April 2, 2020
Ecommerce Success Show featuring Nikki Purvy Episode 2

Ecommerce Success Show featuring Nikki Purvy Episode 2

Hey! Nikki Purvy here from Lidyr Creative
and now we are recording episode 2 of the ecommerce show. And were gonna talk about ecommerce
tricks and tips and whatever we can do as web designers to help you ecommerce businesses
with your ecommerce business because we see so many of them in and out of here and um help them
with their websites, help them get more customers and we just wanna share the love with you
guys as well. So were gonna go over some things, um some tips that we have, some news in the
ecommerce world and were also gonna go over some of our most popular social media tips
that we shard on social media this week. So the first thing that were gonna start talking
about is we published an article titled “6 tips for designing a website” on our blog,
you can find our blog Lidyr.com and just type the word, just click the blog uh tab up at
the top, lidyr.com/blog. And um the post got a lot of attention, people seem to love it,
it’s some really good content in here. So I’m just gonna go over some of the stuff
with you and lets go over the first tips. 6 tips for designing a website. Embrace the
white space. This is very very very important. A lot of Customers, clients come to us and
they have ideas on how they want to their site designed and they start jumbling a whole
bunch of information at the top of the page or all over the page and peoples brains don’t
work that way. I know you want them to click to 3 or 4 different things about us, then
you want them to shop, then you also want them to learn where your location is, all
that stuff. But people don’t click on a whole bunch of things especially when its
presented to them at the same time. Their not gonna pay attention to that. Think about
what you experience when you’re visiting a website. You know you only give that website
a few seconds and if their not giving you what you need you out of there, as soon as
possible. So embrace the white space basically means having a lot of information, ads, banners,
icons, badges, signs, pop-ups, buttons. It can get a little overwhelming and like I said
people will click away. So instead of hounding them with so many different call of action,
give your customers a break from all the noise and clutter. Embrace the white space on your
website. So if you can think of it like this as whatever screen that their looking at on
your, on your website. Just use that snapshot as trying to get them to do one piece of action,
so you’re gonna drip information to them in pieces. So as opposed to just having them,
trying to get them to do 3 or 4 things at one time. And when you do it that way the
website looks a lot cleaner and essentially you end up embracing the white space. The
next tip is consider the visual hierarchy. This is a really really important concept
that a lot of people don’t understand. People tend to look at websites in a certain pattern.
If its a lot of content, they look at it in an F pattten, basically they look at the left
side of the page and they kind of, they look down the left side of page. And then they
look over to the right looking for keywords. So you know that this is where people look.
If you look at heat maps and where people look on websites, they first go to the left
side of they page when its a lot of content, and then they kinda look to the right of the
page, looking for keywords and or images that may grab their attention. So you wanna capitalize
on that, if you have a lot of content make sure that your put sidebar, if it has pertinent
information of the left side, if you don’t have a sidebar, sidebar make sure that you
have all of the pertinent information on the left side and then try to grab their attention
as they look to the right. Now if its images, the uh, the pattern that people look for is
Z patterns. They look at the top left to right corner, then kind of diagonal down the page
and then the bottom left to right corner. So think of the way that a Z looks. That’s
how people kind of grab information. So you wanna put your pertinent information in the
left or the right. I’m always, I’m a stickler for sticking with equations. Definitely put
your logo at the top left, and then if you have your, your menu on the right, put that
most important call of action on the far right hand side, so if you look at our website,
we have our logo on, and then there’s so menu items. But the things that’s the far
right is- you need a quote, call us and it’s our phone number is right there. So definitely
consider the visual hierarchy. Um make sure your text is easy to read. This sounds very
simple but a lot of people don’t um, abide by this, people a lot times they want dark
with white because it looks clean and sleek. Or I shouldn’t say clean, it looks very
sheik, but, a lot of people have problems reading that. So I’m not saying you can’t
do it, just be very very mindful of it. Um, the next one is use professional images. Yes
because that will turn, I don’t care how good your content is, but if you have really
bad images that will turn somebody off like that. So be sure that you use uh professional
images, think about your experience when you’re visiting the web. Are you looking at something
that has you know professional images, how think about how much credibility that lends
to the author of it or the website that your visiting. Respect the fold, that’s a big
one for me, respect the fold. Above the fold basically is, talks about how, describes the
information that is as soon as you come to that particular web page. So anything below
the fold is when they start to scroll down. So respect the fold, people want to know what
their looking at as soon as they come to the page, if they don’t, they they’re gonna
go click away, they don’t want go searching for information to figure out what your website
is about. They don’t wanna go searching for information about what it is your selling.
They don’t wanna search for the newest, your hottest, newest pairs of shoes. As soon
as people come to that page, before they scroll down, before they scroll down pass the “fold”,
you need to have the most pertinent information to drag people in, to suck people in to stay
into your website. You only have a few seconds, don’t forget. Make your design flat. Now
this is a big one, over the past couple of years, um web design has gone towards a more
flat and before that it was 3d, you would see a lot of things with shadows, a lot of
moving elements. But right now it’s flat, it looks a little cleaner, the pages very
easy to load so that it speeds up the, your site performance, which helps you with the
search engines, because search engines don’t like when your site loads too slowly. And
um, it just looks a lot more contemporary, contemporary I use that term loosely. I mean
within the past 3 to 4 years. Having a whole bunch of shadows is not really in right now.
We get some clients that come in that say oh I want these shadows and you know I slowly
try to talk them out of it because it looks very 2010ish, were is 2015 right now. So um
yes, make your design flat. And that was the 6-1. So obviously every business, every ecommerce
business has its only unique set of circumstances. not saying you have to follow along with everything
I suggested there, but be sure to respect some of those principles as you are designing
your website or as you are working with your web designer to design you website. The next
bit of information I’m gonna share with you is we posted a article um on, on our website
uh it was actually a guest by ecommerce platforms by Catalan from ecommerce platforms. He runs
a really great blog over there, ecommerce-platforms, where it was started because he was looking
for the best ecommerce solution. And he realized that a lot of people had this same question
so he wanted to publish some non-biased information about what was the best ecommerce solution.
So um, he runs a great blog over there, he decided to donate some of his content to us
and um his blog post was online shopping behavior, men vs. women. Which was this blog post was
great because it helped out to see where we as men and women differ and where we remain
the same. So its some really interesting information here, I’m gonna share some um and you can
find the full blog post on our blog, just like the last blog post I just discussed with
you. Um I’m gonna share some of this information here, um female shoppers are more selective
and more likely to buy a product that’s fits all of their requirements where men tend
to stop shopping after they find the first workable product. That’s so typical of men
and women. I don’t know what’s typical of me because if I know that if I have something,
if I’m gonna be shopping online, the whole benefit of shopping online is that you get
to see all the products, all the features, everything all at one time. So I want every
single feature, whatever it is I’m looking for in one product. But men are lazy, their
just like oh ok this works it may take me 25 hours to work whatever the product is,
but it works so I’m just gonna get this, I don’t wanna spend a lot of my time shopping
for this item. Um the other difference that was um big about this article between men
and women is that women like to shop for the future and men like to shop for the right
now. So women tend to plan just like we have been doing since the dawn of time and men
think about the right now. The other that um took me aback about this article was their
were lot of this that we actually did have in common that really didn’t make that much
of a difference. So if you have gender specific items that your are selling on your website,
be sure to check out this article so that you know how, make sure that your aligning
to you know what your audience is. Are you selling to men but your website caters to
women, that doesn’t necessarily help you out that much. So be sure to check out the
full article at lidyr.com/blog .The next bit of news that I’m gonna talk about is Amazon
prime, yayyy! I don’t know how much this can help you out in your ecommerce business,
but it can help you out in life. Amazon is celebrating its 20th birthday and their celebrating
with prime day and it is on July 15th and their saying that it’s gonna be have more
deals than black friday, with new deals popping up every 10 minutes. How crazy is that. Every
10 minutes, that’s wild. So um it’s not gonna be um just that one day, I think it’s
gone last a couple of days. I know that on July 16th their gonna celebrate 20 years of
reading as far as the Kindle goes. So um their gonna release also to surprises for us to
celebrate their birthday. And the idea right now is to get people to sign up for Amazon
Prime. We as an office have an Amazon Prime account that uh we all collectively use and
we shop on Amazon prime all the time so I’m excited to see what their gonna be offering.
Um and I’m sure there’s something there that you can buy that can help your ecommerce
business. Or maybe it’s a gift for your girlfriend or for your boyfriend or your mom,
I don’t know or maybe whatever you need something for yourself I have no idea. But
make sure you check it out. The next bit of news is there was a hack, a very interesting
hack and hacks are very important to me when information about hacks come up, I make sure
that I share it with everyone cause um anybody’s site can get hacked and it can really really
really affect you livelihood if your site gets hacked. I always say hackers have no
rhyme or reason, they hack for different they hack for different reasons but you can’t
necessarily pinpoint it, you can’t say oh I have a site that no one cares about and
no one visits so no one’s gonna hack me, I don’t need to protect myself. That’s
not the case at all. Hackers will hack if your site is up, they will look for you. So
this is how severe hack hacking is right now, there’s this uh security firms called hacking
team. Their a Italy based firm that develops malware for sell to governments and law enforcement.
They were hacked. So the hacking team was hacked, literally their called the hacking
team. So essentialliy they um they make spyware to infiltrate desktops and mobile devices
and seize and sent messages, text messages, phone call records and other data while evading
most antivirus products. So they make they make um all of the software that helps the
government to find people of interest and they were hacked and 400 gigs of data was
stolen from its service including sales records according to reports. Now this is important
for all you ecommerce businesses out there because like I said any business can get hacked
and I really do, a lot of us walk around that it can’t happen to us and I know I mentioned
that before but I really do want to drive that point home that if the hackers can get
hacked, your website can get hacked. Fortunate for you, we offer a website protection service
that protects your website from hacks, it protects your website in case the hackers
are super sophisticated and they break whatever protection you have up we still will restore
it and we also back up all of your uh data on your website we back up your website in
different intervals depending on the program that you buy. So the packages go from 35$
to 89$ a month and it’s something that can save you thousands and thousands of dollars.
Think about when you have your web when you bought your website. It cost you thousands
of dollars. If someone hacks your website, guess what and they ruin your website and
they break into your code and just really ruin your website, guess what and your website’s
not backed up guess what that’s thousands of dollars wasted and you gotta get your website
done again. So you spend the 35 bucks a month if you have a small site, you spend the 89$
a month and guess what your protected. No big deal. Um the next bit of information is
there was a yelp report that shows Google tampers with results. That’s kind of a big
deal; um we already knew it anyway. I mean you can’t be mad at Google, Google’s a
business, their not the government so people, I always say this to people when they have
issues with when sports leagues like the NBA they tamper with, they think oh the NBA tampers
with playoffs you know putting pitting certain teams together. Their not the government,
they don’t have to play fair, they just want to entertain you. So they they they can
do what they want. It’s their league, there’s no rules or laws that say they can’t do
this and have to behave fairly they just have to entertain you and not do anything um you
know malicious or anything like that. But you know Google is a business, they just they
they want to optimize the experience and they want to make as much money as possible. So
essentially what they do what yelp has been reporting what they do, let me back up, yelp
and Google have been against each other for quite some time since 2009 when Google tried
to buy yelp and it didn’t work out so their like severe competitors of each other, they
kinda hate each other. But um a Harvard professor yeah a Harvard professor and a professor at
Colombia law school, they put together this report that was sponsored by yelp and it’s
called is Google degrading search, consumer harm from universal search. Basically most
a lot a good amount, I’ll tell you exactly the number, a good amount of Google searches
are local searches. So Google manipulates them to reflect what’s in the map and its
saying it can be up to 20% of searches. So what does that mean to you as a ecommerce
business. 1. You need to have a Google place so that you have a higher chance of coming
up in the map. So make sure that you get your Google location um you establish yourself
in Google uh in Google places so that you can have a location. You know how when you
search for something and it comes up in the little map and then theres a little pin. So
that will help you out and the other thing is just um try and make sure that you optimize
your content for Google. Because if their cherry picking what their gonna show, you
just better make sure that you know you give them all the more reason to choose you. 20%
is a lot. So it’s a lot of people out here working their tails off to make sure that
their getting high up in the search engine rankings but if their not people searching
for local uh businesses and their not coming up in the maps because they don’t have a
Google places address then guess what, 20% chance they may not come up. So that’s all
the news I have for you so the last thing I’m gonna do which is my favorite part of
the show is the top 3 social media post that we posted to our social media accounts which
is lidyrcreative or Instagram and twitter so I’m gonna share what the top three posts
are. Number 3, repeat your key words 3 to 4 times in body text for optimization. That’s
kind of um we know that but just wanna drive that one home to all of you newbie ecommerce
people out there, newbie SEO people out there. If your writing an article or if your posting
your content or your products to your website be sure to take your keyword and post it at
least 3 times in there. And I say 3 times it really does kinda depend on the length
of the content but that’s not gonna be so much that it seems spamy but it’s just enough
to let Google know exactly what it is that your product is so that they can actually
try and rank you. The next post was post the same content multiple times to hit different
time zones. How important is this we don’t think about this we think about just posting
something one time oh people see it, no. Especially if you ship internationally you have people
all over the world if you’re in the United States you have Australia their a fashion
mecca. You can have some Australian people and their literally on the opposite time zone
from us or Japan or whatever. So be sure that you know if you posting 5 o’clock your time
its 5 o’clock in Japan in the morning so those people are sleep their not up. So be
sure to try and get your content out there more than one time I wouldn’t say post it
back to back so that when someone looks at your timeline it looks you know it’s not
enough variety but you can always kind of mix it up comeback to something a few days
later. And number 3, social media users are more likely to follow you if you share happier
updates yes, their ore likely to follow you no one wants to be depressed. I know it may
feel good for you to vent on social media, it may feel good for you to talk about how
people aren’t buying your products I dont know why you would post bad uh sad content
but be sure that you mix some happy stuff in there. We don’t wanna see it I know for
me if I’m gonna be on social media I wanna see someone who posts something positive I’m
not gonna actively follow someone who’s posting something negative. So be sure that
you guys keep it positive out there. And um that wraps up episode 2 of the ecommerce show.
If you have any questions you can always email us at [email protected] If you need a website
be sure to give us a call for a quote and be sure to check out our website for those
security packages or you can always give us a call or email us [email protected] and our
website security packages are on our website lidyr.com just go to the top type and look
at the top menu item website security packages because that’s where it’s gonna be in
the website security packages page. So thank you and until next time um happy entrepreneuring.

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