April 1, 2020
eCommerce Website 🛍 Start Your Online Store in 2020 FAST ⚡ [10 MIN]

eCommerce Website 🛍 Start Your Online Store in 2020 FAST ⚡ [10 MIN]

It looks great, right? How much time do you think it’s needed to
make an eCommerce website like this? You’ll be surprised. I can do it in less than 10 minutes, and I
am pretty sure that you can follow the exact method I use to start your online store as
soon as today. Are you ready? Let’s see what we need. First of all, I’ll buy a domain name and hosting. Then I will install the content management
system and the eCommerce platform. Finally, I will import a ready-made online
shop design and some products. Then I will customize everything to make my
site unique. If you already have the domain name and hosting
for your eCommerce business, you can skip this step. By the way, to jump through the steps in this
video anytime you want, check out the timestamps in the description box. There is a list of best WordPress hosting
providers too. You are free to choose any hosting provider
based on your budget or preference, but I would recommend Siteground, which delivers
excellent performance for WordPress and WooCommerce. Click the link in the description box to get
started. The StartUp plan should be just fine for now,
but if you want to create an eCommerce business that’ll get 25K clients per month or even
more, choose the GrowBig or GoGeek plan. Enter the domain name you want to register
or the one you already have and proceed to the next step. Fill up all the fields on this page carefully,
make sure the plan and period are correct then click Pay Now. Your SiteGround hosting account will be ready
in a few minutes, and you can proceed to the next step. All you have to do right now is to install
WordPress which is easy and intuitive. In just a few steps, WordPress is installed,
and you can pick the eCommerce theme and plugins you want to start with. I would recommend Neve, which you can find
in themes over here. It’s free and ready for eCommerce in no time. Next, I will show you how to import and customize
the Shop demo, so keep watching. You don’t need to install additional plugins
like WooCommerce or Elementor because they will be installed automatically in the next
step. WooCommerce is the online shop management
system and Elementor will be your best friend to create and edit content easily. Go to Neve Options, Sites Library under Appearance
and look for the Shop demo. This is a pre-built website with everything
you need to get started. Click on Import in the bottom right corner
and wait until the process is finished. It will install all the necessary tools. The content you see in the preview will be
imported, too, and you can edit that later at your own pace. Cool. Now you can check out what’s inside your online
store which looks great on the home page. For more features and better user experience,
get the Business plan of the Neve Pro addon, install the plugin and activate the WooCommerce
Booster. It will transform your eCommerce website completely
and your clients will enjoy buying products from you. Let me show you how powerful is and how to
customize every part of your website. By default, your header menu looks like this
which is not the best header for an eCommerce website. If we take a look at Amazon or AliExpress
both websites display a wide search form in the header area so let’s see if I can replicate
that with the Header builder of Neve. I need to access the Header settings in the
customizer, replace the content of the Primary Menu, add a custom logo and make some space
between them. Then I will insert the search form module
like that. Cool. It’s only been 5 minutes since we started,
and I think that we’ll be ready before the video timer shows 10. In the section underneath, I’ll use the Secondary
Menu and I’ll make the background color black. The items on the menu should be white and
the active menu item can be the same as the background above. That’s it You are free to play with all these settings
and components to create the perfect menu which can include contact details as well
as social icons. There are two important settings that I want
to change before moving to the next step. I need to check the “anyone can register”
box in General settings over here, to make sure that my clients can create and access
their personal account. One more thing I should change is the permalinks
settings. I would like to set is as Post Name for clean
and SEO friendly links. This is it. Save the changes and move to the next step. To do that, navigate to Appearance, click
on Layout then use the settings available for the Shop page, Single Product Page, Cart
Page, and Checkout Page. Let’s go to the shop page and change the products
per row, products per page, pagination and add a layout toggle. Apply a box shadow of 20 pixels. Enable the add to cart button in the product
card settings, add a quick view button and a wish list option. Equalize the image height on all products
and choose the image style on hover then set the card content below. Enable advanced reviews and align the content
as needed over here. Change the text of the sale tag, its color,
border radius, position, and alignment then hit publish to save your changes. Done. And it looks much better now. Now that my eCommerce website looks great,
I will personalize the homepage and show you how to change the content of the demo products. To edit my homepage, I need to click on the
Edit with Elementor link above. Apart from the header and footer, I can change
everything on this page and I can add even more sections and elements. For now, I would like to replace the background
in this section with a slider and activate this Ken Burns Effect which makes the slider
unique. Just click on the element you want to modify
and use the tabs on the left to customize everything. My shop sells gadgets so I have some pictures
here and a video that I will show you how to display instead of a static image on your
product page. Go to a product, any product you want and
click edit. As you can see in the right sidebar, there
is a field where you can paste a video link from YouTube. That video will replace the featured image
on the product page, as you can see here. Next, you can edit the content of your product
like so. Change the title, description, price, image,
gallery and so on. Set up taxes and the payment method according
to your needs, place an order and test everything to make sure that your eCommerce website is
ready for business. Then you can create a Facebook page for your
business and start promoting your products through Facebook Ads. Remember that you have your own blog which
is a powerful content marketing tool. Do your own research for good keywords in
your niche and publish helpful articles that will be optimized around those keywords. This is just the beginning but you have a
huge potential to grow as a brand if you do the right things. I wish you the best and if you have questions,
feel free to add them in the comments section below. I will answer each of you guys. Keep up the excellent work, and see you in
the next video, cheers.

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