March 31, 2020
Ecommerce Web Design – Designer Websites

Ecommerce Web Design – Designer Websites

So you want the best possible ecommerce
website for your business and you’re wondering what your options are well
there are lots of things to consider but firstly you need to decide whether you
want to go with a template ecommerce platform or whether you want a more
professional bespoke site. Each comes with its pros and cons of course, let’s
start with the easiest first the bespoke site. This is a custom built site that
matches your business requirements precisely so there are going to be no
technical downsides however, bespoke sites are
understandably more expensive than the pre-built template type solutions. The
upside of going bespoke is that the site will be faster, properly scalable, contain
up to date code, have increased scope for optimisation, and management of the site via
the admin area will be much easier because it’s been developed for your
business specifically and therefore will not contain tonnes of functionality that
you will not need. As with most things custom-made, this is the best possible
solution that money can buy. Now the upside to pre-built templates systems
like WordPress Shopify and Joomla, are that a website can easily be put together
in next to no time at all and very cheaply too. This is because these
solutions utilise a one-size-fits-all approach and only need a design to be
added i.e. it requires next no development. This can be great for first-time online
retailers because it’s both fast and cheap. The downsides are that often these
systems use older code and a lot more of it resulting a website that is slower,
contains way more functionality than you’ll ever need, they can be harder to
optimise, pose security risks due to their open source nature and more
importantly, a site like this is not built for your business it’s been
developed to suit any type of business so managing a site built on these
platforms can be much more time consuming. Essentially as with anything
in life, you get what you pay for. If you want the best e-commerce website then
bespoke is the way to go but you still have to find a high quality developer
with plenty of proven experience to feel the real benefit. Something to be wary
about if you are looking at having a bespoke site developed for your business
however, is that many platform solution providers will tell you that they are
bespoke developers but if they provide a system like WordPress, Shopify, Joomla or
any other platform, then they are not truly bespoke at all. So if you’re
getting quotes for a bespoke website always ask if they are really developing
a bespoke solution designed for your business or if they are simply providing
design on top of a pre-built platform. Whichever way you go we would recommend
that you always have a checklist of basic functionality features that your
site contains for example; usability. If your customers aren’t able to easy
navigate your e-commerce website then they’re never going to purchase any of
your products, so really good usability is when the most important elements of a
good website. Some ways in which you can improve the usability of your e-commerce
website are by including easy-to-use menus so that your users can quickly
move around your site. Selecting complementary color combinations so that
important text and information can be easily read. Inserting obvious
call-to-action buttons such as ‘Add to Cart’ in a clear and advantageous position where users are less likely to miss it.
Responsiveness, whether your customers on a mobile phone, a tablet or a desktop,
they need to have the same experience when navigating or purchasing from your
website, so ensuring your site is as responsive as possible is key. Secure
payment systems, integrating a safe and reliable payment system will increase
the trust that customers have in your e-commerce website, which will result in
repeat purchase. Ideally keep the payment pages within your website URL and ensure
you have an active SSL certificate. Sites management, make sure you
understand how the website administration works it should be very
easy to add or remove products, stock values, prices, review orders and add
discounts. With a poor admin solution you will be spending a great amount of time
managing the site instead of focusing on other business areas such as marketing
and sales. It is critical that the administration of the website is simple
and quick to use. Optimisation, it’s pointless having the best site in
the world if no one is able to find it. So you need to understand how the site
is optimised for example is it using the latest coding techniques? Are the pages
fast to load? Are the keywords easily managed? How is the website hosted? Proper
website optimisation is incredibly important so you should understand how
this is done before you go ahead and invest. There are so many important
factors to consider when it comes to creating a usable high-quality ecommerce
website but we hope this list helps make your decision process a little bit

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