April 3, 2020
ECommerce tips: instagram

ECommerce tips: instagram

Hello! It’s David Greg from Mister eCommerce.com
I wanted to give you a good advertising trick for your ecommerce website. You should use Instagram better! That’s really easy! You take your cellphone, you take “lifestyle”
pictures of your products, you using your products. You do that at least every single day or twice
per day. In the description of your post you input
compelling hashtags and people will be able to find your post, a compelling description
and a link to purchase the product. After that, you go on other Instagram accounts
of brands that are similar to you and everyone that follows their Instagram account, you
follow them yourself. They will look at your profile, look at your
pictures and might follow you in return. So this is very easy. And if you want to pay to sponsor your Instagram
posts, you can go on business.facebook.com and pay and sponsor your Instagram posts. Have good sales! It was David Greg for MistereCommerce.com

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