April 1, 2020
Ecwid Review | Best of Ecwid Paid Features | Ecwid Pricing Review

Ecwid Review | Best of Ecwid Paid Features | Ecwid Pricing Review

A venture plan currently costs 15$ per month and includes some incredible features making it the plan with the highest value for small
business looking to increase their online revenue. Access to Unfinished Sales One of the Venture plan’s top features is
the ability to checkout unfinished sales. These unfinished sales are orders that were
started by customers but never actually paid. In the following example we can see that there
are over 325$ of unfinished sales just sitting there. You could let those 325$ go, or be proactive
and make some easy sales. You can approach the problem by contacting
your client a week or so after they did not complete their purchase or by sending your
client a personal email. Be genuine and ask for constructive feedback. Download this free eBook for an unfinished
sale email template you could send to your clients. Discount Coupon Codes Another awesome feature in the venture plan
is the ability to offer discount coupon codes. Offering coupon codes os great way to reward
loyal customers, to encourage action or to encourage offline buyers to purchase online
for example. To create a discount coupon, head over to
the Promotions tab and click on Discount Coupons. Click on New Coupon and start adding your
offer. Choose the name of your coupon and the code. You can offer a percentage discount or a currency
value. Click on no limits for an extensive amount
of extra options that will allow you to refine for whom your discount code is available,
which products or categories it is applicable on and for how long. You may also chose to limit the use of your
coupon code by product or by category, and this for all customers or repeat customers
only. Sell Downloadable Goods You may have noticed you can sell downloadable
products with any paid plan in Ecwid. You could sell eBooks, your own icons, logos,
templates, bits of code, software, photos, music, video files, video games and customizable
products. You can pretty much sell anything you can
download! Click on the Files tab when creating a product
in Ecwid and upload your downloadable product. Your client will automatically receive their
product once their payment is sent to you. Business Plan Top Features A business plan currently costs 35$ per month
and includes features that can help your Ecwid store gain even more traction. This plan has the highest value for small
or medium sized business looking to increase their offline exposure. On top of all the features in the Venture
plan, you can enjoy selling on other marketplaces, offering wholesale pricing to customer groups. The order editor allows users to update existing
orders by editing the customer’s details (name, email address) and changing SKU numbers
for example. You can also delete discounts, change shipping
and tax options. You can also add items to your clients. A few other awesome business plan features
include the ability to edit already placed orders, inventory tracking and phone support. Unlimited Plan Top Features An unlimited plan currently costs 99$ per
month. This offer goes far beyond small business
needs and is mostly interesting for medium to larger sized companies looking for high-end
customizations. As the name of the plan suggests, your business
can upload an unlimited amount of products to Ecwid and sell them in multiple places
across the web. The top features of this offer are the Square
integrations and custom store apps. This offer also includes 12h of custom development. Don’t miss out on these incredible opportunities
that you can enjoy by having a paid Ecwid account.

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