April 4, 2020
Elementor Extras: The Best FREE Elementor Addons & Widgets (FULL DEMO)

Elementor Extras: The Best FREE Elementor Addons & Widgets (FULL DEMO)

Hey WordPress enthusiasts and content creators. Robert here and in today’s video, I will show
you the best Elementor extras you can get for free. Amazing widgets like animated headlines, price
list, flip box, countdown timer, share buttons, reviews, and so on are available in Elementor
Pro only. Still, in the next ten minutes or so, I will
show you some free plugins you can install to get similar elements for free. The free version of Elementor gives you access
to basic widgets. These are elements that you can use on pages
and blog posts, and they are divided into three categories: Basic, General, and WordPress. Each new addon or plugin you install will
come up in the sidebar separately, and you can filter out precisely what you want in
the search field. With Orbit Fox, for example, you gain access
to 6 more widgets, and I think that the best one here is the Pricing Table that has four
sections you can customize separately. The plan title, price tag, features, and the
button. You can also add an icon to the left or right
of the text, which makes this widget even better. The Post Type Grid is also an excellent element
for pages where you want to insert blog posts from specific categories that will display
images too. You can select pages or custom layouts as
well. If the image doesn’t fit the layout, you can
adjust its height, and if the link is activated over here, when people click on that image,
it will redirect them to the blog post. To customize the look of the Read More button,
you need to go to the Style tab and change the background color as well as the button
padding and radius below. This is an enhanced Elementor contact form
widget, which you can use on your contact page, for example. You can add and edit as many fields as you
want, which are preformatted as text, number, email, and text area. The email you want to use for receiving messages
can be set here, and you can set a different email in each form. For MailChimp, Sendinblue, or MailerLite list
building tools, you can set up this widget where you need to enter the access key as
well as the list id to get it to work. The Registration Form widget is something
you cause on custom login pages created with Elementor, for membership sites. To get more out of Orbit Fox, make sure you
access its settings and enable any of these modules that you’ll find useful. With Essential Addons for Elementor, you get
access to 35 widgets. I would not go through all of these, because
it will take a lot of time. However, I want to see how the countdown widget
works, which can display days, hours, minutes, and seconds until a specific moment or event
in the near future. You can turn on and off the elements of the
time over here and edit labels too, which is excellent. I think that this widget could be used to
urge a product or service sale on any Laning Page created with Elementor. I can see two more interesting widgets over
here. The Dual Color Heading and the Fancy Text,
so let’s check them out. What the dual-color widget does is that it
will break down your heading in two colors, so if you want to pop up a word in your text
with red, for example, you can change that here. The fancy text widget is something like the
animated headline of Elementor pro, but with more animations and options, I guess. Leave a comment below if I am wrong, please. I think that this plugin has the most Elementor
extras I have ever seen in one place, packed with lots of useful features and options that
you can use for free. Again, if I am wrong, share your thoughts
in the comments section below. I will answer each of your guys. Another interesting widget caught my attention
in this plugin. And that is the Image Comparison block where
you can insert two different images that can be compared by dragging this slider to the
left or right. It is something like the optimized vs unoptimized
image preview on optimole.com, which is an excellent image optimizer service I recommend,
especially for Elementor users. You can upload a blurred or a black and white
image into the After Image tab and compare that with the Before Image. I think we can use this widget for any after
and before visual proof. Instagram feed, wow, this is great. And you can use this widget to show images
from your Instagram account on pages and posts and get more followers. The Price Menu widget, though, could be useful
on menu pages for restaurants, I guess. You can showcase an image too, which will
make this element look even better. Let me drag over the Scroll Image, insert
this image, and see how it works. Interesting. I can use this for pictures with significant
height and set the window height to only 200 pixels here. Then I can see what’s on the image progressively
when hovering over. I think I can showcase infographics or a WordPress
theme preview whit this tool, which is so cool, right? Check out all Elementor extras in this video
and let me know in the comments section below which one is your favorite. I personally like at least one element in
each plugin, but I don’t want to have so many plugins installed on my WordPress website,
so help me decide which one should I use. I think that the way to go is based on the
type of content I regularly create. There are hundreds of items shown in search
results if you search for Elementor in the plugin repository on your dashboard. It can be tough to find the perfect item for
your needs, so I think I will create more and more videos to show you the elements in
these plugins. If you want to get notified when I publish
the next one, subscribe, ring the bell, and you are all set. Keep up the excellent work, and see you in
the next video. Cheers.

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  1. I am trying to use elementor like you do in this video but I just can't open it.
    I am using the latest blog post (and not the static home page) layout.
    Any ideas?
    I am an elementor pro and neve pro user.
    Thank you!

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