April 7, 2020
ERP ECommerce Assignment 2 Smart Templates

ERP ECommerce Assignment 2 Smart Templates

Ok this is your ERP E commerce assignment 2 This assignment will let you work on smart
templates for creating fiori applications Smart templates use annotations to create
an application The annotations can be embedded in an old data service or a separate file This allows the service developer to determine how the data should be consumed And improves the efficiency of the application development Because many of the fundamental design decisions and code developments are handled automatically Added benefit is that standards are enforced across different applications For similar types of data types In order to create the application we have
to first go to WEB IDE First open your chrome browser and then login to Hana Cloud Platform Cockpit This is the URL you will be using throughout the semester So get into the Hana Cloud Platform which
we call HCP You use your login id and password as you
have used in the past Then you will go into this trial here which
is my number And then I will look for WEB IDE within services So I will go to services and I look for web
IDE I click on that and then I will have to open
SAP WEB IDE From here this is just bringing up my work
from the past Let me just go to home here If you see work from any other assignments just go to home From here I will click on new project from
template Then I will select the smart template application Then I will click next here enter the project
name sales orders And then a name already exists because I have done this It will not create this problem for you since
you haven’t done it For
title you will do sales order by your name I will do sales orders by your name Then I have to click next So here I have to choose ES4 so this is my NetWeaver Then I have to search for the GW sample basic service I will search for GW sample basic service
and select it I have to add annotation 5 which is on blackboard You click add annotation click on file system and browse to the file You download from blackboard and save to my documents Then I
have to click on Next So here it comes up and I have to select Product Set Within mitigation I have to have the default
then will click finish Remember my project was sales orders KB I can see within the workspace that I have
a project created I click on my project folder right click and
select run Within run I will do run configurations Now I have to click on the plus sign and select the SAP fiori component. This rest is the default for the web application file name I have to select without frame then click
save and I run. You will see there is no data displayed This is because I have not selected any data fields Please take a screenshot of this without any data This is your first screenshot I will select data fields so I can pull up
some data Click on the settings and click some relevant fields and the GO button Let me select a few items here I select Company ProductID Product Description Price Product Name Then take a screenshot showing your selections This is your second screenshot Press Go Now you can see this pulls up data from the back end Take a screenshot showing the data and paste it into Word This is your third screenshot After the screenshot I
will go back Now in the workspace I will expand my salesorder KB Then I will expand web app then expand annotations Under there is the file you downloaded I will right click on that and open with annotation modeler Click the plus sign next to the local annotations From here I have to choose items First item is UILineItem then click OK That will be my first item then click on plus
time under UILLineItem Select DataField and then select OK Now I have the newly created UI DataField Select it and then in the field properties I will select ProductID for value I will have to add a second data field with
the node value name I will click on Plus Sign and create a data
field Here I will create with the value of name I now have two data fields ProductID and Name At this point I need to save and run Click on go to load the data I now have ProductID and Product Name I need to go back and add more local annotations I have to return to web IDE In Local Annotations I have to click on the
plus sign again I will add UI Identification Within Identification I will add two data
fields Description and Supplier Name I will go to the plus sign and add data field
with name Description Repeat the process and add data field with
name Supplier Name There is one more under Identification Add one more data field named price and click Add Concatenation I have to enter a blank space in Delimiter Select currency code for the path will save and run and then select GO You got ProductID and Product Name You can now click on any item and go to the details Click on a product and it will go to the detail page Click on another product and try Ultra Jet
Super Color This pulls up the general information with
the Product Description Company Price Now take a screenshot and this is screenshot number 4 Go back to your WEB IDE Then click the plus sign next to local annotations I will click the plus sign Now I will add UI HeaderInfo For the TypeName I will type in Product For TypeName plural I will type in Products Then I will click on Apply The end result should look like this At this point I will expand the UIHeaderINfo
node I will select Title and for value I will put
in Name The end result of this should look like what
we have now Save the project We will now configure the second view From the OData Entity Set I have to choose the SalesOrderLineItemSet Now click annotate and this will add a local
annotation Then I have to add UILineItem to the annotation Click on the plus sign and add UILineItem Within UILineItem add the UIDataField Now we have to add SalesOrder ID Under UIDataField select SalesOrder ID Save the project and run then click GO This pulls up the ProductID and Product Name This will also pull up the second facet information Click on Ultra Jet Super Color It pulls up the same general information and also second facet information Now we need to complete the configuration I have to add UIHeaderInfo with the plus sign The TypeName should be Sales Order Item and Sales Order Items for Type Name Plural Expand the UIHeaderInfo Under Title for Value we need to select SalesOrderID I now have UiLineItem with SalesOrder ID I also have HeaderInfo with the title SalesOrderID Now add UIIdentification and add a data field The value for the DataField is Note This is basically complete configuration You can see the code from here Manifest From here you can see the code If you click on the CodeEditor tab you can see the code Save your project and run then click GO If you
select ULtra Jet Super Color Now when I click on Sales Order ID it shows me the description Take a screenshot and this will be number
5 Go back to ProductID and Product Name by clicking back 2 times We need to stay within the SalesOrderLineSEt When we run it
this is our first view When I click on Ultra Jet Super Color this
is my second view Click on settings and under columns select
the following items Company Price and Product Description Then we
will sort price in descending order Under Group select Category Then the screen will change to show the new settings Take a screenshot and this will screenshot number 6 Then select an items that has Sales Orders and display Product Detail Select any item such as Universal Card Reader Then double click on the Sales Order and take a screenshot This will be your 7th and final screenshot Submit all 7 screenshots and you are done Thank You

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