November 17, 2019
Episode 5 | OLX Frauds | Cyber Crimes In India

Episode 5 | OLX Frauds | Cyber Crimes In India

OLX and Quickr are India’s leading online classified market places where the product and services of listed categories can be bought and sold. Not sure about the common public but for cyber criminals, these platforms have become very profitable. What kind of frauds are done on such platform and what is their modus operendi? Let’s see. Two types of frauds are done on such platforms as a seller and as a buyer. To complete the prepartion required to carry out the fraud, the fraudsters first approach some people as as a buyer who have listed their vehicles to sell. They straightaway agree for the listed price and people who have listed think that there is no problem since the buyer has agreed for the listed price. Now, the fraudsters ask for registration certificate insurance copy, driving licence Aadhar card, voter id and such similar documents in the name of verification. Now, they download the displayed photographs from the platform. But they don’t purchase anything. Now they use the collected identity proofs to get fake SIM cards. They use the same SIM cards to create profiles in PayTM, Google Pay, Phone Pe and similar wallets. Now they use same SIM cards to create profiles in OLX, Quickr and Facebook market place etc. Now they use the downloaded photographs and list them as a seller. Naturally, the genuine buyers approach them mobile number gets exchanged during the chatting and direct phone calls and WhatsApp chatting starts. They can use any fake identity but they claim to be Indian Army Officers and share the identity cards of real army officers. These Identity proofs are actually genuine which they have collected by tricking real army officers. Now they narrate a fake story that they got transferred so they are selling their belongings here to move. Generally, people tend to believe them once they say that they are from the Indian Army. Now, they start collecting money via online wallets n the name of transport charges, customs clearance etc and share fake courier slips, fake packaging photos fake loading photographs in the train and flight. After all this, the victims start believing them. They loot as much as money as possible in the name of Indian Army. One fine day, the mobile gets switched off and communication stops after that. As a buyer, the approach propsective sellers and after exchanging the contact number during the chat, direct phone call or WhatsApp chat starts. Same fake story that he is an army officer recent transfer, interested in listed products interested for listed price and even ready to pay as well. They call repeatedly and say that they have urgent requirement and they are willing to pay first because they don’t want to miss it. That’s how they try to hurry with all this, victims get ready to accept the payment. Now-a-days everyone has Google Pay since it is directly linked to bank accounts. To confirm the fraudster transfers 5-10 rupees After confirmation he send a receive request instead of paying after which an SMS as shown in the image gets delivered to the mobile of the victims in which it clearly shows that the money would be debited if accepted. But majority of people miss it or don’t pay attention. To misguide the victims, he types a text as shown due to which people think that the money is getting credited. Secondly, if you are receiving the money the arrow mark should point towards your profile but in this case it would be pointing the fraudster’s profile but people miss this as well and accept the request. The money gets debited from your bank bank account. Here, the fraudster may use one more way where they send a fake bank SMS alert as shown which says that the money has been credited in your account. Now he says that he has transferred excess amount than the agreed amount and requests to return the excess. Victims don’t check their bank accounts and transfers money based on just the fake SMS. To avoid such frauds, firstly, do all your communication which happens between you and the seller/buyer only through the chat box of that particular platform and not through WhatsApp or phone calls. Don’t do or accept partial or full payments before the physical verification of the product. If you are a buyer, meet the seller at a public place. It would be beneficial if a friend or a family member accompanies you. Pay/accept full amount only at the time of delivery Strictly avoid online transactions unless they are routed through that particular platform If someone is claiming to be an army officer or not bargaining with you or getting hurried to buy from you there are chances that he could be a fraudster Unfortunately, if you become a victim of such frauds you should report it on that platform first. Generally, such platforms have help, report or contact us sections you can report the frauds from there. After that, you can report it at your nearest cyber cell If there is no cyber cell in your vicinity you can register an FIR at your local police station. If the complaint is not accepted at the police station you can approach the police commisoner or the judicial magistrate of the city. Cyber crimes fall under global jurisdiction so they can reported irrespective of crime location Alternatively, you can report it online via The National Cyber Crime Reporting Portal. Generally, catching such fraudster is little challenging because they do all this with fake identities. The money gets debited in such frauds is either consumed for online shopping or gets transferred to different bank accounts in some cases even gets transferred abroad. So even if the fraudster gets caught, the chances of recovery become very bleak. The awareness becomes very important to avoid such so share this video with your friends and family so that the people become aware and everyone’s money remain safe. Thank you.

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