March 30, 2020

Erik Hammond: THANKSGIVING VLOG 2019 | #ErikVlogs 37

Hey, guys, how are you doing? Well, it is Thanksgiving week,
which is so much fun. And just like is the beginning
of the wrap of the year. So if you guys are having an awesome
Thanksgiving week, take some time off going on trips, visiting family in Alaska. Hope you see, my wife and I went to the
movies the other night and saw the Ford versus Ferrari movie. I think it’s for
Iver’s Ford anyway, whatever it is. Awesome story, right? I’m a huge car guy. I love that kind of stuff. Just
love old cars and racing and just. Anyway, my wife, she’s like,
stop driving like Shelby. So anyway. Fun times. But I was thinking about it like this is the
time of year when all the cool movies come out. There’s just a lot of fun stuff. Usually there’s like a Star Wars
that comes out towards December. I think it comes out and
like December 20th this year. Sad to see that. Just a
fun time of year, right? Like all the cool things are happening. Great movies, great stuff. I’ve been listening to Fortify a lot like that’s
my like go to playlists for music use of Pandora. But I just feel like Spotify is
more customizable and does what you want. And I’m super, super cheap. You hesitate. No. Just try to
get by as more frugally. If that’s the word, more frugally. Frou frou got more affordable. If I can, I’ll do whatever
I can to save a bike. How about that? And Spotify has got
the free option, which is cool. You got to like you can only have like six
skips per hour and you got to listen to commercials. Right. Which is kind of cool. Like honestly, coming from a marketer, I don’t
mind the commercials because it helps me get better at being creative and telling stories
and figuring out what people are buying and what they’re interested in. Everyone’s why you just get like
a crappy commercial and it’s fine. But what I’ve noticed over the last probably two
months is that the the way people are advertising on Spotify in the way
people were creating commercials is changing. Right. Like for car dealers, it used to be
all about like just, hey, we’re offering this discount and get this type of financing in this
new cars coming out and it’s going to get better gas mileage. It’s all detail driven. And some people do buy on the numbers. Like when you’re buying a car, you’re looking
for gas mileage, you’re looking to save a buck here and there. You’re
looking for great financing options. I believe like all the
movie commercials coming out. I’ve been listening to Lou Fonzo, I think
who funds the has the best commercial going right now. It’s usually
like one person’s voice. And there’s some kind of like dramatic music
that’s happened in the background, like the one that I heard this
morning was working out. She was talking about I had one day and
I went to Ethiopia and experiencing the people and the food and the landscape and the
culture like it changed my perspective on life forever one day. Right. And they didn’t bring up cheap flights. They didn’t bring up like first class amenities that
it bring up like all the cool stuff that the lounge might offer at the airport. They didn’t bring up. It was just
the experience that this one customer had. It’s almost like a testimonial, right. Think about that. Like people are buying based
on the experience that they’re having, the story that they have heard
from you guys telling. So as you put out your marketing and as
you create content, just like I’m doing now, I’m telling the story, tell more
stories, get people emotionally involved. People buy when they feel the. Hey, guys, hopefully guys are getting ready
for your Thanksgiving family tonight and you’re going somewhere, you’re being safe. You’re getting ready for
that big turkey dinner. Obviously, this is the time of the year to
be grateful for everything you have and just remember all the many blessings
that you’ve been given. I’ve been thinking about my life and just
again, kind of pontificating about the last couple weeks and what I’ve been working on
and what I’ve been doing for me. Typically in the past, this week has been
all about just like take time off sleep. And as much as they can eat
as much junk food as I can. Like hang out, watch TV, movies,
all that kind of stuff. More recently, I think maybe because I’m turning
40, but more recently, I’ve started to really appreciate the routines and habits
and patterns in my life. I set up a plan at the
beginning the year to follow schedule. And I told you guys a few weeks ago that
I made some alterations to that weekly plan and what I do. But there’s some things on my
list that are just not compromise, small things that I have to do. I’m still going
to kind of watch what I eat. I’m still going to get up and workout. I’m still gonna read. I’m still gonna make this
video for you every single day to keep you coming along and motivate you
and encourage you and push you. And still going to say read. I’m going to read
today. I’ve meditated today. I’ve spent my family today
like I’m doing my thing. And I would cause you to look at your own
life and see the routines and the habits that you have in your life. Maybe that’s
how it is for you, too. But curious to hear what you guys are. Morning routines are what do
you do every morning? You know, you just get up,
get coffee, you go to work. Do you eat breakfast, you hang out your
kids, do you study, do you read? Do you pray? Do you? What do you do? What’s
your morning routine look like? Be curious to hear. Always looking for
new things to add to mine. I know the. How many goes a four hour workweek
or is it there’s a book I’m blanking on right now where he talks about
like the perfect morning routine. And I think that’s what started all. I read that book four years ago. Maybe it’s just like revolutionized
what my day is. And I appreciate it. So anyway, let’s go. I would do that. I also have an
afternoon routine and an eight and routine. So there’s a big makes up stuff
that I do throughout the day. Anyway, hope you guys are doing well. Hopefully you’re enjoying your Thanksgiving. We have an awesome tradition
as my wrap up here. We have an awesome Thanksgiving tradition where
the night before Thanksgiving, which is today, which we just started last year. So I’m excited for round two. But we go to the grocery store and all my
kids just get to pick out whatever they want. They can pick out whatever they want. That’s
dinner can be a box of cereal. Could be a chicken. It could be a pie. It could be oatmeal. It could be anything that they want. The whole store and have a budget. I think it’s like six bucks or so we thought. But they could pick whatever they want and
they get a drink and as we have. So everybody gets whatever
they want for dinner. Anyway, one of the fun things that we do
actually the last few years now, which has been really cool, is our church puts on this thing
where they host an event where they heat feed the hungry so that the homeless with the
hungry and we end up coming together as a whole bunch of people and packaging a whole
bunch of meals to feed a bunch people. And it’s really cool thing
to do right after Thanksgiving. So it’s like three hours long and all
the people come together, they prepare about ten thousand miles per hour. So thirty thousand meals and it’s mostly like
rice and some like protein stuff and some other flavorings and things like that. Anyway, a really cool experience. There’s usually like 50 or 60
people that come every hour. Like they break it up from like nine to
ten, ten to eleven and then eleven to noon. So we went down there at ten o’clock today. My two daughters and I volunteered for like
an hour and made like ten thousand meals. It was crazy. So it’s neat to see like
the whole process, like they lined everybody up beforehand. They talk about the event and like
why you’re doing it and benefit that it brings that people right now. They said at least that there’s 850 million
people that go hungry every single day, like they don’t get enough nourishment in their life,
which is sad to think that we’re still in, you know, almost 20, 20 in that type
of an environment where people just in the world don’t get that. I think
we take it for granted. And I’m obviously super blessed to have, you know,
a roof over my head this time of year and food to eat and all that great stuff. So a cool experience. So you get there and they talk to you about
it and they talk to you about like where all the food is and the
process of doing it right. So there are different stations. There’s like a packaging station. There’s like we put all the food in
the bag and then there’s a weighing station. So you can weigh the food to make sure
that you have the right amount in there. And then there’s a Celian station where these seal
the bag up like one of those heat shrink kind of things. And then there’s a station where
you put it in a box and then they pack it all the boxes up
and put it on the pallet. So you may have to go again
was to prepare about 30000 meals anyway. Pretty good experience. So everybody just kind of
goes wherever they go and they get to do whatever they do. And we ended up
my daughters and I with two other people. We’re on the race packing sections. There’s rice, there’s like this like dried
tomato and onion thing and some other seasoning. And then you put them like a
scoop of protein, which is like soy, convecting, grain, and then you put all the bag and then
a runner comes by and he grabs and he brings it over to the Waynes station. So there’s a whole bunch of moving parts. There’s like six people on our little group. And then on the way in station,
there’s like two or three people. And then on the Syrian station,
there’s like two or three people. And then on the boxing station, there’s
like another two or three people. But there’s like ten different stations of all
these going together at the same time, like ten different groups packaging rice, 10
different groups weighing about 10 different groups putting in the boxes. So it’s just as big orchestrated thing. It’s awesome to see it all done by
the time like the hour goes by. Like, you really weren’t working that much. Like they take twenty two minutes to explain it
and they take about 20 minutes to package it all up and then 20 minutes
to kind of clean up your section. So really, you’re only working for like 20 minutes,
but you get done a ton of stuff. Like I was thinking about it beforehand, like I
knew how many meals we were trying to prepare today, but I didn’t realize what
we’re actually going to get done. I think that’s the thing I want you guys
to think about your business this week is like, what are you guys doing in
your business on a production scale? So there’s probably like these one off jobs
that you do that you start from the beginning, you carry all the way to the end. You do it and it takes forever to do
because you’re trying to figure it out and you’re probably not that great at it. And like
by time you get started, you’re done. And I got to do something else and someone
else and something else versus if you had a system for it. One of the things I think
of for production in our business at least is every single Monday and Friday we
produce like a 20 minute show. Right. So it’s 20 minutes. It’s usually a Q&A show or like
a light show, kind of like this. But with our green screen and
everything, we talk about business growth. From there, the next person downloads that video,
they edit the video, they chop off the ends in the beginning and then they put an intro
to it and outro to it and they uploaded to YouTube. And then that gets uploaded to social
media and parts of it get chopped up to put on Instagram and there’s
trailers made out of it. There’s a blog written from it. There’s emails that go out from
all sorts of different pieces. But if I was the one who created the show,
edited it, added the intro out of the outro, took the audio out of it and
made the blog, uploaded it into YouTube. I put it into Instagram,
uploaded it in the email. You take me like a month just to do one show. But because everybody on our team is amazing what
they do and they have the system down and it’s just the process, right? It’s like building building a
car on the assembly line. It just happens all the way through. You get better and better and better at it. So think about the processes and the things
that you do in your business that happen every single day. Right. And
maybe it’s a transaction. Like every time you take a listing,
there’s a certain step that happens. Every single listing that you take
that happens all the way through. Right. You take the listing paperwork, you go
put a sign in the front yard. Right. You start showing the house. You start negotiating with offers. All that stuff happens,
every single transaction. Do you have a process for all those? So when you say go, we’ve got another
listing, your team just goes boom, boom, boom, boom, boom all the way through. Or do I have to stumble through
and kind of figure it out? And you’re a little awkward and maybe you missed
some steps you to come back and maybe have the seller sign something
that you forgot happens. I remember when I was brand new, you forget things
from time to time, but as much as you can try to make a process for
your business all the way through. Right. Just think about everything that you do
on a regular basis, like selling and buying houses for your clients as opposed to
big things that happen over and over and over. Try to create a process. Write down every single step that
happens all the way through. And then when you’ve got it, you got it. And then when you mulesing, just. Hold the sheet like I just got on the list. One through 17 or whatever it is. Just follow the plan. Check
off all the boxes. Nothing gets left behind. Right. If we had made one of these meals
and we forgot the rice, the whole meal would have been a disaster and
you would’ve missed everything. Here’s my advice for you guys. This
week has nothing to do with Thanksgiving. Kind of a weird story,
but kind of interesting. If you haven’t seen the Ford vs. Ferrari movie review, he really cool
movie if you like cars. A lot of fun to see how
that went down back in the 60s. You guys are doing well. Your
Thanksgiving week is almost wrapping up. I’m just gonna go back
to enjoying our football game. We’re watching the ducks go ducks
today as we’re playing Oregon. But I love you guys. Talk to you soon. Thanks for watching.

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