April 5, 2020
eCommerce website: 3 Homepage Design Tips & How to Write a Compelling Headline.

eCommerce website: 3 Homepage Design Tips & How to Write a Compelling Headline.

(happy piano music) – Hi and welcome to our
e-commerce Facebook Live! My name is Matt Edmondson
and I am here with the phenomenal and talented Beth. – Hi! – Welcome to, this is our
second Facebook Live for the e-commerce stuff isn’t it? – It is number two, our
second, second Facebook Live. – Ooh, we’re pros now! (Matt laughs) Very, very, professional. – It’s having a bit of issues, here we go. – Uh oh, are we back on? – We’re back on, okay. – Technology, you gotta love it. – Oof! – Gotta love it when it’s
live, we’ve just shot actually, a Facebook Live for one
of our other, sort of, e-commerce businesses
that we’ve got right? – mm-hmm – And we had a power cut halfway
through the Facebook Live. – We did! – Which is not something that they prepare you for in the manual, right? So hopefully we will do this
without incidents today. – Yeah, yeah, that should be good! Caught up question of the Facebook Live… (Beth laughs) – Of the broadcast. – What qualities are
shared by most successful e-commerce home pages? Home pages? – Home. (Beth and Matt laugh) The home page. So that’s what we’re talking about today? – Yeah, that’s what we’re
talking about today, homepages. – Homepages for e-commerce websites, super, super, important right? And the reason they’re
important, obviously, if you look at your analytics,
you’ll find for most people, this will be the first
place that customers are going to interact with you, right? – Yeah. – So your leads, a lot of them will go straight to your homepage. You may have dedicated
landing pages on your website that you send customers
to, maybe using ad words or something like that, but
a majority of the time, they’re going to your homepage. So, your homepage is absolutely essential for your e-commerce website. – That’s random, cool,
so we’ve got three tips, we’re actually gonna
attempt to show the website. Is that the right phrase I wanted to use? (Beth and Matt laugh) – Beth’s not the most technical person. (Beth laughs) – We’re gonna show you this website, I don’t know how it works. (Beth laughs) – So for the first time in Facebook Live, we’re actually going to
try and screen cast– – That one! (Beth and Matt laugh) – That’s great! So we’re going to try and
screen cast what’s on my Batman laptop, which I think is just the coolest decal in the world. You know what I’ve got? This is just a moan at Apple right? I have the new Mac Book Pro,
the same size, the 13 inch, but the apple thing doesn’t
light up on the back. – Oh. – So I can’t put my Batman
decal on the back of that, and have the same effect, you know, when it’s like, dim and
dark which is a real shame. Apple, what were you thinking? I just don’t know. – Think about Batman. – Anyway, we’re just
gonna, moan rant over, we’re gonna try and show
you the screen during the Facebook Live, so
let us know if it works. And we’re going to look at
some websites, aren’t we? – Yep, we’re gonna review
websites’ homepages, the first one being
Beautycounter, which we discovered last week, and that’s why
we are reviewing this. – Is it, okay. I’m reviewing it because you told me to. – Yeah, yeah. (laughs) – That’s normally how it works. – Well, it’s a beauty company,
Jersey, yeah we’ve got a beauty company so, kinda liked it. – Okay so we’ve got
three tips, first tip is with your homepage, make sure you create a clear and compelling
headline, off to you now. – Okay so, the idea of
creating a clear and compelling headline is hopefully
obvious, and this is one of the things, I’ll venture to say most e-commerce websites do very badly. – Mm-hmm. – They don’t create these
compelling headlines, now if we look at Beautycounter. So, this is their website,
and if you can see this, can they see this image here? – I’ll tell ya. – Yep, Josh is nodding at me
in the back, which is great. – Yeah. – So here we can see the
homepage and it says here, Care About Your Skin Care,
it’s a really big headline, it’s the first thing
that my eye is drawn to. – Yeah. – When I look at this website right? And that’s the thing about headlines is, it’s the first thing your eye is drawn to when you look at a
website, so the headline has got to be big, and
it’s gotta stand out, it’s got to obviously make
sense for your website right? So Beautycounter have done
Care About Your Skincare well, that makes sense on
their website because it’s a beauty website, you’re inviting the viewer to do some things. So, typically, top tip for
you, I would suggest you start the majority of your
headlines with a verb. – Ooh. – A verb, because you want
your visitor to do something when they’re on your website right? – Yeah. – So, care is obviously a
verb, to care, I need to care about, so we want you
to care about your skin care. So, I’m drawn in, well, how do I do that? And then they’re going to
explain to me how I do that. – Mm-hmm. – With their products, and
so on and so forth, right? So, they go down to their
sub headline which then says Get results with clearer ingredients in every step of your routine. Now featuring the all new Beautycounter plus
Collection, exclamation mark. I think that probably could be a little clearer, if I’m honest. – Yeah, mm-hmm. – It’s a bit non-speak, it
doesn’t really say anything. So, care about your skin care
routine and get results with cleaner ingredients in
every step of your routine. I just think, make that
a little more personal. – Yeah, yeah. – Towards the customer or
the visitor, and draw them in a lot more, like, you know,
care about your skin care, learn how using specific
ingredients will dynamically improve your skin care routine,
click here to learn more. Or something like that right? Which is a bit more compelling,
I might have saw that sort of headline a bit weak. And, now featuring the all new Beautycounter plus
collection, as a visitor, I have no idea what that means right? Maybe as a customer I
know what that means, but as a visitor, that
needs explanation for me, I don’t actually know what that means. I get slightly confused
Beautycounter plus, so does that mean Beautycounter without the plus sign is a bit rubbish? – I don’t know that, right? (Beth laughs) So, again, just be clear when
using in-house terminology, and so on and so forth. So, clear and compelling headlines draw the people in, make them personal. Start them off with a verb
and you should do really well. Make them big, the first
thing people are gonna see, you know, use that to
really draw people in. – Scroll down a little bit. – Sir, yes sir. – [Beth] Oh yeah, it doesn’t,
the thing that I don’t find clear about it is, it doesn’t
have, where do you click? Do you know what I mean, on that headline. – [Matt] Yeah, no, there’s no actual call to action on this headline. – [Beth] Yeah, yeah. – [Matt] There’s no button there is there? So, that makes it quite difficult. Now you obviously went to
this site, you liked it. So, what was it about
the site that you liked? – I just liked the fact
that they had a nice headline I think, and I
was like, ooh this is nice. And also, it’s got a never
list which has got beauty ingredients that you shouldn’t
use, which said something on it like, but really
transparent, and really cool. – Oh yeah, if we go to there,
actually, I’m not on their homepage, so here again,
we’re now on the homepage. – You see that, it has
got a call to action. – They’ve got a call to action shot now, and this Hello
Sunshine is quite a catchy headline I suppose if
the sun’s coming out. Catch rays the safer way
with sun essentials for face and body, that’s quite clear, that works quite well I thought. But, as you can see on my
screen, it’s the main thing, it’s the primary thing
that I’m seeing here, and I do think, can I say
something about their logo? – Yeah.
– Is that alright, sorry Beautycounter, it is
way too big on this page! (Beth laughs) I mean, if you think about
how much real estate space that your logo has taken up on my screen, that’s a shedload of stuff right there on my screen right? So, I’d make that logo
a little bit smaller, so that actually, when I hit the page, I see the whole of this
image rather than having to sort of scroll up and down. That just feels a little bit. And I’d probably get the
programmers to write a little bit of code to
maximise that to different screen resolutions, if that makes sense. – So, little top tip for you. So now they’ve got this Talk Transparency. – [Beth] Yeah, which is
great, because that pulled me in because there’s that ooh!. – [Matt] Yeah. – Like it. So tip number two on creating
a successful e-commerce homepage, design a hero image that relates to your ideal customer. – Okay, so let’s pull up the
Squarespace website here. And, I love the Squarespace website, I think they do this whole thing well. If I talk briefly about their logo. – Yeah. – See how small that is? (Beth laughs) Compared to Beautycounter,
be like Squarespace right? – [Beth] You’ve got logo issues. – I’ve got logo issues. (Beth laughs) No, I have to be honest, people
don’t care about the logo. (Beth laughs) They just genuinely
don’t, you care about it, which is great, but
everybody else doesn’t. Anyway, I digress. So, let’s look at their
headline Make Your Next Website, I think that is a super
clear headline for anybody who comes to their website, right? I mean, this just tells them
exactly what they’re gonna do. The thing I think Squarespace
do super well is they do their customer image
super well, so they design a hero image that relates
to your customer top tip, so they’ve got actual
pictures of their customers and their customers’
websites on the homepage. – That’s great, I like it. – I think they do that
really well, so, top tip, watch Squarespace and
see how they do things. And so, on your website, one
of the things you can do, you can have your headline,
but the image that goes with it, the name for this,
do you know what they call it? – No. – The hero image. – Oh yeah. – You do know that. – I just led back to that. (Beth laughs) – You did that twice today. (Beth and Matt laugh) – So it’s called a hero
image, and that hero image, if you can show what success
looks like for your customer inside the hero image, that is a super clever thing to do. – So have a look at doing
something like that. – Cool, so you’ve got
amazing headline, you’ve got a wonderful hero image that
reflects your customer, and third tip we’ve got
for your homepage is, differentiate between new
customers and existing customers, what does this mean Matt? – That this could be like, a whole video on just this one thing right? – We should probably do it in the future. – (laughs) Probably should. In fact, we found we could do
a whole series on headlines and imagery, and we’ve done
actually a lot of webinars and so this is a little
teaser, a little teaser. There’s more information
coming at some point. The thing about this is,
this for me is where the internet is going at the moment, right? For e-commerce, and so you look at trends, and one of the trends
over the last few years has been the massive shift
from desktop to mobile, right? And if you run an e-commerce
website, you’ve had to think about that, and prep for that,
and make provision for that. And so, as an e-commerce
site owner myself, and doing all the consultancy,
one of the things I’m like, where is this all going? You know, that’s the question and for me, personalization is the big thing now to start hitting e-commerce websites. What do we mean by that? I think the journey, the website journey, is going to start to
become much more tailored, much more specific for different users. So rather than just having
one kind of way that everybody interacts with your website, you’ll change it depending on
who is visiting your website. – Does that make sense? – That does make sense, yeah. – So, it’s the whole
level of personalization. – So just a real simple thing, if you think about Amazon’s website right? – Now Amazon, if I go to Amazon
and look at their homepage, it looks different for
me than it does for you. – That’s true, yeah.
– Great. – With all the favs.
– All your favs. (Beth laughs)
All your soft, cuddly things. – Yeah, no, my books!
(Beth and Matt laugh) All my books. – All your books and
things like that right? Now, and I’ll buy gadgets
and all that sort of stuff, so Amazon is very good at
personalising their homepage towards me based on my buying habits. – And they’re very good
at personalising towards you and your buying habits. So it draws you in right? Super helpful if you’ve
got a lot of products. One of the ways that we’ve done this, well let me give you, should
we give them two tips, two tips, right? Tip number one, when someone
comes to your website and you don’t know who
they are because you’ve not stored a cookie on their computer, so you don’t really know them. You think this is the first
time they’ve been to your site. You treat them as a lead,
you treat them as someone you have to woo in effect
to become a customer. – Woo. – Woo. – (laughs) I like that word. – Woo. So what do you have to do
to win this person to become a customer, and that becomes the main thing about homepage right? So, on Jersey, for example,
let’s talk about Jersey. Wonderful Jersey, this is
our website, which Beth has all the content for, she’s awesome. So, as you can see, it says
here, Everything You Need For Amazing Skin, Get expert beauty
advice, order free skincare samples and buy with confidence!, right? Simple, clear, compelling headline. But notice how we have
done this Try Free Samples, Create a Skin Profile,
this is all targeted right, at new people, so if you’re
an existing customer, you don’t necessarily
need the free samples then because you know exactly
what is you want, right? But, if you’re new to our
site, and you don’t know what it is that you want,
you don’t know what to buy, we’ve had a lot of success by
promoting the free samples. Customers try the free samples, they order free samples from our site, we send them the free samples
with a voucher, right? And encourage them on their
next purchase, which means actually, we draw people in quite a lot because these products aren’t cheap. – No. – You know, the skin products
that we sell, so this try before you buy thing works kinda well. But the point I want to
make is, we treat people that we don’t know about
as if, actually, they are a new customer, Netflix
do this really well. And so if I scroll down
on this page, other things that we do, we clearly show
the brands that we sell because people that come
to our site, maybe haven’t shopped with us before,
maybe do know what kind of brand product they
want, so we want them to click through to that really quickly. We show the best sellers, which again is super helpful, right? Because people, more than
likely are going to be interested in these kind of products. – [Beth] Yep. – [Matt] Then I’ll scroll
down a little bit further, we start to have things like,
now we’ve got the video. A sort of what is beauty
video, which is quite cool. – [Beth] That’s Michelle. – There’s Michelle, the lovely Michelle, who I think caused the power cut earlier, but let’s not go into that. (Beth laughs) So you’ve got Michelle and all
the guys here at the office talking about beauty
and we, we’re starting here to show our values, right? And that culture which
again draws people in, people are definitely drawn
to culture and values, and this, connecting with their story. We’ve got some offers on there, we’ve got reasons to buy from us, free delivery, join our Facebook thing,
get some free samples, money back guarantee, read
our blog, then we’ve got testimonials, so this is
all designed for someone who’s never been with us before
to get confident to shop, to try things, to try new
offers, all that sort of stuff. So, your homepage predominantly assumes that everybody is a new customer. Now, if you can, add some
personalization to it. – Yeah. – And you can start to
track what people are doing, so you know, actually the
person visiting the site, is a customer, or they’ve
signed in, or they’ve got a cookie on their machine. Then, you can do things like this. So we’ll update our website,
so it now says oh Matt, you’re logged in, so rather than
showing you best sellers, I’m gonna show you your
favourite products, which then draws me in quick and easy to the products that I want, right? And shows offers related
to me and the products that I buy, rather than showing me generic offers and stuff like that. – That’s really cool. – Yeah, that’s what we mean, right? So, differentiate between
you’re new customers and existing customers, wherever
you can on your homepage, if you can have a personalised
homepage depending on who’s visited it, that’s
where e-commerce is going. That’s where you should be
looking to invest your money where tech is concerned, and
really starting to create this really tailored,
personalised experience. – Yeah, wow, and if you
want to know how to do this specifically for your own
homepage, now tell them about mastery, you’re
the best person to share. – Mastery, mastery is a new
e-commerce course which we’re gonna launch hopefully in the
next week or two, actually, and we’re just putting the
finishing touches on it now. And so, in the next week or
two, we are going to launch mastery, but you can pre-register. – You can pre-register,
yeah, I put the link above, so you’ll be able to see that. – Above the video, not below? – No, not below, comments
below, link above. – Just click on them all
and you can see the link. (Beth laughs) So if you go pre-register,
because if you pre-register, you get the best price,
but in effect, mastery is a course that is designed
for people that run e-commerce businesses and
we talk, I mean, we go into so much detail about how we
run our own businesses here. What we found works, what
we found doesn’t work, and how we’re driving our
e-commerce business again, and the growth that we’ve now
got, and so on and so forth. So, really great, practical
stuff, all the lessons we’ve learned from doing
all the consultancy, it is a packed course on
how to do e-commerce well. And one of the things
that we cover in that, in a lot more detail is this
whole personalization thing. In fact, we also cover the headline thing in there as well. – Yeah. – Quite a bit, and actually
we do formulas on how to write headlines and what works. So, again, if you want to know a lot more, try mastery, and if you
do an e-commerce business, then I think mastery is gonna be such a game changer for you guys. And guys who have done
it before, just go and read the testimonials on the
site, really, really cool. So, have a think about that, yeah. – Cool, well. – Is that right? – Yeah, that’s fine, the
Facebook’s just blowing up, but keep commenting! (Beth and Matt laugh) – We’re having a few
technical issues here today, – Mainly with WiFi, so I hope
that’s all coming through okay because obviously I
can’t tell, I’m just talking. (Beth laughs) – Yeah. – Regardless of who’s carrying on. But yeah, hope you got a
lot out of this, if you’ve got any questions, then leave
them in the comments below. Check out the mastery programme, there’s more details online. Be worth checking it out if
you run an e-commerce business. – Yeah, mm-hmm. – And we will be back next week. – Next week, yeah? At a later time, probably six o’clock. – It’s at six, is it not five o’clock with Brenden next week? – Oh, it could be next week, yeah, it is! You know more than me, I’m
set three weeks ahead, yeah. We pulled it forward and put in a wonderful marketing genius. – So yeah, we’re gonna
be talking about digital marketing next week, and
actually Brenden and I talk about that a lot on the
mastery course, so we’re gonna be talking about some of those principles. Next week on Facebook Live,
Brenden is our digital marketing guru genius
fellow, and so if you’ve got any questions, let
us know what they are so we can then try and
get them answered on Facebook Live for you,
but we’ll be talking about all things to do with
everything, well, not everything, we’ll narrow it down I’m sure. (Beth laughs) – In part, marketing. – Yeah, Digital Marketing
for E-Commerce Owners, something like that will be the title, so if you’re interested, check it out, make sure you subscribe and
sign up for the notifications on the Facebook Live so
you get a notification when it’s coming because you
don’t really wanna miss any of this content, it’s
gonna be great stuff as we do more on more of these. – Fab. – Is that alright? – Yeah, that’s good.
– Awesome! – Thanks Matt. – Thanks for watching guys,
we’ll see you next week. (happy piano music)

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