April 1, 2020
Ecommerce tutorial, #4 – 5 rules to choose the best domain name for your business in 2017!

Ecommerce tutorial, #4 – 5 rules to choose the best domain name for your business in 2017!

all right welcome to my fourth video
this is going to be about picking the domain name for your online store or
business I want to go through five points let’s start with the first one
now you’re gonna want to make sure that your
top-level domain name is available for example if you’re aiming at a UK market
you would want to have Duff code at UK and calm if you aim at
the national market always get calm not this or a board or anything we’re like
that if you come up get your top little domain name is small available then you
want to consider changing our entire domain Ian something different one
example of a company that did this would be ISIL they wanted to be named
themselves icicle but the domain name was not available so to change their
entire business name just to get their top-level domain name and it’s obviously
worked out well for that having a good top-level domain name this is really
important especially for your online store all right skip any domain names
with the D and or or similar words like that they’re just not good enough
searching your friendly and just not relevant to this case oh and also are
going on their domain names they can be more searching your friendly because
there’s more keywords in there but they’re also harder to remember easier
to misspell and harder to type point number two if you’re building a brat use
the name of your products or business for example Levi Strauss has the man
named Levi Strauss calm instead of that jeans online this is especially
important if you already have a retail store and want to build just want to
build an online store for it my third point is very important Vista
ezio aspect casillas stuff of search engine optimization and you need to have
this in mind you think about this a lot when you’re in a nurse one thing is
relevancy the domain name needs to be relevant to your online store if you’re
selling bicycle you can’t have a domain name called the cheap toothpicks comm is
there to have a domain name called the chief bicycles or bicycles online by
bicycles and mail or anything similar they need to be relevant if search is
your priority which I think it should be in the most kids especially if you just
newly started your online store then build your domain name and keywords if
you’re selling bicycles have your domain name could possibly be cheap bicycles
call if you’re selling purses your main name could be something like five purses
online or purses online online purses or anything similar just keep it relevant
and with the keywords you need to research at this point and use tools
such as Google Keyword planner to find out that which keywords do you’re a
potential target consumer search for and remember the more organic searches you
will get the less you’ll have to spend on Adwords to reach your target audience
and receive potential customers point number four is your domain name scalable if you’re planning to sell for example
kitchen utilities who do any name is better to be it’s better to be kitchen
utilities calm and then just Forks calm because people will think you only sell
for us so it needs to be scalable I mean if you need it for your business it all
depends but in most cases something will start out selling a panelist and then
they end up selling printers so it’s good to have a scalable domain it’s hard to have a very scalable domain
name and also a keep a very good keyword in your domain so you’ll have to
compromise here for example if people are looking to buy designer Forks online
it’s more likely that they will search for designer force them designer kitchen
utilities so this is one of the things however if you have designer kitchen
until thieves you will have its scale which in sold a lot of desire stuff when
it comes to kitchen appliances or retailers were I mean a potential
customer would rather buy a bicycle from bicycle stored up for my key to store so
it needs to be relevant the same time and you would pro not want to sell
bicycles under a domain name called toothpicks car and if you do don’t
simply don’t all right point number five is the SEO checkup
it’s like a health check you can use services such as a winter or
surf book to see which keywords rank how well with your domain and you can check
for a day for seven days for multi chin on different timelines and see for
example if you’re actually climbing your rankings or droppings and if you’re
dropping this during a certain time like in January why is this is a seasonal
variation is there something wrong with it and another tool that you must use
loved is Google Webmaster Tools do they’re actually fine if you have any
broken links there or if there’s anything else that’s wrong with your
site that school will not appreciate now these are the five points you have then
I should just go ahead and choose a domain name just sit down and brainstorm
and think about it for a week check with your friends and family if you want or
don’t because they might not even have your idea they might not even understand
what you’re trying to accomplish so but it’s all up to you you know your friends
family better than I do thank God okay all right our video reaches around if
you like this video share and subscribe I’ll see you in the next video alright
good luck

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