April 10, 2020
ERP Ecommerce Assignment 3 on SAP JAM

ERP Ecommerce Assignment 3 on SAP JAM

I will walk you over your ERP E Commerce assignment 3 on SAP JAM This assignment is on how to use the SAP JAM in the HANA Cloud Platform First we login to the HCP Cockpit as before We have to go to SAP JAM and then click on that SAP JAM is a combination of social networking and business tools Integrated with data and your business processes to help get work done Your HCP account also includes a SAP JAM trial account After activating the service you click on
Go to Service Log on from there go to home First thing is to edit profile and complete
your profile Upload a picture and you are done and save it Take a screenshot and paste into your word document This is your first screenshot Next we will go to the Gear icon and account settings Within account settings choose admin and tells us our different functions At this point we will add users In order to do this we have to configure JAM Go back to first page and click on COnfigure SAP JAM Then click on roles and in order to assign
users we need to know SAP IDS In this case we will just created the SAP
IDs Click the assign button next to the individual users to add users Add two users and then take a screenshot and paste to word This will be your second screenshot Next we will creata a group In order to create a group we have to go to Group from home Go to home first and from groups we will create a group We can use a number of templates but can also choose no template Then we will enter group name and description and make it public I will make it Global Bike Product Ideas for group name For description we will put A group to allow people to contribute innovatie ideas toward our products Make it public and then click create Our group is created and then Activate the Group At this point take a screenshot and paste
to word document This will be your third screenshot We will design a whole new page now To do that we will click on overview on the
left Create an overview page and select the first layout click OK Go to title and enter Welcome to the GBI Product Ideas group Feel free to use your imagination No idea
to too crazy Then click on Add Widget and you can use anything you would like So widgets can be used to bring in text I can add a widget here and bring in content The last widget i will add in event widget
to bring in events The bottom widget I will add and show group members activity I will add one more common task I would like you to have 5 widgets then publish For the comment I just say Initial Page then I publish Take a screenshot and paste into word This will be your fourth screenshot Now we will add some users to the group To do that we have to click on Invite other
users to Group I click on invite and then I have to add email addresses of the users They are added to the list and then click
send The recipient of the email can see the notification and start from there I will just add some email addresses I know I will just click on send and they will receive the invite Click on content on the left side of the screen Notice that content can include a lot of things It can include Decision tools, links, polls,
any other file CLick on upload fiel and select some powerpoint slides I just got one powerpoint slides and upload you can use any file The click on create decision making tools
then ranking For title put in Bicycle Trends and then create Here I will type in Rank the recent trends
in bicycle design In terms of their staying power and I will
add that I will type in 4 more ranking reasoons Single Speed Cruisers Light weight composites in consumer class bikes Third is handlebar tassels fourth is return
of coaster brakes These are the items we are ranking the recent trades Take a screenshot and paste into word This is your fifth screenshot Click on start Ranking and then submit your ranking The freeze button will close the ranking submission when everyone is completed it Take a screenshot and paste it into word This is your sixth screenshot Then we will return to the content page We will click on create and go to planning
tools then agenda You will enter the title New Product Development and then set up agenda The date you choose is August 3 2016 and start time as 2 pm Then add atleast two items to the agenda and assign them group memebers For the firs one the duration is 1 hour and 15
minutes Topic should be listed as Vision of the New Product Development Group Enter your own name as the Topic Presenter Details list Establish the goals of the group
and click Add Then go to the second one Rules of Engagement Enter Liz Simmons as the Topic Presenter and duration is 30 minutes Details section is Establish the rules of
engagement to encourage creativity Take a screenshot and paste it into word This is your seventh screenshot When you return to the homepage you see these are all added to homepage We will add an open social gadget Click on the gear icon and open admin page From here click integrations and then select OpenSocial Gadgets I will click add gadget listed at the top Now I have to add a URL which is given
and copy from the assignment Make sure the URL is enabled by clicking the check box and click on refresh Then
I will click save at the bottom of the page Then I will add the gadget to the group Go to the group and click on content and click on create I will add extensions and select the SAP Lumira URL Gadget For title put Lumira Gadget and click create This will bring up this screenshot This will be your eighth and final screenshot

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