March 30, 2020

Endy Sleep. A Proudly Canadian Mattress Company

We started Endy with a mission to make the process of buying a mattress a lot simpler. Instead of that traditional lying on a mattress for 10-15 seconds in a showroom we’re compressing and rolling a mattress into a box shipping it directly to the customer’s home and giving them a hundred nights to try that mattress. Any time within that period if they don’t like it they can send it back. Not only is being a Canadian mattress a point of pride for us. Because it’s made close by, it also helps us drive a more affordable price point because all our products are in Canadian dollars we don’t have to ship them long distances and they’re made within a small footprint distance wise we’re able to make it well under a thousand dollars. In terms of buying using or returning is extremely simple which hasn’t been available before. We look at ourselves purely as champions for the customer.

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