April 10, 2020
Ecwid Themes MYTH DEBUNKED! 4 Best Ecwid Theme Solutions

Ecwid Themes MYTH DEBUNKED! 4 Best Ecwid Theme Solutions

Are you looking for Ecwid themes? There’s a reason you’re not finding what you’re looking for. They don’t really exist. But
all you’d like to do is customize your website and online store to match your
brand. No worries, at the end of this video you will have four alternative
ways to create your Ecwid theme. The first way you can do this is using the
Ecwid Design Panel. All you have to do is open up your Ecwid seller control panel
and click on design. There you will find tons of options to design and customize
your online store. But if you’re here, you might have already tried this method. If
you did and found it didn’t fulfill everything that you needed,
here’s another alternative you can use. CSS codes. CSS stands for cascading style
sheets, it’s just bits of code that allow you to customize your online store. codes
will allow you to change colors sizes add and edit items you can remove things
or hide things it’s a great way to customize your online store. Now if you
find it really hard to find all of the codes that you need on Ecwid support
site in the forums some of the codes are even outdated now because they made some
changes, click on the link above and you’ll find my ecwid CSS ebook in that
ebook you will find 110 ecwid CSS codes to customize your online store. All you
have to do is copy paste the code and change the color hexes or the sizes or
remove things or do whatever you would like to do in your online store that’s a
great way to allow you to create your custom theme. A third way you can create an Ecwid theme
is using an app in Ecwid’s app marketplace. However you will have to pay
attention to pricing. Now if you’ve tried all of these methods and you found that
you weren’t able to customize your online store to match your brand the way
that you would like then, here’s another alternative. You can use a CMS or a
content management system. You might have already heard of WordPress Wix or Weebly.
These are all content management systems, and they allow you to create websites.
You might already be using WordPress and you’re looking for a ecwid theme if
you’re looking for an Ecwid theme, you are gonna find lots of things that exist online
but they’re not Ecwid specific themes. they’re actually WooCommerce themes,
or general themes just for WordPress you could pretty much use any theme and a
good example of that is my own website head over to daniella.io/store and you’ll see a normal WordPress website it’s not an Ecwid specifc theme
it’s not an ecommerce theme, it’s just a very simple
WordPress theme and then I added my Ecwid store right within that theme. What
I’m getting to is that you don’t need an Ecwid specific theme to customize your WordPress
site and integrate your online store another content management system that
you might want to have a look at is Wix Wix offers some ecommerce themes but you
won’t have to go with those because you use Ecwid the reason is that Wix offers
their own e-commerce solution but if you’re using Ecwid with Wix then you
don’t need wix’s ecommerce solution and you don’t need their themes you can
simply choose whatever theme you would like or a custom website and design it
whatever way you would like very simply and easily in the case of Wix the best
solution to go with if you would really like to customize your online store and
get it to match your brand would be the first or the second solution that we
talked about in this video so using the Ecwid design panel and Ecwid CSS codes if you
would like to learn more about how to customize your online store and design
it to match your brand please check out my Ecwid eCommerce power course I also
talk about the difference between WordPress and Wix in that course. I hope
this video helped clarify your search for Ecwid themes. Don’t forget to hit the
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