April 6, 2020
Entrepreneurship Challenges | How To Conquer Top 3 Struggles Of Online Business

Entrepreneurship Challenges | How To Conquer Top 3 Struggles Of Online Business

– Hey, there are three main
challenges or struggles that we’ve seen really derail
online business owners. Hey this is Leah Rae
from toddandleahrae.com. In this video, I’m going to lay it out, what are those three challenges, three top struggles people have, and more importantly,
how do you conquer them, so that you can create a
successful online business, creating time freedom
for you and your family? Now, the number three,
the third top challenge that we see people face
that will often derail them is simply having a busy life. People are building online
businesses typically on the side. They are either doing
children full time at home, and they’re trying to build a business, or they have a full time
job that they’re working, or part time job that they’re working, and they’re trying to do
all of this on the side, and managing their life
and their family as well. And so having that busy life can really be a huge challenge for people, as they are getting things up and running. Now as you create that
successful online business, for most folks, they want to,
you know, quit their jobs, or retire their spouse,
or whatever that is, and that’s awesome, and that helps a bit, you know, fix the issue of
having a busy, busy life, but it’s really always going to be there, especially if you have children, life is just crazy and busy, if you have kids (laughing). There’s no ifs, ands or buts about it. So how do you overcome the
challenge of having a busy life? You have to become super organized, and you must prioritize. You must prioritize your time, because we all have 24 hours in a day. None of us have figured out
how to get more than that. (laughing) And you have to put your time into what you think is the most important for you and your family. So Netflixing, obviously isn’t. You know, doing some of
those chill sort of things, that doesn’t build up
relationships with your family, it’s not building your business, it’s not bringing in income at a job, those are things that you can really cut
from your lifestyle. So you need to figure
out how you can carve out some time for your business,
even just an hour a day. What does that look like
for you in your life? And because today, at least for us, it was the very first day of school, for, even for our kindergartner, the first day of school ever,
which is really exciting, so congrats to the kids, and
also to the parents (laughing) that now have their kids off in school. If you haven’t, it hasn’t hit
your area of the world yet, it’s coming, trust me (laughing). You’re just a few weeks away,
if not just a couple days. So school starting for a lot of people, we’re going to the fall
here, with the U.S., and your schedule is changing anyway. Right, your kids are going
back to school, sports, academic programs, after
school things that they do, your schedule is changing anyway, so it’s a really good time
to rework your schedule, change it up, figure out how you, figure out how to create a
schedule that really works, to build you up as an entrepreneur, helps you build your business, and helps you have a balanced
life at the same time. – [Child] Can I do ABC Math? – Yes, so you need to find time everyday to build your business, and
to take care of your body, because I’ve been on both
ends of the spectrum, either like working really hard, taking really good care of my body, and I’m doing nothing for business, or you know, that sort of thing. And I’ve been on the other
side of the spectrum, where we’re crushing it
in business, and I mean, horrible food, and I’m not sleeping, and I’m not taking care of myself. And so then you crash because you can’t handle that very long. So, how do you do this, how
do you put this together? Let me know if you’ve struggled with this, because it’s a challenge
for so many people. But I want you to think about
what is your perfect day? What is your perfect day, what
would that look like for you? Not, you know, where you’re setting goals, and this is, you know, five,
six, seven years down the line. This is just now, in today’s
situation, with life, with the business, with kids, what would the perfect
day look like for you? Write down all of the things
that would go into that day. What would that look like for you? So, would you maybe spend a couple hours doing content creation, you
know, a video, or a blog post, before you head off to work, or before the kids get up in the morning, getting up early, doing that? Would it mean that you’re
gonna give yourself an hour in the evening to
get caught up on emails, maybe do some accounting,
or whatever else, kinda maintenance stuff you
have to do in your business? Would you carve out an hour to
do some yoga in the morning, and go for a walk, do
something that gets some, you know, take some deep breaths,
and get your body moving? What would that look like for you? Now, a tip that something that
I’ve just recently discovered is how amazing the gym can
be late at night (laughing). Now if you have little ones,
now ours are two and five. So we’re in the midst of like house chaos, where when you finally
get the kids to bed, it’s like you’re just, you’re frazzled, you’re overloaded, you’re
exhausted, all that kinda stuff. I’ve recently taken to hitting the gym after the kids go to
bed, so Todd stays home, you know, we can get
the kids fed, tucked in, I head out the to the gym,
and it is peaceful (laughing). And it’s amazing, and I’ve
really found it really helpful just (exhaling) just to unwind, as a busy mom, who’s answering
and taking care of kiddos all day long, be able to shut down in some quiet me time, at the
gym at the end of the night, I’ve really found it
just, it feels amazing. So if you haven’t tried that before, you should try it with your schedule. If you’ve got a spouse who can stay home, or some sort of support system that can stay home with
the kids, it’s whoo, I’ve really, really been enjoying it. But whatever this looks like for you, whatever things that you would get done into your perfect day, sit down, you know, figure out what that is first, and then sit down with either your spouse or whoever your support system is, and figure out how we put
all these pieces together. Now if you’re single,
you don’t have kids yet, this one’s easy, you
can pretty much do this all on your own. But when kids are in the equation, you know, it gets a
little more complicated. Your time really isn’t
your own time anymore, and so you have to work with your spouse, or if you’ve got, you know, a partner, or parents that you work with, or whatever, that are helping you out, sit down together, and work out a schedule that makes sense, that gets all of the have
to dos done in your life, giving you time for quality family time, giving you time to work
on your business as well. And make that schedule work. And you know, it might not
be the perfect day every day, but maybe you’ll have to
break it out into a week. Whatever that looks like for you. Now I do have a video,
if you need more help on how to really put this together, I did a whole video all
about creating a very, just laying out your schedule, so I’ll put that in an info card after this is done being live, I’ll add this info card for you, if you wanna get more in depth on how to put it together
as a firm schedule, so you can have that resource. And in that, in the video
I’m gonna send you to, there is like some downloads
and stuff you can do for free, that will help you as well. Now, number two, the
second biggest challenge that I see people both
successful online entrepreneurs, and people who are not yet successful, and number two, the biggest
hurdle, second biggest hurdle is biology, your body, your health. When your body isn’t working well, it’s, if it’s not helping,
that’s not gonna help you, and it can really, really drag you down, where your body’s not,
and I’ll guarantee it, there’s no, I don’t know a single person who’s just, body’s
working awesome, 24 seven, like they are just on, they’re never sick, they never have any issues, they never have any
nasty cold sores show up that (laughing), some
people would use this as an excuse to not do video. But I know, for our business,
and to help you guys, we need to shoot video on a regular basis. So yes, I have a ugly,
nasty cold sore on my face, but life goes on, (laughing) right? I still am doing what I need to do, I don’t use it as an excuse. But there’s more serious things than that. There’s, you know,
fatigue can really make it very challenging to work on your business, to really get anywhere with it. Hey Cynthia. Fatigue, if you have hormone imbalances, things that you’re dealing with, for men or women, that
can be a huge issue, leading to just apathy, and not, and having no drive or
purpose to do anything. And arthritis, you know, things,
and the painful conditions, and things, fibromyalgia,
stuff that people have that makes doing things, even typing or sitting at
a computer, very difficult. So there’s all kinds of
possible health issues that people run into. And it’s so important that you prioritize, taking care of your
health, because you know, we can, you get one body, so far they’ve not engineered a way to replace it (laughing) right, you get one body in this life,
you need to take care of it. So what is that look like for you? Well, I really highly suggest,
you know, putting in good, whole foods, non inflammation
causing foods into your body, getting lots of good
healthy fats, for brain, so your brain can really work optimally. Coconut oil, MCT oil,
avocado, that sort of thing, to really help your brain function at its peak performance level. And good supplements, there’s
all kinds of stuff out there. And I’m not gonna go into, push different types of
supplements and things, but you need to really take your body, and your health, seriously, because you only get one, that’s it. And it will hurt your business
if you can’t figure out how to function optimally
with your health. Now, you also, you know, it’s not just the eating side of things, you know, 80% eating,
(Henry mumbling) it really comes down to it, but also, so Henry came in to say hi. – [Henry] Hi. – But also about 20% is exercise. – [Henry] Hi. – So, you wanna say hi?
– Hi. – Say hi, here’s Henry.
– Hi. – Hi.
– Hi. – Hi. – Okay, no go watch, I got your
show on, go watch that baby. So, 20% though is exercise,
each and every day you need to get your
blood pumping in some say. That could be just going for
a bike ride with your kids, going for a walk around the
neighborhood after dinner, could be more intense workouts programs, some, and you know everyday,
doing yoga in the morning. Whatever that looks like for you, you need to figure how to
fit that into your schedule, and prioritize it, you will feel better, and when you feel better, you have the energy and the motivation to do what you need to do, to create a successful online business. Because it’s really easy,
especially the exercise part, it’s so easy to get
sucked in, sitting here, when you work, you really
are driven to work hard, and to build this amazing business, and you start plugging
away at that computer, you know, 16, 18, 20 hours a day, and you know, the butt starts
getting wider (laughing), your health degrades, you
start wearing your body out. You need to get up and get
moving, and prioritize that, each and every day, okay. Now, the number one, number one problem, the challenge that we see
derail and crush people’s hopes and dreams in building a
successful online business, is not knowing what to do. Not knowing what to do. So do you know what to do? (Henry mumbling) Okay, you need to leave, sweetie, go. So not knowing what to do is number one. That is the number one
problem that we see for folks who are struggling with
an online business, is maybe they’ve got those
other pieces figured out, maybe they don’t (laughing),
but they don’t know what to do with their time, they’ve
got the time figured out, they’ve got it situated,
how do they use that time to build their successful online business? Well, you need to plug
into appropriate training, maybe hire a coach to help you do this, to guide you on the specific strategies that you need to be implementing. How to build an audience, how
to engage with that audience, and how to sell to that audience. Leveraging some great
training to help you do that, maybe getting into a
coaching program one-on-one, group coaching, whatever, where somebody can walk
you through front to end, these are the how-tos, if you have those first
two pieces in place, you’ve got the time figured out, you’ve got your schedule
figured out, you’re healthy, you’re energized, you’re
motivated, because you’re well, if those two things are taken care of, then it’s the how-tos,
the what buttons to push, what you need to do that
you gotta get figured out, and some amazing training
can get you there. Okay, so find training, find
someone that you resonate with, who you can, you know,
you like their style, how they talk, what they’re
doing in their business, and figure out what training they offer. Now if you want some help
on the training side, I do have a recommendation,
top link in the description, click on that, take a look
for some amazing training to help you put this whole
online world together, step by step, to create a
successful online business. Now, please know that this
channel here is for you, it is to help you create the time freedom that you and your family deserve. So, if you’re new to the channel, that means you need to subscribe, hit the bell button for notifications so that we can help you
create that time freedom. Again, this is Leah Rae
from toddandleahrae.com. If you’re sticking around on YouTube, as this live video gets rendered, I will add a card at the end, upper right corner of the screen. If you’re sticking around on YouTube, watch that one next, and I’ll see ya soon.

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  1. Thanks for this I know exactly what you're talking about when it comes to the balance of family job and entrepreneurship. Sometimes it gets me down cuz I'd neglect my business just to try and relax after work or spend time with my family.
    I see Henry and it reminds me of every time I try to get back to business and the kids need my attention. Thanks again. Henry is cute!

  2. Wow…this truly hit home Leah Rae. I am in a flux because I want to work my business but I have to go back to work and I still have my family to take care of. I feel like I am going crazy!!! Balance is so important. Thanks for the reminder.

  3. Great video. Yes my challenge is to squeeze in the time after day job and kids, etc. But I'm gonna keep going. Organization is certainly the key. Thanks for the tip.

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