April 7, 2020

Email Marketing Launch: 4-Step Email Sequence For Your Ecommerce Business

On the left hand side, it’s just a pure image
and a right hand side it’s an image plus a little bit of text down below.
Now I’m gonna do a little experiment. Which one you think converted better? Now, we move on to the main launch. The main launch is where it goes out to the bulk of your email list. This is basically the main part of your holiday season. This is the Black Friday of BFCM, and who do you prioritise?
You’re going to prioritise people who are the most active in your subscriber base,
people have opened an email at least once in the last 45 days, or they
are active on your website at least once in the last 45 days, and more importantly,
if you’re gonna drill down into people who are even more loyal or even more
engaged? People who have given you a thumbs up. They trust your brand. They gave you their money.
These are your most active buyers, proven buyers. People who have given you their money in the past. This is what you want prioritise, and obviously by now, you should have all your A/B tests concluded. And use all of that conclusions, build out the best converting email that you can think of. This is where magic happens. In our case, there are two little examples here.
On the left hand side, it’s just a pure image. On the right hand side, it’s an image plus a little bit of text right down below. Now, I’m gonna do a little experiment. Which one you think converted better? A or B? Just shout it out loud. A! A?
B? B! Alright, you guys got it right. Yeah it’s B.
It’s B and the results were extremely surprising because it doesn’t fit with the whole image of the email. It doesn’t exactly flow well, but what it did was it added a personal touch.
A little bit of a conversational element to it, and Gmail, Yahoo!, service providers, looked at this email and then said, look there’s some text in here, plus some images. I think this should
be a good email to go to the primary tab. How many of you have issues landing in
the primary tab versus like the promotional tab? Show of hands. Yeah, quite a quite a few. Yeah, so this is some of the things that you got to test out way ahead of time. Conclude and implement them in the biggest days of your ecommerce year. Now this is a little bit of a sequence that we use on
the main launch day. Feel free to modify this based on the needs of your business,
but email one typically starts out at 12:00am. 12:00am is obviously pre-scheduled, no one’s gonna be staying up at 12:00am to write out an email, and now to start off your sales event, your product launch event, email number two goes out at 10:00 am. It can be earlier or later depending on how well your audience responds, it has to be a strong call to action. There has to be an urgency reminder,
but the one that comes out at 10 am does not have to exclude those that bought at 12 am. Especially if you still have stock available. If you still have stock available, you want
to be able to reach out to everyone, including those that I’ve bought from you at 12 a.m. You’d be surprised at how many additional sales
you can get from buyers that have bought earlier in the same day,
during a major sales event like this. Email number three comes down at the end of the day. A reminder email, segments. Segments obviously update automatically at this point. You can then exclude buyers that have
bought from you in the first two emails. Email number four goes out at 9:00 pm as an urgent last chance reminder, and here’s the trick, use a text-based email. Use the text-based email for your reminder emai number four, and that’s gonna end up most likely in a primary tab. Especially if you keep it conversational, not too salesy, and you limit the number of links to just one or two. And on the next day and the two days
that’s what’s gonna happen afterwards. I’ll show you what we do on in the next slide. And obviously you want to vary your subject lines, email styles, and your offers. Step five —

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