April 1, 2020
eCommerce Website PHP Tutorial 2 | admin panel in php | Free Source Code

eCommerce Website PHP Tutorial 2 | admin panel in php | Free Source Code

eCommerce Website PHP Tutorials 2 This video deals with eCommerce admin panel PHP eCommerce Tutorial Php admin panel

69 thoughts on “eCommerce Website PHP Tutorial 2 | admin panel in php | Free Source Code

  1. Hi, sir.. I successfully to create the website but i cant login as admin. How can i add user? Because only admin who can access to login.

  2. how can create the tracking products in ecommerce in php, just like a amazon or online shopping sites and how can create the OTP password pages in php for ecommerce… reply me as soon as possible

  3. When i run this message show (Query 1 is incorrect….

    This is the code

    $cosmetics=mysqli_query($connection,"select product_id, product_name, image, price, c_price from products where product_type like '%dress%' order by rand() ,time Desc LIMIT 0,12")or die("Query 1 is inncorrect……….");




    <div class='col-sm-3'>

    <div class='product-image-wrapper'>

    <div class='single-products'>

    <div class='productinfo text-center'>

    <a href='product_details.php?id=$product_id' class='thumbnail'><img src='images/products/$image' alt='' style='width:250px; height:250px'></a>

    <h2>Rs: $price <span><strike><p>Rs: $c_price</p></strike></span></h2>


    <a href='link_cart.php?id=$product_id' class='btn btn-default add-to-cart'><i class='fa fa-shopping-cart'></i>Add to cart</a>


    <img src='images/new.jpg' class='new' alt=''></div>





  4. What is the username and password of ADMIN LOGIN .. Do I have to create one by myself.. How am I supposed to do it ?

  5. respected sir, my source code is not working properly .at the front end it does not show pictures and social media icon please tell the problem what is? i am thankful to u

  6. I have downloaded the WinRar e-commerce file. But there is no SQL Databases file in it. Then how will I run this application if I don't import the database into XAMPP. Please help?

  7. Hi dear in regard of developing ecommerce website i want to speak with you. can i have your whatsapp number

  8. Please help?

    Warning: mysqli_connect(): (HY000/1049): Unknown database 'e_commerce' in /opt/lampp/htdocs/e_commerce/connection.php on line 2
    Connection FailUnknown database 'e_commerce'

    Warning: mysqli_query() expects parameter 1 to be mysqli, boolean given in /opt/lampp/htdocs/e_commerce/clothes.php on line 128
    Query 1 is inncorrect……….

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