020 but I also have a pretty big goal for passive income revenue in 2020
my goal will be to hit we’re gonna go with about thirty three thousand dollars
in completely passive revenue recurring passive revenue so and revenue and
affiliate revenue and maybe some evergreen course sales type revenue in
there also thirty three thousand would be double my passive income from 2019 so
um yeah I have a plan for getting there I’ll share with you the three things
that I’m going to focus on to double my passive income in 2020 but let’s dive
into exactly how much YouTube paid me or how much I made passively during the
ones that I created zero content so we already can see here what I made in 2019
let’s put in the exact dates so we have seven 21 20 19 through November 8 19
we’re gonna hit apply and Wow not bad so I have just under two thousand dollars
that YouTube specifically paid me during those three and a half months that I
created zero content on this platform now I’m not totally sure what the
policies are for Amazon media vine or my other affiliate programs that I’m a part
of I don’t know what their policies are for sharing revenue so let me just add
it up for you real quick so three thousand seven hundred and eighty eight
dollars if you combine my affiliate revenue
with my blog ad revenue hey Siri what is three thousand seven hundred and eighty
eight plus one thousand nine hundred and thirty six dollars the answer is about
five thousand seven hundred twenty US dollars so five thousand seven hundred
and twenty dollars is what I grew on a money tree in my backyard while I wasn’t
creating any content at all on YouTube or my blog how is that even possible
are you wondering like wait how is that possible the answer is search engine
optimization and that’s pretty much it it’s pretty much search engine
optimization so even though I don’t create fresh new content the content
I’ve already created is optimized so that the people who search for things
that I have the answer to they find my blog they find my YouTube channel they
consume my content they see my ads they see YouTube’s ads and media vines ads
and they share the revenue with me that’s exactly how that works that’s why
I believe in evergreen content that’s why I believe in creating tutorial
videos and how-to videos when you’re just starting a channel because those
views will just keep coming right at you even if you don’t create any new content
at all so how am I going to increase my passive income for 2020 as I so I
mentioned that I have a plan to double my recurring passive income in 2020 and
yeah how am I gonna do that you you probably want to know what my plan is so
that you can maybe do the same thing to you right it’s really begging me to
shoot a video with wet hair so I gotta do something with my hair first as I’m
doing my hair I have to tell you I’m listening to the women of YouTube
podcast with Desiree Martinez I was a guest on here a couple months ago you
are a woman and you are on YouTube you should check this one out
it’s really great whoo Wow all right so let’s talk about these
goals so I want to double my recurring passive income in 2020 and I do have
some ideas for how exactly I am going to go about doing that so first of all I am
I’m an Amazon associate so I use Amazon affiliate links in my youtube
description and also in my blog post but I’m also part of their influencer
program so I have the you know the influencer page and I really have not
been utilizing that I think you know definitely not to the fullest ability
that I think I could be so for example when somebody asked me what camera do
you use what microphone do you use or whatever I have an Amazon influencer
list that I you know I send people to I can say you can go to Vidro Montcalm
slash gear and there’s my stuff um so I think one tactic I could do is kind of
categorize lots of different things I have YouTube gear I have you know like
how I plan my videos my my notebooks my bullet journal like what pens do you use
listen people who are into planning and bullet journaling they’re into pens and
stuff I think I could have a planning category I can have a gear category plus
hello it’s it’s Amazon it’s like full of books I have read lots of books mostly I
listen to them using audible by the way like Hello
protip it’s how you read books if you’re busy yeah I have lots of books that I
haven’t read and I have lots of books that I have read that I highly recommend
they’ve been really impactful um I don’t think I have I don’t think I have a list
of like my favorite like business books or my favorite personal development
books or anything so I think I can definitely utilize the Amazon influencer
list stuff more effectively here on YouTube and on my blog
and over on Instagram another thing I really
want to kind of focus on is instead of like spraying affiliate links everywhere
for everything I want to be a little more strategic about consistently
recommending the same things over and over and over again maybe I would do a
video on like the best YouTube lights for your home studio or something and I
might have affiliate links in that post and in that video of course right but
instead of going from lights to tripods to microphones you know maybe I would do
more videos talking about improving your lighting how to set up your lighting how
you know how did color balance your lighting or like I mean once I figure
that out I could probably do a video on it right and so instead of kind of
bouncing all over I’m thinking why not create some content where you’re
consistently recommending the same product so that my audience knows
exactly what I recommend it’s actually a really good idea I’m gonna write down
the whole lighting a whole lighting series so those are my two ideas for
increasing my affiliate revenue in 2020 on YouTube I don’t know if I even know
of any tips or tactics for increasing your ad revenue on YouTube beyond
publishing more content right because the more views you have then the more ad
revenue you will have so I’m already planning to be publishing more content
here on YouTube and if you have if you have any tips or ideas or if you’ve
heard any tips or ideas for increasing your ad revenue on YouTube beyond just
make more content I would love to hear them let me know down in the comments
because I’m willing to experiment when it comes to increasing my ad revenue on
YouTube and the third thing I really want to do in 2020 is create an
evergreen Sales System like I mentioned in one of my previous videos one of the
reasons why I didn’t create very much content into
enos because I was focusing a lot of my time and energy on my signature program
so I created three I guess three signature programs the search-and-rescue
method the YouTube growth lab is what it’s called now and also the video
pursuit society which is my monthly membership program and none of those
things are currently on like any kind of evergreen like you can’t just go and
join them now you would have to get on the waitlist and then wait for the doors
open um and I kind of have an idea in my head for a digital course that’s
different than those but still kind of related and still kind of helpful to you
guys but I haven’t really put all the pieces of that puzzle together yet so
probably in the second quarter of 2020 I’ll be working on that and then I’ll
work on kind of creating that evergreen sales machine using YouTube as the top
of the funnel so that’s my third thing that I’m going to be working on in 2020
to increase my recurring passive income this year and you know I’m really
excited about I’m also really excited to kind of share what I’m doing share
what’s working what’s not working here on this channel really no matter what
your goals are for 2020 it comes down to taking routine action remember my word
of the year routine I mean there’s really nothing that you can’t accomplish
if you stick to that routine and keep taking action if you are interested in
growing your audience and income online using YouTube then hit that subscribe
button let me know in the comments what you would love to learn from me in my
next video and yeah if you want to know how much YouTube paid me for my 5
million views then I’ll let you just watch that video now

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