April 3, 2020
Eunimart-Seller Success Story-Kanodia Jewellers

Eunimart-Seller Success Story-Kanodia Jewellers

We are doing very good eCommerce Business in the domestic market our company strategy focus shifted toward the International market expansion by generating more eCommerce sales in the international market However, we did not have a Idea about how to start and where to start My Name is Akshay Kanodia and I’m a partner of Kanodia Jewellers We specialize in Nizami traditional jewellery Uncut diamonds, Polkis, Kundans, and diamond jewellery I wanted my products to reach international audience and to boost my business online we were initially selling in the domestic online eCommerce marketplace only I had very less idea about selling products Internationally and I was selling on eBay that was the only platform which I was selling on I faced challenges with managing my Inventory on eBay and other eCommerce marketplaces Payments was also an issue with the eCommerce marketplaces these were the basic challenges which we had faced while doing our eCommerce I was looking for opportunity with to expand online business and I found Eunimart online Eunimart platform helped me drive all our online sales across multiple channels
internationally Through Eunimart platform making products live become very easy I focus more on the automation of the business rather than about how my products go online because Eunimart takes care of everything apart from just me pushing my files to them where my inventory is live within a moment and also the platform is easier for me to sign up for different eCommerce platforms altogether using their platform we can now better manage our sales process and don’t have to worry about over selling Eunimart offered a simplified integration with Amazon and eBay initially Thanks to Eunimart we have now got access to four different US based online marketplaces

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