April 8, 2020
Ecwid Free eCommerce [NEW Webinar]

Ecwid Free eCommerce [NEW Webinar]

hi i’m Daniella from Daniella.io and i’m an Ecwid ecommerce expert now i didn’t give myself that title i’m actually listed as one of the Ecwid commerce experts on Ecwid website and i gained that title because i’ve made over 150 Ecwid ecommerce stores and i’ve made over a hundred youtube videos about Ecwid commerce on this channel and if you haven’t guessed it yet i am a huge fan of this product I think that Ecwid commerce is an incredible ecommerce solution that is just sadly not very well known I worked with clients worldwide and I can’t tell you the number of times that they’ve said to me Daniella I’ve spent $10,000 on a website that I cannot edit myself after hearing that way too many times I’ve made it my mission to help you create your own website for free I cannot believe that there are still people charging incredibly crazy prices for websites that people can make themselves it is my pleasure to tell you that you can create your website for free today and I’m gonna show you exactly how to do that I’m not gonna make you buy a domain name or get hosting or pay for anything in that matter you can make all of this for free so stay tuned in this video I’m really going to go in-depth and this is gonna be extremely easy for any beginner to follow if English is not your first language hopefully this video will be clear enough for you to be able to follow and understand easily and good news is that Ecwid commerce is available in tons of languages so I’m sure that your language is probably available in Ecwid and and in there front end where clients are gonna see your online store so at the end of this video I would like for you to have a couple of things first of all I want you to know what the difference is between Ecwid and a couple of its major competitors I would also like to make sure that you understand who Ecwid commerce is for and if it’s adapted to your specific needs the third thing I’d like for you to have at the end of this video is an online store we’re literally going to create your Ecwid store in this video so you can pause it follow along and create your store for free and at the very end of this video I’m gonna talk about all of the integrations that are available with Ecwid ecommerce and the fact that you can sell on Instagram Amazon eBay Facebook and in multiple places online this is an incredible opportunity if you already have a wordpress site a Wix site or a Weebly site stick around Ecwid ecommerce can be an amazing solution for you to add powerful ecommerce capabilities to your current web site and the last thing we’re going to talk about in this video is Ecwid pricing because they have a forever free plan but they also have very clear and amazing plans that can take your equites store to the next level so let’s dive right in the first thing we’re gonna talk about is how Ecwid commerce compares to its competition so I mainly want to focus on Shopify and I know that Shopify is an incredibly powerful solution it is well known across the world and a lot of people use it I’m just gonna focus on the main differences with Ecwid commerce and why it might be interesting for you so Ecwid ecommerce is an e-commerce widget that’s where that name comes from so Ecwid widget ecommerce widget and what it allows you to do is plug into different existing websites so if you already have a website you might have a wordpress site that you had made for an extremely crazy amount of money you might have a wordpress site that you would like to add ecommerce capabilities to if you have a Wix website if you have a Weebly site you can actually take your Ecwid store and plug it into your existing website and that’s one reason why you might want to be using Ecwid whereas with Shopify you’re stuck within the Shopify ecosystem if you go with that solution the thing is Shopify you will make a website but you can’t plug it into any existing website and you stay within that environment if you create a Shopify website so that is one great strength of Ecwid another thing that’s amazing with Ecwid is their pricing so let’s say for example you start off with Shopify you see how low their prices are and you’re super intrigued by it once you get into Shopify there’s a lot of extra paid features and I lived this from experience by working on a business incubator I had an Ecwid store and I was putting a bunch of merchants on different equites stores and my neighbor had a Shopify site and they were super excited about it we were both really excited about the solutions we had chose and we were comparing them a lot and the thing is they had paid way less than me to get started I was on the business plan so it’s $35 a month it’s one of the higher plans and they were on a cheaper plane with Shopify but as time went by their pricing went up way past mine because they had to get a theme for their website so to make it look nice they had to get different apps that they wanted to integrate into their website and the pricing skyrocketed very quickly so that’s another thing that I love about Ecwid e-commerce it’s not the pricing is very affordable and very clear you might need a couple apps if you want to take your store to the next level we’ll check that out at the end of this video but with regards to pricing Ecwid is very clear and very affordable so they have different plans one plan is forever free and that’s another thing that Shopify doesn’t offer they offer a 14-day free trial and that’s enough time for you to get started importing products and then to get stuck in their ecosystem whereas with Ecwid it’s forever free so you can get started create up to ten products and two categories but if you don’t like your experience that’s okay you won’t have to pay for your Ecwid store whereas Shopify you have 14 days and then that’s it within those plans you have a $15 plan a $35 plan and a $99 plan we’ll talk about what those plans offer at the end of this video just take note that Shopify is very cheap at the beginning and can get very expensive depending on what you’re adding to your online store it’s also very bare-bones at the beginning so a Shopify store is extremely simple and if you want to add anything to it you’re gonna have to start paying for certain things like a theme and different apps and different features Ecwid also offers a number of integrated features that are extremely powerful and very interesting that can boost your sales right off the bat so some of these are in paid plans we’ll talk about that at the end but some of the features that are available in Ecwid include automatic shipping calculations automatic tax calculations and integrations to multiple channels so you can sell on Facebook and Instagram for example natively in Ecwid now if you want to get started with those things you can do it for $15 a month and that is an incredible opportunity another thing is that Shopify takes a commission on your say so they have a transaction fee and that is something that Ecwid does not do they don’t take transaction fees on your sales so now let’s talk a little bit about who Ecwid e-commerce is for if you already have a website let’s say you have a wordpress site a Wix site a Weebly site you may have made your website with any website builder or things like that then you can add your Ecwid store to that existing website and that’s an incredible opportunity I’ve even seen websites that were made in the 90s people did not want to change their website I don’t know why but they added their Ecwid store to that really old website and it worked so it is capable of integrating a multitude of existing websites so if you already have a website you just want to add ecommerce capabilities to it Ecwid is probably the best solution for you because this is a very rare thing this is one of equites greatest strengths its ability to integrate existing websites Shopify just can’t do that if you’re looking for a forever free plan if you want to try an e-commerce solution if you have two products that you’re selling online and you just want to get keep it super simple equit is a great place to get started just upload your products and get selling online you can do all of the most basic things with Ecwid for free if you want to get started selling online quickly and easily Ecwid is an awesome place to start it is incredible for people who are not developers who aren’t designers if you just want to create an online store today then this is a great place to do it you won’t have to pay for an agency or a developer to do anything for you you can be completely autonomous and that’s something I absolutely love about Ecwid and it comes back to what we were talking about at the beginning of this video people making you pay ten thousand dollars for a website seriously if you pay ten thousand dollars for a website and you’re frustrated about it hit that like button we’re gonna show you how to create a website for free today and get selling online quickly and easily Ecwid is also awesome for small and medium-sized businesses and influencers so if you have an audience right now maybe you are an Instagram or Facebook and you want to be able to sell to that audience Ecwid can be a great place to do so because you can do a couple things including drop shipping and print on demand so I’m gonna talk about that a little later in this video right now we’re gonna dive into an equatorial and we’re gonna show you how to create your Ecwid store and I’d like to invite you to pause this video and as we go along and create your equites store with me because I want you at the end of this video to have your Ecwid store up and running so that you can get started selling online today so of course the very first thing that we’re gonna do is sign up to Ecwid and i’d like to invite you to go through the link below that is an affiliate link so if you get a paid plan I will get a commission on that sale and it would be amazing it would absolutely help me continue creating these awesome Ecwid commerce videos and I would really appreciate your support so thank you so much once you’ve clicked on that link and you are on this page you’re going to enter your information and create your account as you can see there’s no need to enter any credit card information Ecwid will not ask you for any of that unless you decide to get a paid plan alright now we’re in our backend and we’re gonna start creating our online store now this is a demo account and I already do have some things in here we’re just gonna have a look at how they’re set up and how you can create the same thing on your end so the first thing I always do when I create an Ecwid store is start with the settings so the first thing we’re gonna do is head over to our settings and we’re going to fill in this information and it’s super important because it is the basis of your online store this is absolutely where you should start filling in your information so name your store you’re gonna enter your store location and the address the company name your company email don’t forget to enter your postal code because that will allow you to use the automatic shipping calculation features so what happens is Ecwid can automatically calculate things like Canada Post a USPS UPS and different carriers so that you don’t have to enter that information all of the different pricing that they offer it is a huge time saver so definitely don’t forget to enter your postal code here so once you’ve filled in the information on this page we’re gonna head over to our regional settings now this is where we can set up our currency and the different weight units that we’d like to have in our online store we can also set the default language so Ecwid is capable of translating parts of your online store actually the things that were written by Ecwid for your customers automatically depending on the language of their browser so let’s say they’re using Google Chrome in it Elian and they’re consulting your online store that’s actually in English they will see some things in Italian and that’s awesome because it provides a better user experience also once they make a check out they will receive all of the emails in Italian if for example English is not your first language you can just scroll down to the bottom of the page and change your language to whatever your language is and as you can see there’s a lot of different languages that are available in equites back end and the front end translates to over 50 languages which is an incredible opportunity to make your online store more professional and better adapted to your specific clients now let’s have a look at the cart and check-out settings there are so many options in here I absolutely love this page and it’s something that I talk about in detail in my Ecwid commerce power course click on the link above if you’d like to learn more it’s a course where I go in-depth about how you can set up your Ecwid store and really take it to the next level and in that course I detail everything on this page and there’s an incredible amount of awesome options that are available here that can really boost your sales so if you’d like to learn more click on that link above you’ll learn more in my Ecwid commerce power course so we’re not going to go into detail on this page because that video is literally like 10 minutes and I don’t want to make this video too long also the power course contains 60 videos so it’s really really in detail we’re just gonna kind of skim over things so that you can have an online store up and running today all right let’s click on our legal pages this is where you can add all of your legal page information so make sure to add all of this here it’s really important for your customers to make sure that they understand how you manage their information and the terms and conditions of your online store your return policy and any other legal information that you need to share with them and of course we have tracking and analytics here if you’d like to enter your Google Analytics information you can do that right here you can also use the Facebook pixel and the Pinterest tag and now Ecwid is integrated with snapchat I can’t wait to talk about all of that at the end of this video so stay tuned we’re going to talk about all of the amazing Ecwid integrations that are available now we’re gonna click on taxes so in Ecwid you can set taxes to be set up automatically the automatic tax calculation is a paid feature it starts at $15 a month so you can have this all you have to do is activate it and Ecwid will take care of calculating all of the taxes depending on your location so if I’m located in Canada and I sell to someone in the States I don’t have to charge them taxes I could will not do that otherwise you have to set it up manually and this can take a lot a lot a lot of time I actually go into detail on how to do this in my Ecwid power course if you’d like to set them up manually but the automatic tax calculator is an incredible time-saver I absolutely love it it’s a really really cool feature alright the next thing I’d like to show you is the fact Ecwid offers a ton of emails automatic emails that are sent to your customers so you can consult these emails here you can activate or deactivate them depending on what you would like for your customers to receive but they can receive an order confirmation status change so let’s say you changed it from pending to shipped you can have them receive an automatic notification that says that their order was shipped so as you can see these emails are extremely professional they’re very clean and clear and of course these will be your products from your online store that they would be able to see after they create their purchase so there’s lots of things here there’s also the abandoned cart recovery email and that is an incredible opportunity to boost your sales I personally and have my clients we have experienced a 15% conversion of a Bedan carts so let’s say for example someone is buying something in your online store they get to the checkout and they disappear I don’t know their kid was crying or they forgot to make their order they didn’t know where their credit card was lots of reasons that people disappear at that stage they will receive an automatic email two hours after they abandon their cart to check out and that is an incredible opportunity you don’t have to do anything you just activate it and it’ll be completely automated I absolutely love this feature and Ecwid released a stat that people have converted 15% and I have actually experienced that in my own online store and with other clients so definitely an awesome feature that you can activate once we’ve done the settings in our online store and we created our categories I always like to have a look at my payment options and my shipping options so let’s go have a look at our payment options now right now I have PayPal activated in my online store if this is not your paypal email all you have to do is go to actions and then edit change PayPal account and you can edit that information now a lot of my customers tell me that people don’t like using PayPal for some reason I absolutely love PayPal but if you’d like to add another option for your customers and you can activate tons of other options in Ecwid Square Chase and if you’re located in a country that does not use these payment options well you have like 58 options available and Ecwid is it is an incredible so if there’s an option here that you can’t find feel free to reach out to me at the yellow dot io / contact and maybe I can help you find someone who can make a payment integration for you on your Ecwid store awesome so now that that’s set up we just have to click on enable or disable you can connect Square if you are to have a square account or chase very easily it’s super simple to setup let’s have a look at shipping and payment options so I’ve got a bunch that are activated here and I don’t want to go into too much detail because I literally have a 15 minute video on this in my Ecwid commerce power course check it out if you’d like to learn more there are a ton of shipping options available in Ecwid so you would click on either in-store pickup or shipping and delivery so you can have either option depending on if you have a brick-and-mortar store or just an online store and then you can add all of your shipping information now Ecwid the text that I’m in Canada but you can click on view all carriers and you have a huge list of carriers located in a multitude of countries that’s one thing I really love about equit they have an extremely international mindset so no matter where you located you can get selling online quickly and easily with Ecwid so just easily set up your shipping I like to set up automatic shipping so I just click on automatic shipping for Canada Post and voila it is there that is literally took me three seconds to set up shipping in my online store like you can’t beat that I love it ok so now that we set up our online store we set up shipping and payments we’re gonna head over to catalog and we’re going to click on categories and we’re going to set up our categories here so if you have a free account right now you can create up to two categories I have a paid plan so we’re gonna be able to create as many categories as we would like I just like to show you how to create these we’re just going to click here and we’re gonna create a category called clothing and I created a tutorial video in Italian that’s why I have an Italian category here if you’re interested it’s available in the card above I know that there’s a lot of Italians who are interested in Ecwid commerce and that is awesome so as you can see here we can manage our category we can add a picture if we’d like and we can change the order of the products and add different products to it right within this interface if I wanted at a sub category I just click on add sub category and I add a sub category alright there we go if I don’t want it to be a sub category I can just drag it over and make it a main category so now that that’s done we’re gonna head over to products and we’re going to create our first product all you have to do is click on add new product and you can enter all of your product information it’s super super simple if you’re currently migrating from another system what you can do is import your products in bulk but right now if you want to create your products manually you just go into this interface click on add new and then start uploading your information so you would first add a picture here you would add the name of your product the SKU number if it has a number the weight of it for automatic shipping calculations then your product description and you would add it to the corresponding categories you could also enter your price right here and then make it available to your customers so you can enter the quantities in the free plan you can’t enter stock information but in the $15 plan you can enter the quantities of the product that are available so let’s go have a look at a product that already exists we’re just gonna look at our digital Nomad t-shirt right here we have a bunch of shirts that are available we have a description that we created with a table and different information this is actually created within printful it is a print on demand service that you can connect to ecuador talked about that at the end of this video but it is a t-shirt that has a bunch of different colors and options we can go right over to options and see how that is set up it’s super interesting so we have the name of the products the colors and the sizes and if we wanted for example if the two XL is more expensive we could add $3 to that and make it more expensive we could also easily add new options so let’s say for example we wanted to add a gift card if someone wants to be able to have a gift card they can choose you can choose different ways that you want to set up your options for example a drop-down list radio buttons checkboxes there’s tons of cool really cool things that you can do here date pickers are good if you want to be able to people make reservations there’s tons of really cool things that we can do here let’s just click on a radio button so they have to make a choice and we will make yes and no and yes is worth $10 so if they decided they want a gift card it’s gonna be worth $10 and that price is going to be added to 2795 so let’s hit save we can go look at that in the front of our store after we also have files if you want to sell digital goods like courses ebooks music anything like that you can upload them here and then there’s also different tax and shipping options that you can have specifically for that one product so if that product there does not require pickup or shipping you can deactivate it right here of course SEO Ecwid offers awesome SEO capabilities so you can enter all of that information right here and then related products this is kind of like Amazon’s those who purchased a also purchased B you can set that up right here I’m just want to show you really quickly what a digital product looks like right here we have a scooter ebook that I created in another video and if we go to files you can see that I uploaded a PDF you can pretty much upload any file as long as it’s not too big depending on the plan that you have being able to sell digital goods is a paid feature but it’s definitely worth it if you want to send your customers a free ebook if you want to be able to send them different information that goes with your product the physical product that you sold you can attach it right here it’s super efficient and they will receive the information right in the email so they get an email they click on that link and then that downloads the PDF right onto their computer or their device okay so we created our first product that was super easy so now that our store is all set up let’s have a look at what it looks like because with Ecwid ecommerce you get a website that is absolutely amazing and you don’t have to buy a theme or anything like that you can create your theme within the Ecwid backend if you already have a website we’re gonna get back to that in a couple seconds I just want to show the people who do not have a website at all yet how they can set this up with Ecwid so you can view your online store by clicking on the button at the top right of your control panel just click on view your online store name and you’ll be redirected to your online store as you can see here my store is called demo Ecwid account Ecwid calm that is the link that you can share with your customers so you didn’t have to buy a domain name you didn’t have to buy hosting you have a website all set up for you and of course it has Ecwid calm in it it’s not very professional you should probably buy a domain name and replace it it’s easy to do I talked about how to do that in my Ecwid commerce power course but for now just getting started you already have a URL that you can share with your customers as you can see my own sort of them have much information it’s not it’s like not very complete but we have access to my products right away right here in the online store so if I click on my digital Nomad shirt I could choose the color the size that I’d like to order and as you can see here my our 2xl is three dollars more so that extra fee adds right to the base price and we can click on our size and then choose to have a gift card or not it’s super easy it’s super clean it’s mobile friendly it’s responsive so if you’re looking at it on a phone or if you’re looking at it on any other device your store is gonna look absolutely beautiful so this is our online store it doesn’t look that great let’s talk about how we can customize the store to match your branding so we’re gonna go back into our I put control panel and we’re going to click on website and this is where you can create your custom website Ecwid just added a bunch of awesome features that helps you take this to the next level I’m sure it’s gonna keep changing in the future so definitely subscribe to my youtube channel I always provide updates and information tips and tricks about Ecwid commerce so if this changes in the future I will keep talking about it but they just added a bunch of different ways that you can customize this so we’re gonna click on themes and we’re gonna have a look at all of these awesome things that they created for you for free this is this is available in the free account let’s just activate this one and it looks absolutely epic we can change the headline in the cover if we’d like we can change the way it’s displayed as you can see here you can just change the way it’s displayed very quickly and easily and that is an awesome opportunity because as a beginner what happens often in Wix for example is that people have so much freedom to do whatever they want with their online store in their website that they forget about the basics of beautiful web design and Ecwid has provided that template for you so you can you can be creative in your online store you can add a beautiful photo you can edit the typography you can make it match your brand but you’re still staying within the rules the basic rules of beautiful web design and that is an incredible opportunity you don’t need to designer to do that Ecwid provided you the template and you can edit it to match your style so we have this awesome adventure thing here we can change the label button so let’s say for example your store is in Italian you can change that to an Italian message the typography of course you can change it to tons of different things is super awesome let’s just change it to something that looks different here that one for example we can change the color you can change the font size if you’d like I like to keep it just the same size there yeah like I mean this is this is absolutely amazing like this is a free feature I hope people realize how cool this is because I think it’s absolutely awesome and then you can change the scroll arrow if you’d like to add it there or not it’s right here just it just like helps people just to show them to go down to the bottom of the page and then you can change the picture that they offer and awesome news if you don’t have any pictures for your online store I quit just provides you access to them and they pulled them from unsplash which is the tools that I absolutely love to get epic photos for your online store or your website so just head over to unsplash.com if you’d like more photos there like the anti stock photo website they offer beautiful stock images that don’t look like people shaking hands like I can’t deal with that photo anymore so head over to unsplash if you want more but this is a beautiful layout for your online store now definitely put your unique value proposition right here why would people buy from you that message is always missing on people’s online stores I’ve seen it too many times missing on beginner websites like what really makes you stand out from the crowd it should be listed too right there in a very very short sentence so yeah let’s just hit the Save button and then update our online store we’re going to be able to see how this was changed and there we go and if you go to that URL on a phone it’s gonna look absolutely amazing also and if you go on a tablet it’s gonna look really great so this is an awesome opportunity if you don’t want to spend a lot of money making your online store you just want to get started selling online today there you go you now have a domain name where you can sell your products that you just created I hope you enjoyed that quick tutorial of Ecwid and that you now have an online store that you’re very proud of I really want to talk to you about the other things that Ecwid commerce offers because it’s not just a really cool website and an online store Ecwid goes way beyond that and that’s what I would like to show you in this image have a look at how cool this is okay you can actually synchronize Ecwid to a bunch of different platforms and sell in multiple places online so you just created your site but you have to know that it’s not a build it and they will come and e-commerce I talk about that in detail in this video above where I show you that ecommerce is a bit like fishing sometimes you create an online store where you have an awesome fishing rod and you cast out and you have a cool lure and you think that you’re gonna catch some fish and you’re gonna get some sales and nothing happens so you have an online store but you’re not gonna get sales right away there’s different ways that you can get sales check out that video if you’d like to learn more it’s kind of funny but what I want to talk about here is getting started getting traffic right away so one way that you can do that is by plugging your Ecwid store into your social media accounts now equit currently integrates with a bunch of social media options and here they are we have a facebook business page Instagram business page and snapchat that is an incredible opportunity if you already have an audience on those platforms you could already get selling to them what you can do in Facebook and Instagram is actually tag your products in your photos so if you took a bunch of pictures with your products in it then you can tag those products and people can buy them right within the photo and that’s an incredible opportunity of course you can also add your equites store to your existing website that is something that’s offered for free and Ecwid if you currently have a free plan you can actually plug it into your WordPress your Wix or your Weebly site for free so just head over to all sales channels and your seller control panel and click on wherever you would like to sell online sell on your website and you can plug it in right there just follow those instructions if you want to learn more I have a ton of tutorial videos on my youtube channel just check out the yellow dot IO and I show you how to add it to Wix WordPress and Weebly specifically and then to any other website also and then of course you can sell on eBay and Amazon with Ecwid you will need an app to do this for now you can head over to the App Store and do the connection but that connection can be free for a month kotas though offers this connection for free and it’s a really cool opportunity to push your products out onto amazon and ebay and see if you’re getting any traction from those platforms and of course if you have a brick-and-mortar store you can plug your POS system into Ecwid and then sell in multiple places online and synchronize your entire in-store and online experience and that is absolutely amazing it’s gonna save you a ton of time and money and to be able to use that feature it is $99 a month but if you think about it if you’re paying an employee to do that work manually it’s actually more costly to pay someone to do it then to have the automation do it all for you now let’s talk a little bit more about equites plans we talked a lot about the free plan it offers a ton of things but if you want to take your Ecwid story to the next level if you want to add apps to your online store if you want to be able to sell on marketplaces then you do need at least a 15 dollar a month plan the $35 a month plan really takes things to the next level that’s my personal favorite plan it’s the one that I use because I don’t need to connect to a POS system but I want all of the Ecwid features however if you have a brick-and-mortar store if you have a POS system and you’d like to integrate with Ecwid so these are awesome opportunities to be able to sync all of your inventory and all of your sales right within your POS system to synchronize your entire customer experience from in-store to online and with the $99 a month plan you also get that app that is developed by Ecwid and that people can download from the app store like that isn’t credible opportunity I hope you enjoyed this video and that you love your brand-new online store and that you’re proud of what you’ve created if you’d like to take it to the next level if you want to learn more about the Ecwid backend and all of the awesome things that you can do with Ecwid subscribe to this channel and definitely check out my Ecwid commerce power course that’s where I go into way more detail about how you can set up your Ecwid store like a professional just the way that I’ve been doing it over the years for my own clients I’ve had a lot of experience in a lot of different industries and it’s really my pleasure to be able to share that information with you in that course it’s also a lot more updated than the videos on my youtube channel I talk about a lot of different things that you can do as Ecwid ecommerce thanks so much for watching and can grasp on choosing Ecwid commerce I’m sure you’re going to love your experience with this awesome ecommerce platform

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  1. I accept price, features, everything good! how about store theme ? we are expecting theme like Amazon, Flipkart Alibaba express ! what is the solution to get ?

  2. Thank you for this Daniella. This is great information. I am trying to get my two girls and my wife interested in ecommerce as an alternative to working for somebody else. I have seen the changes that this new digital age is doing in regards to job opportunities, the average length of time in hours spent working as well as how many times a person will change employers and careers. Thank you once again. I think your video just might be the motivation they need to make the change

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