April 4, 2020
EVE Online – Celebrating 15 Years of EVE

EVE Online – Celebrating 15 Years of EVE

On 6th of May 2003… A universe was born. An expanse of untapped potential. Then came life. And union. You ventured forth into the unknown, spreading out to the farthest reaches. Humble beginnings gave way to pioneering frontiers. You forged your diplomacy among the blaze of stars And you drew your lines in the sand. Your rivalries shaped your world, triggering wars of unprecedented scale. Breathing life into the galaxy, you wrote the history of EVE. Countless stories of greatness, treachery and rebellion. A tapestry of emerging and collapsing empires. As the greatest events of your past and the achievements of your community 
have become legend The future… is yours to write. IN-GAME FOOTAGE COURTESY OF

100 thoughts on “EVE Online – Celebrating 15 Years of EVE

  1. How the F did JEBI not make this video?? WTF Seriously??
    Shitposting is a way of life..yes it is..
    Jebi 2018

  2. 2003 u can't really catch a veteran yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh or at least u can payyyy yeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaa

  3. Almost good as "EVE Never Fades" classic: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e5LdPf2J_hs
    Just kiddin this, one is >= , at it got me back into game and Omega.
    Greetings fellow capsuleers from bitter old vet, generation '05
    Sheds a tear, o7

  4. 이렇게 멋있는 게임인데도 불구하고 난 매일 광캐다 죽고 광캐다 죽고 재미보다 할게없어 게임한다

  5. i joined the Eve online world in new Eden almost 10 days ago and i have to say HOLLY FUCK HOW DID I NOT SEE OR HEAR ABOUT IT!?!?!? ITS AMAZING

  6. After all these years, CCP still make amazing trailers to watch!

    I started my journey in 2008 and just as excited then & now!

  7. If you are thinking about joining EVE use the link below. You get bonus 250.000 skill points and I get free game time. Win/win 🙂

  8. To those gamers who haven't tried Eve yet, it's free to play now. You'll be immersed in a free world where you can do whatever you want and the only consequences come from other players (except killing in high security space, the NPC police will kill you, but hi sec makes up about a third of the galaxy). You can be whatever you want, a miner, pirate, commander, politician, scientist, industrialist, bounty hunter, trader, hauler, spy, scout, black or white knight, tour guide, tourist…..anything at all, it's up to you; and you can change careers easily, most toons can do most things, and you don't even have to have a career either. This is the world us '80s nerds wished we had back then, you know, before it was cool to be a gamer, before the jocks started playing console games. If you played any sort of RPG, you'll love and live this universe (it's like Traveller on steroids); there is literally no other game like it, because it's not a game, it's a second life.

  9. History is all very well and good as are past achievements but they are just that. Eve is going to have very serious competition in the not too distant future, if they want to keep it alive, they need to get on the cusp of the innovation curve, and REALLY start listening to run of the mill players. Some great improvements have been made of course, but don't rest on your laurels CCP. Gotta keep things fresh.

  10. Havent played the game since 7 years now. Was active around 2006 to 2011. I was there as BoB was taken down without a single Shot 🙂 I was there as we tried to calm the North as IRON left and G wasnt really caring about Deklein anymore. At a time as you fought fights with Battleships and not with Capitals. That was the best time in this Game imho! I would still give it a shot today, but i know how time consuming it is and with a Job and a Youtube Channel to care about, no time left for EVE anymore! But its really an amazing Game. Everyone should give it a shot. Its the best MMORPG out there – for sure!

  11. Going out on a limb here… but she sound very much like Natalie Dormer. The tone of her voice and pronunciation of her words. How can I find out if I'm right or wrong???

  12. I no longer play, I started in beta and followed as it went active. There were times I would log in and there would be just a couple of hundred people logged on. My character was Cairhien in Oracle Corp. It was fun.

  13. Curse Alliance was where I lost my first BS (I was in VOTF) to Stain Alliance, I became an alliance FC, then Black Reign was my home corp (Shout out to 12speed & USS Omaha), I created Fatal corp and Fatal Alliance was dream come true… RL events killed it all and all this is now history. I spend 10 years in eve, I still have my accounts and maybe one day I will return. Its a time sink like no other (My main "Gunship" has over 320 days playtime – thanks for looking that up GMs – LEGO visit a long time ago). Enjoy the ride and I hope eve-online will continue forever.

  14. "what will your legacy be in Eve online?"

    Great job CCP you have made something that will surely live for a many, many years ^^

  15. и мы засрали всю игру имбо карами!!! теперь макаки могут играть на равне с людьми!!

  16. I bought this game at Wal Mart in 2003 or early 2004. It was the only box they had of Eve in the game section and I had picked it up and looked at it several times over the course of about a month. It was an online game and back then I didn't do a lot of online gaming so I wasn't sure what to expect. But one day I just said screw it and bought the box. I remember the first time I logged in and there was this little counter that said 800 other people were online and I thought holy shit that's a lot of people. I remember taking a frigate way out into 0.0 space and there was nobody else within 20 systems of me at least, just me and my little frigate noobing around the universe. I eventually got blown up by some npc pirates but man what a feeling it was to think I might have been the first person to see some of those planets and belts. That feeling always stuck with me and even after the mighty player empires rose and claimed their territories in null I knew I had been there first to shine a light in the darkness with my little frigate.

  17. The legend himself, the creator of Teddybears, one of the most DOMINANT and famous clans with only 15 players in it, should be here, MYAL aka MyAlterEgo!

  18. eve online free, the shadow continue moving the web out game? imperium conquers again the universe? or pirates become a new game of eve online?

  19. Jolie vidéo qui prouve une fois de plus que CCP ne jure que par le Nul Sec … une des raison qui fait que j'ai préféré arrêter de payer 15 euro/moi Inutile de vous voilé la face ,,,ce jeu ce meurt par vos connerie !

  20. Just thought I would tell you personally after 3000hrs in game I am done game was fun for a while but after the recent updates it has become more of a time consuming cash cow than ever.

  21. It's harsh out there. Unforgiving. People after your head at every turn… But it's home. And it'll stay that way till the end.

  22. And I quit because even with over 50% of current skills maxed no one wanted me and I was flying alone getting picked off by frakers that destroyed high sec miners for fun. Was costing more on insurance then I was making back.

  23. The best thing about this trailer, is that what would be standart game propaganda… Are facts in this game.

    Battles of unprecedented scale? Eve hold firmly the record of the largest video game battles ever fought.

    Achievements that became legend? Few games ever end up in the news thanks to in-game events orchestrated 100 percent by players. Eve is on eof them, maybe even the biggest exemple.

    And the most beautiful part is that no matter how small or new of a player you are, you are part of it. These small, almost worthless item you sold to makes some money may have been bought by a mighty corp, and then fitted to one of the ships of a vast fleet that waged a war involving thousands of players… No matter how small, your actions matters in the grand scheme of things, as minerals become ships, ships become wars, and wars lead to further demand for minerals and ships, as nothing lost just respawns without cost.

  24. If you want to support the music-makers of this vid:

  25. G ALLIANCE! Oh them memories…IRON! <3! oh them fights we had…FIVE, F-E, BOB, ASCN…Thank you for the good fights! EC-P8R! The voices can still be heared!

  26. I found my husband by playing this game. For all the joy you have brought into both of our lives for many years, thank you. Thank you.

  27. I made great friends in this game since 2008. Some of them have passed in this real world. But in EVE their characters still exist. Their names written down both digital and on the monument outside CCPs Headquarters. Sometimes I re-visit their Character Info. Look at the time passed since the NPC Corporations became their homes forever and forever grateful for the awesome and fun times both they and this game has gifted me, I am.

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