March 30, 2020
Ecommerce Success Show Episode 5 – On Page Product Optimization

Ecommerce Success Show Episode 5 – On Page Product Optimization

Hey guys its Nikki Purvy, your host of the
ecommerce success show. Today is our fifth episode and we are going to talk about on
page on page product optimization, some Google changes and how video can help you grow your
business, how to use video to help grow your business. And let’s hop right into it. First
thing were gonna talk about is on page product optimization. How you can structure the content
on your product pages so that people will be more likely to actually buy. The first
thing is you need to have high quality pictures. First thing, high quality pictures. People
wanna see what their buying, they wanna learn about what their buying and the best way to
learn about that is visually. So you guys need to invest in a personal photo-shoot.
Invest in a graphic designer to help clean up the images, it’s always great to have
that um professional photographer whoever’s gonna take your pictures also be able to work
Photoshop to clean up your images that way you can save some money cause I’m sure that
you know one guy is cheaper than two guys. Always be sure to provide more than one image
for your products unless it’s a virtual product, unless you’re selling information,
some sort of content and then you can uh just one image because people don’t expect to
have two images for a virtual product. And even then you still want that quality of that
picture to be high quality so if you’re selling an e-book do a uh a book mock up so
that people can kinda feel like they’re getting something tangible and um if it’s
not something that is like a book mock up but it’s also not tangible you can use a
stock image if it’s a service that your selling you can use a stock image that represents
some sort of happiness or some sort of fulfillment from using your products so let’s say you’re
selling a some business development service, use a image a stock image that shows someone
uh jumping because your successful. Something like that that makes people feel like their
actually getting something something that represents what their life will be like after
they use your product. The next thing is have a great description for your product; a lot
of times I see businesses that either use us for their for their web design service
and they may have had an old e-commerce business before and were taking down their old site
and redesigning. A lot of times their products don’t really have a great product description
or no product description at all. People want to learn about what they’re buying before
the actually spend their money. So I’m gonna give you an equation to help you with your
product description. So the first sentence in the sentence say something qualitative
about the product, so let’s say it’s a red shirt, this red shirt is great for all
ages. That’s something qualitative, something that you can say that evokes some sort of
emotion. In the second and third sentence, talk about the features, don’t forget to mention
a product specs, such as weight, height and length. So this shirt features a cool logo
and is 19 inches long or whatever is relevant to your product but in though the next two
and three sentences be sure to mention the features and product specs. In the fourth
sentence, talk about variations, so in the next sentence you’re gonna say this shirt
comes in small, medium, large or it also comes in blue, purple and pink. Talk about you variations
so that you’re giving the full picture as to what this product offers and what the variations
are. And in the fifth sentence, give a call to action, get this shrift and be the life
of the party. Make people feel some sort of urgency about actually buying this product.
The next bit of information that goes onto on page product optimization is social media
sharing there should always be a place where people can share your product easily so if
I find a pair of really great shoes on, and I want to tell the world hey look I can
click this button and tell the world and then look you have some more prospect that you
can sell your your product to um just by allowing people to share and let them know the types
of products that their passionate about. Be sure that your add to cart button is visible
and easy to find. so now you’re on this page with this product but it really needs to be
easy to find, the ability to actually add it cart and to buy and to check out needs
to be easy to find. Sometimes I’ve been to sites where I see this product and its
really great, how do I get it in the cart, how do I actually buy it and its hidden somewhere
down in the bottom or somewhere inconspicuous on the left-hand side of the page or something.
Make sure that your webmaster puts your add to cart button somewhere central, somewhere
visible above the fold right on the page. Um unless you sell just one product be sure
to turn off the ability to have people go directly to checkout after adding to cart.
I’m gonna repeat that one more time. Unless you sell just one product be sure to turn
off the ability to have people go directly to checkout after adding to cart. So lets
say for instance you sell t-shirts, let’s stick with that example, you have about 15
variations of t-shirts. If someone adds something to the cart sometimes there is a function
where after they add it to cart, the next page that refreshes is the actual cart. Now
if you want people to buy more than one item you don’t want to take them directly to cart
you don’t wanna rush them out the door. So allow their allow it to be some sort of functionality
where people know hey this has been successfully added to cart, but you don’t want to take
them to the cart just yet because you want them to still continue to shop. Now if you
have one product and your whole website is built around selling this really great one
expensive product, yes your just selling the one product so they add it to cart and take
them directly to the check-out you know you don’t want to waste time but it depends on
how many products you have and the type of product but if you’re dealing with a standard
retail store, be sure that you turn that ability that function off. Always have a suggested
products section below your products. This encourages people to continue shopping. So
if you’re selling red t-shirts, be sure that there’s a section below each product
that says similar product or linked products that show that let people know there’s more
this is a really great product that you found but hey we have more stuff. And depending
on the type of product and it really really does depend and you may have to ask your web
designer or your web master or someone that you work with for digital media marketing
as to whether this next tactic is gonna be for you. I tend to add a side bar with a couple
of options. 1 it’ll have a section where people can see other items so that’s another
area so they’ll have something below the products and on the left or the right in the sidebar
where they can see that this website is chock-full of products chock-full of really great items
that you can actually buy. The other thing is I will give people the ability to share
on social media in the side bar and also the ability to search so your basically letting
people know that this website is full and robust of information and good content that
or good products that your already I know you’re interested in because you’re looking
at this product but we have some more stuff that you can uh you can get and they’ll
make your life much much better. And that’s it for on page product optimization if you
have any questions about that or if you need a website to reflect some of these principals
feel free to contact us at [email protected] The next thing were gonna do is jump right
into our ecommerce news and this week Amazon unveiled a new program geared toward startups
called Amazon launch pad which will help entrepreneurs launch, market and distribute their products.
This is big, I always talk about amazon because amazon just seems to dominate the ecommerce
news market but I feel like I want you guys to know what’s going on with Amazon because
they’re the best that ever did it so um why not either join the party or mimic them
and in this case you can technically join the party so they have this product that is
similar to shopify and big commerce. It allows you to have your own store, upload your products
and have your own store. It gives people the ability to use Amazons storage facility, their
customer service center and their shipping arrangements. This is really great for someone
who has not a lot of time and they just wanna get something up and going you know it’s
very very new, there’s only 200 products using this feature or this uh product right
now this launch pad, 200 products in categories ranging from beauty products to wearable tech.
so there’s not a lot of information I can’t really tell you whether this is good for you
or when this will be good for you just yet but you know it’s an option, it’s something
to look into fi you are considering using one of these other third party shopping cart
soft wares like shopify or big commerce. Based on the little bit of information that I have
just now, if I had to choose between Amazon and shopify or etsy or one of these other
solutions, I would go with Amazon because they are already the largest online market
place, they’ll probably market your items and make suggestions and it may be a good
option, we’ll see ill definitely keep you guys up to date as more and more information
about this product roles out. The next piece of news is Google launched their no hack campaign,
#nohackcampaign again and shared some really sad news, in the past year, Google saw a 180%
increase in hacked sites. I know I always talk about hacks and warn you guys about hacks
but I really want to stress to you that you need to be sure that you are protected and
the reason I know that I need to continue to stress this to you is because were on the
front lines were talking to clients and I know that they don’t feel like this is something
that they need to invest in, it’s kind of like insurance or I don’t wanna say insurance
because people nowadays know that they need health insurance or car insurance and all
that good stuff but maybe renter’s insurance there’s some renters out there that probably
don’t have renter’s insurance and their walking around thinking that nothing can happen
but it could totally happen and 180% increase in hacked sites. It can happen to you. It
can happen to me, it’s happened to me so be sure that you are keeping yourself protected
and you know that we offer website protection services and if you’re interested be sure
the email at [email protected] So over the next month or so Google is trying to educate webmasters
on hacked sites how to prevent it how to fix it and how to stay secure so im assuming their
gonna use their webmaster tools if you are managing your own site and you are not familiar
with webmaster tools you need to become familiar with webmaster tools. It’s Google’s platform
that allows you to stay up to date in terms of the health of your site and it allows you
to essentially submit it to their search engine and there’s a bunch of cool things that
you can do on webmaster tool so if you’re managing your own site be sure that you go
ahead and use your Gmail account and login and get your own site set-up on webmaster
so its relatively easy all the things that you have to do to integrate it they kinda
give you the steps step-by-step so don’t feel too intimidated and if you don’t feel
like doing it and you know that this is just now your space just be sure to ask your webmaster
hey do you have this on webmaster tools, do we have a profile on webmaster tools, have
you submitted our site to webmaster tools. So um they’ll probably try to use webmaster
tools to educate people on hackings and how to prevent it and all that good stuff. Um
Google’s going to also provide hacking insights on their blog every Monday, actual tips on
their social media channels every Wednesday and a security theme hangout on air very soon.
So be sure to protect yourselves and the last bit of news is about Google as well and the
latest update Google panda is rolling out. So if you guys don’t know what panda is,
I’m gonna give a little bit of a history lesson actually I’m just gonna read from
Wikipedia so that you know exactly what panda is and it’s something that every e-commerce
business you need to be aware of Google’s algorithms and how it affects you and your
rankings in the search engine so Google Panda is a filter that prevents low quality sites
and/or pages from ranking well in the search engine results page. The filter’s threshold
is influenced by Google Quality Raters. Quality Raters answer questions such as “would I trust
this site with my credit card?” so that Google can distinguish the difference between high
and low quality sites. They have a patent on the algorithms for it and the patent states
that Google Panda creates a ratio with a site’s inbound links and reference queries, search
queries for the site’s brand. That ratio is then used to create a sitewide modification
factor. The sitewide modification factor is then used to create a modification factor
for a page based upon a search query. Ok I’m gonna try and break that down into laments
terms and I read that so that you for all you techies out there you know exactly what’s
going on you people who feel like you wanna you know the ins and outs of it but basically
it says Google created and algorithm that tries to determine how trustworthy your site
is. Are people actually searching for you brand, would I trust this site with my credit
card are there duplicate content on this site um are there inbound links to this site and
where are those inbound links coming from and they use all of these things, bundle it
up and if you are violating only two or three pages, 2 or 3 or 4 pages it’ll bring your
whole ranking your whole website ranking down so it’s not just on a per page basis, its
affecting your whole site . So they originally rolled this out in February 2011 so if you
sites not trustworthy trust me you’ve already been affected by it but they’ve made changes
and they’ll roll out the changes and they said its gonna take a couple of months to
fully roll out unfortunately there’s nothing that you can do today to affect this roll
out so if you’ve got some things that are really really shady, you got duplicate content
on your website, there’s nothing you can do today to affect this update. The last update
was almost 10 months ago so you can still change things today and it’ll affect you
a year later. It’ll only affect about 2-3% of English language queries so you know it’s
not something it’s going to be hard hitting that gonna affect you but you should be sure
that the quality on your site is high-quality and the links the inbound links that you have
coming to your site are high quality not from some spamy site so be sure that you up to
date with all this stuff and Google is very very smart, don’t try to outsmart it that’s
all I have to say about that. And the last thing were gonna do is go over the top 3 digital
media tips of the day as per posted by our Instagram account @lidyrcreative on Instagram
and twitter. So the first one is organize local events and initiatives through your
website to generate press interest for sure we do it all the time. You guys know we have
Lidyr academy we have events and those events are press worthy events and there you go there’s
publicity for us so be sure to do that yourself ahead a client who actually has a e-commerce
business and she’s based out of Atlanta and she just did an event in Philly yesterday
and it was a really really really great event and that was press worthy event so a press
worthy event in both Philadelphia and Atlanta, so good for her. The next digital media tip
of the day is video ranks on the first page of Google much faster than SEO so be sure
that you guys are creating video related to your business because especially if you have
a high rank your key your keywords are high-ranking I mean or high traffic or high competition
I should say, high competition keywords you’ll most likely get to the first page using video
versus just traditional content so. The other cool thing about video is I love YouTube I
had this conversation with someone but YouTube dubs as a social network in addition to a
search engine so YouTube is great, that’s why we’re creating these videos and this
is also a podcast too so you know podcast video it’s always a good thing. And the
last digital media tip of the day is how to write good content for your website. We did
a blog post and there were 9 tips on how to write good content for your website so I’m
just gonna go over 3 and if you want to learn what all 9 tips were, be sure to visit
and click on the blog and here are 3 of the tips. Create strong headlines, that’s pretty
self-explanatory but you know what a lot of people don’t, they feel like sometimes they
have to create these very bland and commercial um corporaty headlines, you don’t have to
or you can still do that but be sure that their strong. Create original content, a lot
of people don’t think that they have to create original content unfortunately but
create original content Google like it and your readers will like it too because a lot
of times you know your readers are very well informed so they know when you have stolen
content and they won’t forget it either and be sure to implement a call to action
at the end so you right this amazing blog post and then what do people do, what are
the next steps what do people do, so be sure to integrate some call to action that benefits
them that also benefit yourself as well. So that is the conclusion of episode 5 of the
ecommerce success show and thank you for tuning in. If you have any questions for us be sure
to email at [email protected] and have a great week guys.

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