April 6, 2020
Email Marketing Best Practices – 9 Tips

Email Marketing Best Practices – 9 Tips

– In this video we’re
gonna talk about nine tips on how you can implement email
marketing best practices. Hi, I’m J.B. with Marketing 360 and we help small businesses
grow with our marketing and design talent technology through our number one marketing
platform Marketing 360. We call marketing and design
mad, and and we love mad. And hopefully these videos will help you fall in love with mad too. So make sure to follow
us to learn tips, tricks, and strategies to grow your
business and fuel your brand. So email marketing, super
important, every brand should be investing in some
sort of email marketing. But what does that mean,
and what are some tips for best practices that you can follow to drive the most success? Well I’m gonna jump into that right now. Tip number one is to build targeted lists. Don’t ever shotgun email
out just a broad list. You wanna have very targeted lists of people that have opted in
that want your content. It’s so important to have
that, because if you don’t, you’re gonna have a high unsubscribe rate and a high spam rate, and you’re gonna run into problems if
you start to see that. So you’re gonna want
to make sure you have a very targeted list that you’re
actually communicating with via email and that you’re
delivering to them content that they’re interested in
seeing and that they wanna see. If you do that, you’re gonna
have a low subscribe rate and a low spam rate, and
that’s gonna really increase your efficiency of your
email campaign overall. Tip number two is don’t wait, automate. Really think about your
drip campaigns in advance. Who are you gonna send to, and
what are you going to send? So in other words, the
type of content you send to potential customers or
leads is gonna be different than the type of content you
send to your actual customers. And then also, think about just things like general campaigns. What are you gonna send on the holidays? Maybe you’re gonna send
things on their birthdays. What are the promotions
you’re gonna run for the year? You can think about all
this stuff in advance, lay in that content strategy
and that email strategy ahead of time so that it’s
there and it’s automated. I’ve found that if you just
wait to send at the moment, you generally don’t
send, and you also kinda hurry through it and you
don’t send the best content. If you really think
through the type of content people wanna see, you can
build out that inventory and that drip campaign in advance, so it’s all automated and ready to go. Tip number three is to personalize. Email software has ways of
basically dynamically inserting names, and other
information into the emails. This adds a level of personalization. So you’re gonna wanna
do that with your emails ’cause it’s gonna do things like increase your opening rate, increase
your click-through rate, and just increase your results overall. Even just by inserting somebody’s name, it’s gonna make it more
personalized to make them feel more comfortable with the content. You can do that with most email software and also if you connect it to a CRM, it’s even more powerful and
it gives you more information that you can implement
to the design to make it more personal for each user. Tip number four is to design for mobile, make sure that your emails
look good and load well in mobile because most people are checkin’ their email on their phones now not necessarily their computer so you wanna have an email that looks good on the small screen, also make sure your main message is above the fold so on your phone, that’s
not a lot of real estate, you’re gonna wanna make
sure you have your main call to action, main selling
points above the fold. Tip five is to have a catchy subject line, subject line is all somebody’s
gonna see initially, they don’t see the contents of your email, they just see the subject
in their email box. So you’re gonna wanna
make sure that’s catchy and enticing for the user to click on, put yourself in their shoes, what would you wanna see,
what would compel you to open that email and make
sure that’s your subject line, also studies show if you
insert their first name in that subject dynamically,
it’s gonna increase your opening ratio significantly. Tip six, think about what days and times you wanna send your content. Studies show that Tuesday,
Wednesday and Thursday, around lunch time, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. area, that window on those days
has the highest opening rate. That may not make sense for your brand depending on the type of
content you’re sending out and what your promotions look like but that’s a step that may fit for you so think about it, just
really what you wanna do is think about what time your customers are most likely gonna see those emails and open those emails,
make sure to schedule your sends to be in line with that. Tip number seven, make sure you have your address in the footer and an unsubscribe link, this fits in line with email
marketing rules and regulations if you don’t have those
things, you could get yourself in trouble so just make sure that you do. Tip eight is to test before you send, you can always do a test,
send it to yourself, send it to your business partner, whoever, have them check it, click
the links in the email, read it, proofread it,
make sure it looks good before you send it to everybody ’cause when you send it to everybody, there’s no going back. Tip number nine is to study your results and analyze your data,
look at the opening rates on emails, past emails,
how could you have improved all those things, look at
the times that you sent it and engagement, all
email marketing software has metrics that they
provide on every campaign so you can really track your results and see the effectiveness of it, make sure you look at
that and then optimize and use that data for future campaigns to make them even better. So thanks for watching,
hopefully these nine tips will help you deliver success
in the email marketing world and follow best practices. If you like the video, like it, comment, share it with your friends and also follow us for more content like this moving forward. (cheerful music)

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  1. After watching your tutorial, i can now say i am ready to dabble into email marketing to enhance my buisiness. Thanks Man!!

  2. Cool video but Targeting and Permission shouldn't be lumped together. Thanks for sharing! Can't wait to see more vids.

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