March 29, 2020
eCommerce Tutorial: Get a Domain Name and Payment Platforms

eCommerce Tutorial: Get a Domain Name and Payment Platforms

– Hey there it’s David Mister
ECommerce for SnapShop, the smartphone app that makes
product photography easy, and I’m answering a question
today about, it’s a very basic and beginner question but
still it has to be answered, because we all are beginners
at some day in our life. So the first question
that I’m answering today, is where to purchase a domain name? I would suggest you to
to go to to purchase your domain name. There are a few reasons for
that, one they’re pretty reliable, two the offer the
DNS servers free of charge, and it’s easy to manage, and
three they’re affordable. Also, your next question was,
what kind of payment platform should I use? I would go if I were you, I
would go two payment platforms, number one Paypal because a
lot of people trust Paypal, and Paypal offers great
warranties on purchases and also I’d go with Stripe,
it’s included in Shopify or if you have another
platform there’s certainly a plug-in that includes Stripe. Stripe is so easy to go deal
with, you open an account, you put your bank details
and within 30 minutes your up and running, there’s no monthly fee, and if you have high volume,
you can always negotiate with them to have a better pricing on your credit card payments. And your last question was what kind of email software should I use? I would go, if I were
you, with Google Apps, it’s pretty affordable,
it’s easy to setup, you have the Gmail infrastructure behind, it’s compatible with your cellphone, compatible with your computer, and compatible alo with Zapier and other platforms like that, that will help you automate your emailing. So thanks for watching,
please share this video to other people that want to
start a new e-commerce website, and please visit our website, it’s the smartphone app that
makes product photography easy. Have a great day.

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