April 6, 2020
Ecommerce Success Show featuring Nikki Purvy Episode 1

Ecommerce Success Show featuring Nikki Purvy Episode 1

Hi welcome to the very first episode of our
ecommerce show talking about ecommerce news from the week and ecommerce tricks. I am Nikki
Purvy, the founder of Lidyr Creative Digital Marketing Agency. We do a lot of ecommerce
web design and we work very closely with our clients. So in efforts to provide the best
service to have amassed a wealth of knowledge about ecommerce. So I just hope to give you
guys some free content and share some free tricks. So let’s get right in to it.
First thing I want to talk about is this Instagram master class that I watched that was given
by founder magazine, the CEO of founder magazine and the cool thing about this is, he recorded
it, he did the master class maybe two weeks ago and it was a nine o’clock at night,
anybody who knows me, know I go to bed at nine o’clock every night. So I missed it,
but he did a replay, so I left the replay open as a tab on my computer and I never watched
but I finally watched it yesterday and he gave some really, really, really great tips,
I’m not going to give all the tips but what I’m going to do is talk about some of the
things that he showed that helped me out, helped our business out in just a matter of
a few days some I’m going to give you a little background. The CEO of Foundr mag,
they are…hello hi! were doing a periscope over here at the same time. So founder mag Nathan Chan and he grew his account in seven months, his Instagram account, to 220,000,
in seven months. So everyone wants to know how he did it and he gave five tips the free
webinar was basically building up to sell you his course. So he gave some rally great
free tips and I recommend anybody to buy his course. So two of the tips that I used that
has helped out a lot is Max out your hash tags, so your hash tags, your allowed, on
Instagram your allowed to post up to 30 hashtags. What he does say is do not post them in the
caption after you post it, post it in the comment section so that you can kind of hide
them, so after it someone decides to leave comments, after 2 or 3 comments it so it kind
of gets pushed up so you don’t look like your post is all that spamy. So um he says
use tagsforlikes.com to research your hashtags and we’ve done it and we’ve been getting
a lot of positive response, a lot of our shares have been liked. I think over the weekend
we grew our account to we grew like 50 followers just by doing these tricks. The other thing
he talks about is s for s. Now I’m not going to tell you because I’m not about trying
to capitalize off of his information but he very highly recommends what he calls s for
s. He talks about how it’s the key to their success. So what I’m going to do, so to
all of you periscopers out there what I’m going to do is provide the link once we upload
the video to YouTube, I’m going to provide the link in the description to find the recording
of the webinar so that you can find out what s for s is and find out what his other 4,
or his other 3 cause I gave you 2 of them already, his other 3 tips are for growing
your Instagram account. If you want ill read it off to you, if you want to write it down
I can give you like 2 seconds, go get a pen and paper, whip out your phone, and go to
the notes section. I don’t if you’re on your phone, if you’re on periscope but I
can give you a few seconds am I’m going to read the link off to you so you can where
you can find the recording. It is foundrmag.wistia.com/medias/oln8xray7zy6d .Got that okay, I going to move on to the
next thing. So last week sometime, or maybe about a week and half ago, twitter launched
two new ecommerce modules for their platform last week so it not rolled out to the public
yet but their testing it. So you be able to see how this is going to improve ecommerce
on twitter and all of you ecommerce businesses out there, I’m sure you’re going to be
able to use it and I’m going to tell you a bit about each of them. Product and pages
is one of them, and I’m going to read off what they wrote. The first experience were
testing is a new way to surface and organize relevant tweets about products and places
on dedicated pages. So this one is going to be kind of like pinterest. So you can kind
of create these pages that have like a collage or a culmination of all these things that
you like. These pages will feature images and videos about the product alongside information
such as description price and an option to buy a book or visit the website for more information.
Um so yea that’s going to be a really cool feature once it’s added. The next feature
is product and collections. It’s another feature. In addition to pages were also beginning
to test new ways people and brands create and share twitter collections of products
and places. You’ll be able to browse which collections from influences you care about
and get more information about the products. So um the collections is kind of similar,
you can add like a whole collection, it’s all kind of seems to me like it’s going
to be uh Pinterest inspired but either way it’s going to be an easier way to sell and
buy stuff on Twitter. Like I said it’s not rolled out to the public yet, it’s only
a select few so their testing it to see how it works out. Um the next bit of information
is Facebook is stepping up its data targeting game. And it’s spreading to Instagram. So
for all you businesses out there that use Facebook, everybody knows right now Facebook
is the way to go for advertising, paid advertising. So to all of you businesses, their really
kind of stepping up their game in terms of data targeting and their going to lead that
over to Instagram. So wouldn’t it be great the same way you can kind of select all these
different parameters about your users the way that you do on Facebook, you can do that
on Instagram. As of right now on Instagram you can only target by age and sex, um some
I’m going to read of the Bloomberg article…- she also is there preparing marketers for
the opportunity to use Facebook’s targeting data as on Instagram, the photo sharing application
as owned by the company, as you all know, Facebook owns Instagram. Facebook already
uses some of its data for targeting on Instagram but its only age and gender, like I said.
That’s about to change, it will open up the entire suite of Facebook targeting on
Instagram over the next few months. And buying ads on Instagram will become easier. Today
it’s not like you can just check a box if you’re buying things on Facebook and it
will also work on Instagram, but were working toward that. So Instagram is about to change.
I know a lot of our clients, our ecommerce clients, they get most of their business,
some of them get all of their business, through Instagram, and this is going to change the
game a little bit. I wouldn’t be surprised if this may be very long term thing, but *I
wouldn’t be surprised if they stared allowing people to target perspective customers on
Instagram and then they limit it to how much, if your posting about products, how much your
gaining views you products are going to get just because they want you to actually pay
for it the same way that they do with Facebook. So just be prepared all of you Instagram ecommerce
business out there, you always got to make sure that you spread out, that you versify
your marketing and you’re able to change with the times. The next bit of news I’m
going to talk about is you can now watch periscope replays on the web, yayy! Previously you could
only watch live streams from your browser, but now it last up to 24 hours in case you
guys haven’t known that. So this periscope were doing right now as we recorded ourselves
for the YouTube, it’s going to be on the internet for 24hours, and then the last bit
of information… let me see if I have anything else to talk about for you guys, for this
week. Oh I do have something else, last week, no more than two weeks ago they talked about
how more than half of UK searches are done via mobile and YouTube vides, Google said
this. So what does that mean, so they just keep driving the point back how important
mobile is and we’ve been very very intentionally expressing that to our clients and social
media followers, that you have to make sure your site, your literature, anything that
you do, if you want succeed in ecommerce, that it has to be mobile ready. March of,
the march we just had was the first march in history that people did more browsing on
their phone then they did on desktops so this is a trend that’s not going away and it
keeps growing and growing and growing. The big take away here is that people are doing
more searches on YouTube videos then they are on regular google.so what does that mean,
you need to have video content of you products, people want to see video, they want to feel
like they can get as much information about the product as possible, which is why were
starting this YouTube show. So, oh something else, last week Google started doing knowledge
cards for quotes so if you guys aren’t familiar with knowledge cards, let’s say you Google
something rather than actually showing you a list of links they’ll show you these cards,
it looks like a card and it’s just like this little square with a bit of information,
so they say the most popular one is maybe you look up a definition and the definition
will come right up on Google, so that’s a knowledge card. So what their doing now
is for quotes so if you want to search a quote say a Steve Jobs quote, you say Steve Jobs
quote and it will give you this knowledge card. So what does that mean to you as an
ecommerce marketer, as we know, quotes are really really really important and popular
for social media. You get a like, a lot of followers posting quotes. So that way, now
that we have these cards, you just kind of get the information as quickly as possible.
You don’t have to like go and search and search and search so this makes it a lot easier
for you to create you Instagram quotes or your twitter quotes, just go ahead and drop
it into Google and you got the knowledge card there it is you can search it and like if
this particular person has a lot, you can over to the left or the right and it will
show you like 5 or 6 t a times, so it make it just a lot easier. So the next thing that
I’m going to do is I’m going to share with you guys the most popular quotes, so
on our Instagram account @Lidyrcreative, we share digital media tips of the day. So were
probably doing maybe like 2, 3, 4 a day and we’ve been getting a really really really
good response. So I’m going to share with the top 3 digital media marketing tips of
the day, form our Instagram account, make sure you follow us @lidyrcreative. The number
3 one was- email is forty times more effective than social media in customer acquisition.
Can you believe that! Forty times more effective. So if you don’t have an email data base
you need to start building up your email database, gathering new lists, gathering new mail, and
we can talk about that at another date. If you guys aren’t familiar with Amy Porterfield,
that’s her whole life and she is great at educating people about, she’s got a podcast,
she puts out all types of free content, workbooks, whatever, talking about how to build your
email list , so you need to start building you email list and you need to invest the
money and it’s not a lot of money, but invest the money in your constant contacts or whatever
so that you can actually start building you email account and sending out emails and getting
new customers. The number 2 digital tip of the day was- amplify your reach by getting
contributors of your content to share with their audiences. So this one I think this
is very important if you have a contributor your content, if you have a blog or multi-author
blog, whatever, someone contributing some sort of content to your website or to you
e book or whatever, definitely make them share. I thought that was pretty self-explanatory
but maybe it’s not. Maybe I haven’t done it, I don’t know but I didn’t think that
one would be really popular but people really like that one, it seems to connect with them.
Maybe its jut even the idea of allowing other people to contribute to their company blog,
but the most important thing is to make them share. The number 1 was- our free e book,
how to convert your website visitors into customers, we give you some really good tips,
it’s a free download, free, free, free, free, free download how to convert your website
visitors into customers. Just simply setting up a site hap-hazardly does not mean you going
to get customers. I’m going to say that one more time, just simply setting up
a site hap-hazardly does not mean you going
to get customers. So unless you’ve done a lot of research and I don’t recommend
you do that because if you have an ecommerce business, so say your celling jewelry, you
need to be making good buying decisions, you need to be balancing you budget, all that
stuff. So I’m not going to sit up here and tell you stop what you’re doing and learn
all about how to set up your site so that it converts. Make sure that you talk with
a digital media specialist such as lidyr, such as myself, to help you optimize you site
in an efficient way. Because setting up website is a big investment, it really really is.
It can have a 100 million times fold return if you set it up properly. So our free e book
looks to helps educate people on how to convert your websites visitors into customers. It
will give you really really small things that you can do on you site that will make a world
of difference. We’ve done some things on our clients site, changed very small things
and took their lead generation from a very low number to very high number overnight,
instantly. Very small, teeny tiny things. So you need to be aware of those things. And
you can download that book at lidyr.com/conversion lidyr.com/conversion and you’ll be able to get that free e book. No gimmicks no tricks no nothing! We’re giving it to you for free. So if you have
any questions for me, you can email me at [email protected] , if you need a website, make sure you reach out to us. If you need a logo design, any sort of graphic design, anything, you know we are her to help you. Because guess what, were a small business too, so we get it. So thank you for watching and thank you for tuning in and thank you to all you periscopers out there and till next time, bye!

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