April 9, 2020
Evoluted & Galactic Fireworks – Successful Ecommerce & Great Service

Evoluted & Galactic Fireworks – Successful Ecommerce & Great Service

Hi, my name is Nigel Turver, and I’m the owner
of Galactic Fireworks. As a firework retailer, we understood that we wanted to be on the
internet from getting a local chap originally to make us a website, progressing then to
Evoluted making us a website, and each one has been a step, but the Evoluted one was
a big step! Was it worth it? Massive yes! Of course, it was. And I have to say everybody
at Evoluted and the team it’s fabulous any changes that we want doing on the website
and anything it happens. I’m Sean, I’m a Content Manager at Evoluted I think a big part of
the reason the Galactic site excels in place of their competitors is that the user experience
that we are delivering through there is exceptional, the content that we are providing to people
particularly in the priority pages is a lot better than on competitors’ sites. We speak
to Evoluted at least twice a week in regards to something, either its a change or whether
it’s just some advice or anything like that because they’re great and so helpful. It’s
never a problem, never something hard, its “We’ll get onto it”, “We’ll sort it”, “We’ll
deal with it”. They’re fantastic! So we achieved a link from Buzzfeed for Galactic Fireworks. We did this by coming up with an idea where we created a series of images based around
firework effects, Buzzfeed then ran the piece and ran a quiz where they used our images
and got people to basically guess what the names of the effects were. Hi my name is Ash
Odis, I’ve worked at Galactic Fireworks for about 10 years, the web presence we have online
now is a fantastic help to our stores as well, not only do customers see our products before
they come to the store, they more often than not decide what they are after. The website
gives fireworks some depth, people can look, they come into store, and they’ve already
decided. Its such a great power to have. We’ve seen some fantastic year-on-year increases increases
for Galactic Fireworks. Comparing the whole of 2016 with the whole of 2015 we saw a 40%
increase in unique organic visitors, we saw 34% increase in organic sessions and all of
this helped improve the revenue where we saw a 31% increase.

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