March 29, 2020
Ecwid Power Course! Learn from a Proven Ecwid eCommerce Expert

Ecwid Power Course! Learn from a Proven Ecwid eCommerce Expert

Hey YouTube followers I have an awesome
surprise for you in January 2019 I’ll be releasing the most complete and updated
course I’ve ever made on Ecwid. This extensive corse dives deep into Ecwid
providing actionable tips do’s and dont’s opinions perspectives and real
suggestions to build your Ecwid store and drive targeted traffic to your
website. This course covers building your Ecwid store like a pro quickly and
easily. Connecting it to high-traffic platforms such as Instagram, Facebook,
Amazon and eBay and using the Ecwid app marketplace to expand your store’s
functionality. We will also, and especially, cover how to boost traffic to your new
website starting day one. We’ll also see how to use analytics reporting and
third-party apps to better understand your target market and how they interact
with your website. This course also includes a bunch of free gifts including
my 30 ways to increase your e-commerce revenue eBook, over 110 CSS codes to
customize your online store and an updated video on how to get your
business on Google Maps. This course is available at a discounted price on pre
release for my Youtube followers. Simply use the coupon code COURSEYT
at checkout. Simply click on the link in the description or head over to and click on a Ecwid course to learn more

2 thoughts on “Ecwid Power Course! Learn from a Proven Ecwid eCommerce Expert

  1. If you are looking for updated Ecwid tutorial videos with actionable business advice then click here to learn more about this course! Learn how to build a beautiful Ecwid store and start selling online!

  2. Hey, Daniella, I just bought the pre-order version of your Ecwid Power Course! 🙂

    First of all, I bought the course to support you for all the great Ecwid content you have already produced on YouTube! Second, even though there are some areas of the course that I probably already know, I see lots of other sections that I know I haven't learned about yet (and with your great teaching style, it's great to learn it from you). Third, I'm sure there will be great additional tidbits sprinkled all throughout the course that will help me as I use Ecwid to help customers of mine set up their e-stores with Ecwid.

    No doubt you had fun making the course, but doing something like that certainly takes a lot of time energy and effort, so thanks for putting it all together so that we have one great place to go and reference all the relevant info for Ecwid.

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