April 8, 2020
Email segmentation Ideas – Ecommerce Email Marketing

Email segmentation Ideas – Ecommerce Email Marketing

Let’s say for example again that you sell
sunglasses We want to figure out which particular types
of sunglasses that your new subscriber is interested in You’re then going to create an HTML campaign
that features your newest or most popular products You’re going to send this campaign out to
anyone that hasn’t yet been segmented or tagged in your system possibly after the welcome series or better
yet, after the nurturing campaign Lay out this email without any pricing or
sales pitch, it’s going to be like a simple digital version Of a flyer that somebody would hand to you
out on the street It’s going to be laid out in a grid of images
and below each image there will be a read more or find out more about this product In one box you may have blue sunglasses and
when they click on the blue sunglasses, they get taken to the blue sunglasses category page Again, the next box could be red or yellow
sunglasses and then they’ll lead to the red or yellow
category page whatever image they click on, your system
is going to automatically tag and segment them accordingly So if they click on the blue sunglasses they’ll
get put into the blue sunglasses segmentation Now once they’re there you can then start
rolling out automated first time customer automation

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