November 22, 2019
EverWeb Widgets – PayPal – Setting Up An E-Commerce Site Using EverWeb

EverWeb Widgets – PayPal – Setting Up An E-Commerce Site Using EverWeb

Selling products or services on your EverWeb
website can be easily done by using PayPal. All you need to do is drag and drop the built-on
PayPal widget onto your page. In the email address field, enter the email
address where the payments will be sent. Please note that you must already have a valid PayPal
account with the email address you are entering. Next, choose your button type. You can choose
from a Buy Now button, an Add to Cart button , or a view cart button. The Buy Now and Add to Cart buttons are best
used when setting up the purchase process for individual products. The view cart button
is something you might add to your page, usually somewhere near the top of the page. Then enter a name for the item in the Item
Name field. You can also enter an Item ID number for tracking. This field is optional. Enter the price of the product, and select
the currency. If there is a Shipping fee associated with the item, enter the amount. If a tax
rate is applicable, enter the tax rate as a percentage. If you would like to open the shopping cart
in a new tab in the web browser, check that option. You can also use a custom image for your buttons
if you do not want to use the default PayPal buttons. Just select the Use Custom Image
option, and then click on the Choose button to select the button you would like to use. You can repeat this process for every product
that you are selling on your site. After you are done, here is what a sample
e-commerce page might look like, and here is what a shopping cart might look like once
a customer has added a few products to it.

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