April 4, 2020
Email Marketing 2019 Tips

Email Marketing 2019 Tips

hey are you ready to build a stronger
community and make more sales using email marketing watch this video to
learn my thirteen best tips to grow loyal audience who trusts you engaged
with your emails and buys yourself again and again for the best advice to make a living
doing something that you feel is deeply valuable subscribe to my channel and hit
the bell to be notified when I post a new video every Wednesday so hey there I
am Emma Natter and I help you beat the odds and create your own success I talk
a lot about how to help people understand the incredible value you
bring it to what you do if you’re wanting to really nail your email
marketing but feeling totally overwhelmed by all the things by the end
of this video you’ll have direction and clarity for what you should be doing to
nurture your list in the long term and get them to take action in the short
term so these are the exact same tactics I use myself to bring in multiple six
figures a year and to coach my clients to make tens of thousands of dollars
with a single product launch so the best way to think about relationship building
in business is that there are certain moves that you make to lay the
groundwork for a good long-term relationship and a short term you want
to build trust you want to show up for them you don’t constantly want to be
selling to them or pushing them really hard to do stuff or they’re going to
feel exhausted taken advantage of and not appreciate it but you can’t just
only ever be laying the groundwork and serving and not asking them to do
anything because then you’re going to feel exhausted taken advantage of and
not appreciated it has to be a give and take in the short term you’re going to
help them take action and put just enough pressure on to get them to feel
clarity to make the purchases that will serve them in their lives again when
you’re doing that scary sales thing it’s so much less about trying to make them
do something they don’t want to do and all about helping them have real clarity
about their next best step forward so if you’re feeling a little bit unsure about
whether email marketing is for you or what it even is definitely check out my
video all about how to start email marketing as a beginner okay
so let’s dive into my 13 best tips number one we’ll start with the long
term tacit tactics so the first one is find your voice that connects the truth
is that people can see right through you when it’s not you so do not outsource
your copywriting for at least two years in your business I know that sounds like
a long time but I wouldn’t say it if I didn’t really think this and see the
evidence these you time to test to try to figure out
what your voices and what actually connects with people and they find
meaningful trust me I have worked with people who try to outsource their
copywriting too quickly and it totally backfires their audience isn’t
connecting they start to feel manipulated pushed and it’s confusing
why they’re not reacting the way you want them to even if you don’t feel like
a writer you can do this you need to find your own way to write that truly
sounds like you and truly connects the best way to do this is to learn and to
practice I am in the process of coming up with an email writing course that
will help you know exactly what to say and when in order to connect and convert
your audience so keep writing emails keep practicing and take note of the
ones that people write back about and they’re like oh my gosh I appreciate
this so much I’m so excited this was what I needed to hear so write more
emails like that it’s pretty simple then the next one is to teach them stuff it
might not feel like you have like you have anything to teach them but a lot of
the people who are going to be on your list or already are
they don’t understand your world whether you’re a piano teacher or a photographer
or a model or an artist or a coach or an actor they’re spending their energy
making sure they keep their boss happy or researching and praying that their
baby will sleep through the night or figuring out how to take their healthy
eating regime to the next level one of the reasons they are on your list is
because they want your expertise so I don’t want to hear another excuse about
not having anything to teach the simple fact that you spend a good amount of
your time consuming creating practicing and up lovely in what you do makes you
more of an expert than them and they’re probably not interested in the expert
level people that you are learning from because they’re not there yet
so see how that works so pay attention to the things that people ask start
keeping a list of all the things people ask and start writing about them in your
email if you’re looking for a 10 more business ideas to steal for content
check out my video where I give you 10 of my best content ideas for business ok
so the next one is make building know like and trust a priority sometimes it’s
easy to forget that the people joining your email list have no idea who you are
so since order in our businesses up to our eyeballs all the time we forget that
our audience hasn’t been there with us from day one so it’s important to write
every email with the intent of helping them learn more about you understand you
like you and start to trust you a lot of the long-term tactics are going
to contribute to building this know like and trust but make sure that you’re
always thinking about this it is so much easier to get a customer to purchase a
second or a third or fourth time rather than finding a brand new one so if you
treat every person on your list like gold you are going to see that coming
back to you all the time now if you are someone who usually sells just once to a
client like a wedding planner I would think of it less is that you have one
purchase per customer and more like you are serving a whole pocket of people who
will pass your name around you may not serve the same couple more than once but
you sure better make it your goal to continue to serve one family or one
tight-knit group of friends again and again and again
you’re serving a family and a small community share what’s happening in your
business is my next tip um if you have new updates in your business let your
list know if you have a new member coming on your team that they’ll be
excited about tell them new products new projects travels more availability
pregnancies marriages moving it’s surprising how much people want to know
about this but they do just a few months ago I moved from New York City and my
audience was so interested that I carried on this story talking about how
we were making our moving decision for over a week people will still come up to
me and talk about how they were waiting with bated breath to hear where we
decided to move so whether you’ve got a personal brand which I think everyone
should who wants their voice their perspective or their eye or their talent
to stand out or you’ve got a less personal brand which I think works great
for products just give some updates one of the best things you can do for
content is to just make it current yes I love having automated funnels and emails
but if I’m giving an update about my business a huge part of that value is
for my audience to know that this is very current that’s valuable in an
Internet world where people can’t always tell what’s current what’s not next is
to share things that connect to them as a human because you have something you
care deeply about at the center of your business that means you have the ability
to connect and a deep in a deeply human level with your audience so this is
going to be so valuable to your audience and help them feel cared about and
inspired so if you’re all about creating products that help parents play with
their children more tell stories about this share resources with them like
article our videos or activities that they’ll
love because they also want so much to play with their kids don’t just talk
about what your products do give them advice help inspiration encouragement
resources and tools to help them experience what they want to experience
as a human again this is what you spend your days doing so it’s going to feel
simple for you and so useful for your audience next is to be consistent I
can’t overstate how important it is to be consistent with your email marketing
if you’re not and you just email them when you have some sort of promotion
coming up it can start to feel disrespectful to your audience oh so you
only want to write to me when you’re about to sell me something right whereas
if you’ve been nurturing them for a long time with great content people will feel
that appreciate it and so then when you have some new exciting thing coming up
they’re going to be rooting for you to succeed in this new venture I recommend
once a week we are far more oriented around a seven-day cycle than every two
weeks or every month if you can be there every week you’re going to see a big
difference in your connection with your audience okay next is to just ask as you
start to get more into email marketing you’ll have ideas for certain things you
could teach them share with them help them understand better you’ll have ideas
for new products new services or new ways you’d like to serve people and the
best thing you can do is just ask the first reason why is that you’ll get
responses from the exact people who will be the ones buying it eventually the
second reason is that whether the people respond to your ideas or not that idea
is going to stick in their mind that you’re going to do that and they’ll
start looking out for it and will be more likely to engage with it the next
one is repeat yourself a little one of the most overwhelming things about
creating content for your business is this feeling that you have to create new
stuff all the time every time and what’s important to keep things fresh it’s okay
to tell important stories a few times it’s okay to explain what you do several
times it’s okay to explain what your offerings are all about several times
why because one people don’t read all of your content they don’t open every email
and two they need to be reminded and the true fans will be like oh yeah she’s
telling this story for all the newbies I love this story
now we’ll move on to some short-term tactics to help your audience take
action right away so the next one is designed your emails for skim ability
one of the best things I’ve ever learned about writing for business is that a
majority of people skim everything we actually don’t read line by line we
skim for the things that stand out and if they piqued our interest we go in and
fill in the gaps of what we haven’t read yet
so bold italicize and make bigger the most important pieces of your email make
it so that if they were to skim through that you they could pick out the most
important parts if they only read the bolded bigger and italicized stuff
especially if you’re wanting people to click on something to buy or sign up for
at the end of your email you actually have to get them to the end of the email
so they do that there are a lot of email providers who make this so easy check
out all of my favorite free resources in my video about how to do email marketing
for free ok the next one is to have a call to action a few times within one
email when you have an action you want someone to take I’d love to see you
invite them to do it about three times in the same email once you tell them for
the first time another reminder later in an email and then a third reminder in
the PS why it’s so weird but when people might read stuff they sort of see the
first invitation to take action as a suggestion you have to ask people to do
things several times before they realize you really want them to do that if you
don’t ask a few times it seems like you don’t really care whether they do it or
not and you need to even give them the chance to think about it so make sure
you give clear specific directions on exactly what you want them to do and
don’t feel too pushy so the next one is good subject lines that can’t be ignored
so an email can’t be read unless someone actually clicks on it and it opens it
and if you’ve got some competition in your inbox make sure that you make your
subject lines really interesting now there are a lot of email markers right
now who have figured out some good ones and now like every person does the same
subject line now I think when you’re first starting you might as well try
everything but as you get more and more familiar with what your people open
it’ll get easier I know what kinds of subject lines get
my people to open my emails but I can guarantee that if every business tried
to copy my subject lines they’re not going to work the same so it’s some
trial and error for sure if you try someone’s email subject lines and they
don’t get people to open or it makes you feel a little uncomfortable step back
and try something that feels a little more authentic to you it’s always an
experiment so just make sure you’re always working to improve your subject
lines the next one is to invite people to engage further at the bottom of your
emails I didn’t make this less of a one way
thing invite them to take action even if it’s not a sales email or a big sign up
for this major thing you mail invite them to reply or to come engage with you
on social media this is great for a lot of reasons to hear from your people is
always the best research ever also getting more engagement on social is of
course always win and also probably the sneakiest thing is that if you get
people into the habit of taking action from emails you send they’re going to be
that much more likely to take action once your asking them to buy something
it’s kind of like that Pavlov’s dog thing so it’s a win-win-win for
everybody next is to email a lot during promotions last but definitely not least
it’s not to be shy when you’ve got a promotion don’t be afraid to email three
times on the last day of the promotion and every single day the week of the
promotion I know it sounds like a ton but I want you to think about this yes
there are probably going to be people who unsubscribe and who an email and say
a little advice email a little less during this promo but to be honest there
are other people who are teetering on the edge trying to decide if this offer
is for them and they need to hear from you every day to give them insight and
to help them decide it makes them feel like you care that their worries and
fears and indecision is something you’re willing to spend your time on if I’m in
the throes of deciding whether to spend a bunch of money I like to be talked
through the possibilities to be shown that other people are enjoying this
awesome thing that I want to do too this behavior is the most likely to buy
they’re the people you’re targeting loving on and welcoming as new customers
not those other people so don’t be afraid to email people a lot so to recap
here are my 13 tips for email marketing that are working right now one finder
1 voice that connects to 2 teach them stuff 3 know like interest is a priority
4 share what’s happening in your business at the moment 5 share human things
6 be consistent 7 ask 8 repeat yourself a little 9 – time for skimability 10
call to action 3 times 11 subjects lines at can’t be ignored
12 invite to engage further and 13 email a lot during promotions but what happens
when it comes to actually write an email to people what do you actually say so
click the link below to get a free welcome email template so that you can
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