April 1, 2020
Ecommerce Success Show Episode 4

Ecommerce Success Show Episode 4

Hey guys! it’s Nikki Purvy here your host
of the e-commerce success show and we are recording episode number 4. Can you believe it? Four episodes already.
The e-commerce success show, hosted by me Nikki Purvy the founder of Lidyr creative
marketing agency. And on this week’s episode we are going to talk about email marketing
tips. We’re going to talk a little bit about e-commerce news because that’s what we do,
give you guys e-commerce news and our top 3 digital media tips of the day as per our
Instagram account. So let’s get right into it. We’re going to
talk about email marketing tips. A couple weeks ago I shared a tip with you guys the
email marketing is 40 more times likely to convert than social media marketing, 40 times
more likely to convert. So what does that mean, that means if you
want to have to a successful e-commerce business you need to be doing email marketing. Email
marketing is way more than just sending out an email to people on you’re personal email
list. You need to be growing that list and you need to be sending out quality content. Once you decide you want to do email marketing
you’re going to use, for all you newbies out there, you’re going to choose an email
provider for your emails. So you have Constant Contact, Vertical Response, MailChimp, AWeber,
Get Response. You have all of these options, Infusion Talk, you have all of these options
to choose for your email service provider. Why choose an email service provider rather
than just from your regular email? The reason is your regular email only allows you to send
out to certain amount are emails per blast. If it does allow you to send out a lot, most
likely whoever is receiving the email, their server will recognize it as spam and it won’t
be able to get delivered to them. So that’s one of the main reason that you want to use
one these service providers. I’m sorry for all you thats out there that
know a lot about this. I promise I’m going to get into the meat and potatoes, and give
you some information as well but just want to make sure we’re covering all bases and
giving information to all of these newbies out there that know nothing about email marketing. So you’re going to choose your service provider,
we work with Constant Contact. They’re great. They’re easy, we know how to use it, we
have a good success rate in terms of it landing in people’s mail box rather than landing in
their spam. We’re a big fan of them. That doesn’t mean that you should use them. AWeber,
their claim to fame is that most of their emails don’t end up in people’s spam. So you
know you want to do your research to figure out what’s a great option for you. Like
I said we use Constant Contact, it’s great I have no complaints about them. So once you choose to use one of these service
providers, you need to make sure that you’re constantly growing you were email list because
people opt out. You know people may sign up for it or you might have added someone from
your personal list, which you are not supposed to do people are supposed to opt in. But people
do it. We’re not going to act like people don’t just take
their personal contacts and add it to their email provider’s list people do it and then
sometimes people opt out when people opt out your list shrinks. So where are you going to get you people to
send emails to so that you can convert them into customers? You have to constantly grow
them. We’re going to talk about a couple strategies that will help you constantly grow your email
list. The first strategy is the tree giveaway; submit
to download. We call that a lead magnet. So essentially what you want to do is create
a free giveaway and tell people about this giveaway and say hey! Go to this page so that
you can submit your email list and download whatever this free giveaway is. Now of course the free giveaway should definitely
be related to your business. It should be something that the type of person that you
want on your email list would actually be interested in. So one of the free giveaways
that we gave away was your e-commerce start up business checklist. Of course people who are interested in an
e-commerce checklist also want a website designed. So those kind of things go hand in hand. So
you’re going to create your lead magnet, it can be a coupon, it could be a guide or
it can be checklist. If you have a fashion or accessories or retail site a guide or a
checklist may not be in option. It might be in option. Let’s say you do clothes, you
might want to do a style summer guide or something like that something that you think people
will be interested in or you could take it one step further and get something you know
people want to say hey download your free coupon. Then you put some sort of code on
your website, ask your webmaster to put a coupon code on your website and you just create
a PDF with that code on it. So you are going to create this document,
export it as a PDF. That’s step one. Step two you’re going to use a lead generator
such as lead pages to build the page. So I’m going to talk very briefly about lead pages.
Leadpages is the service that allows you to build out these amazing pages, web pages and
it’s very easy, click drag and drop. What you see is what you get editor, drag-and-drop.
You can sign up for their service and build these really cool pages. Attach your were
lead magnet to the actual page. So if you want to see what we’re talking about you can
check out one of the lead magnets that we have, using lead pages if you go to Lidyr.com/schedule.
L I D Y R dot com. forward slash schedule. You can see what we’re talking about. We use
lead pages to generate this page. We added our lead magnet on the back end. And then
we created this amazing page so that when people come to it they say okay I want to
download whatever it is that you’re offering here’s my email. And then right in their email
they get this particular magnet, whatever this document is that you created. And guess what, you now have their email and
they are a pretty good qualifying prospect because you’ve created some sort of lead magnet
that this customer profile would be interested in. So after you create that, you can go to you
can go to LIDYR.com/leadpages to learn more about lead pages and start your subscription
to their service. It is very, very valuable and I recommend anybody who has an e-commerce
business to set this up. LIDYR.com/leadpages. After you generate your lead page, once you
get a little comfortable with the software. it may take you 30-40 minute to generate it.
You want to make it easy for people to get to this page. Now remember this page is built
on lead pages in your leadpages account. So its going to have a really funky URL and people
are not going to remember what it is. The easiest way to do that it to take an easy
link on your site and redirect it there. That sounds way more complicated than what it is.
So think about the examples that I just gave you of two URLs. I used this technique of
forwarding it to these particular pages. I gave you an example of LIDYR.com/scheduling.
Whatever’s on that page isn’t actually on our site. We just created that URL and forwarded
it to the leadpages page. So that I can say it to you very, very easily and you will remember
it. LIDYR/scheduling. So you want to either consult your webmaster or if you’re a do it
yourself wordpresser use a plugin called Egglplant 301 Redirects. Once you install it, it’s super
simple, very self-explanatory and very intuitive. You go in the back end of that plug in and
you put the URL that you want to create, create wahtever URL, you wanna make it based on your
actual website. So your site .com forward slash lead magnet one or whatever it is that
you want, t-shirt if you want to make it that you can make it whatever it is that you want
to make it. And then redirect it to that actual leadpages URL. So that you can say it nice
and easy to people and they go right there and BOOM. You are there to capture their emails. Step 3: you going to create a social media
flyer about the free giveaway with the link we just created in the flyer. It’s a free
magnet, so you are giving away free information. Encourage people to share it. Its free! Guess what, at the least you can download
this information and this information will help you with whatever it is that your offering
in this particular lead magnet. Its free. No one has to pay for it so you can tell your
friends and you can encourage your followers to share it. They’ve got the information right
there. The link is very easy, so you know they don’t have to paste it in their bio
if they are on Instagram or whatever. The link is super easy because remember you made
it very easy and there you go, its free. This will encourage people to share and you’ll
be able to get new emails. The next strategy is use a pop-up on your
site. This is very controversial, people don’t like pop-ups or put pop-ups on their site,
they think they’re very, very annoying but they convert very well. So as soon as someone
comes the your site, give them a few seconds or you can not give a few seconds ask your
webmaster to implement this. You can have them immediately enter their information so
they can get on your mailing list and guess what now you have their information. So you have visitor’s information, obviously
they care about whatever it is that you’re offering or their interested or they want
to learn more about whatever it is that you’re offering. So they’re great qualifiers to get
into your email list. They may just need it nice little nudge of whatever email your gonna
send them, a week, two weeks, a month down the road to actually get them to convert.
And it’s on your site, it’s on auto-pilot. Your webmaster can integrated right into your
email service provider so that the email goes right in there. The next strategy is be sure that you are
exporting your existing previous customers to your email service provider regularly.
So people are placing orders on your site be sure that maybe once a week, once a month
depending on the frequency and how much you can fit it in your schedule or have someone
in your office put it in their schedule. They can you download or export however depending
on what type of site you are using in terms of your e-commerce our solution. They can
download the customer names and upload them directly into your email service provider
into a list. Now, be sure that you have this in the Terms
and Conditions when they place and order, that now that we have your email
we’re going to send you emails. Because otherwise then you’re not legally doing it properly,
but you can always make sure your take those email and you’re importing into your system
so that you making sure they will be repeat customers. You want customer loyalty. Don’t,
hey I know you bought this dress from us, but don’t forget about us, we have dresses
all the time. You bought a spring-time dress now you’ve got to get your winter-time dress.
Whatever it is, you want to remind them and be in front of their faces because you’ve
already converted them and it’s a high chance you are going to convert them again.
So, yes, those are some tactics to grow your list and I hope that they help you out. Lets move right into the next thing. In the
news, e-commerce news, Pay-Pal on Monday returned to the NASDAQ as an independent company, no
longer tethered to e-bay. So now they are a publicly traded company again, because they
were before and I’m not sure if you guys know eBay and Pay-Pal were basically one in the
same. Now they’ve separated and Pay-Pal is its own independent entity. The shares
are already up. Pay-Pal debuted at a market value of 1.4 times its former parent at 46.6
billion. While EBay’s capitalization shrunk $34 billion. This is good news, at this point for these
guys, they seem to be, at Pay-Pal they seem to be in a really good position. This will
allow them to be able to integrate better with other marketplaces rather than just Ebay
like Amazon and Craigslist. Someone said that by cutting its ties to eBay Pay-Pa is cutting
loose its growth potential. So you know, we never know how these things are going to go
but just know if you really love Pay-Pal, or Pay-Pal is your merchant provider you might
want to go and buy some shares of PayPal because you can do that now. PYPL. So the next bit of information is about hacks
because I really want you guys to understand the severity and the possibility of your website
being hacked and how this is a very, very, very real thing. So the next Hacker News is
Ashley Madison, the website that gives people a way to cheat on their spouses because no
one really has permission to cheat on their spouse. Some hackers came in and threatened
that they would share nudes, sexual fantasies, real names and credit card information for
as many as 37 million customers. This was huge because, obviously hopefully none of
you are on AshleyMadison.com but this is a problem because Ashley Madison was actually
about to do an IPO in London and they were hoping to raise two hundred million dollars
and this scrapped that. Now they can’t. So how can this information help you? Know
that anybody can get hacked. I’m sure Ashley Madison had all types of firewalls and all
sorts of protection on their site. Anybody can get hacked. So be sure that you at least
as an e-commerce business, because this in an e-commerce business and this affected them
to the tune of $200 million. Be sure that you have some level of security
on your website. Just a simple WordPress site isn’t going to cut it anymore. You have
to have some level of security. We offer security packages that can help you and as well as
backups to your website if you’re interested visit our site LIDYR.com or email us at [email protected]
We can give you some information about protecting your website but you definitely need to protect
yourself. No one is exempt. These hackers out here want all your information. They want
everything. So let’s move into the top digital media
tip of the day. The first one is a shopping cart in your site’s header immediately says
that you sell something. Try to communicate what your site does as quickly as possible.
This one is a big one. We do a lot of e-commerce site and always make sure they there is a
shopping cart in the header. I often see websites that are e-commerce sites and there is no
shopping cart icon in the header and it takes a while for me to figure out that there’s
actually something here to be sold. So be sure when you’re setting up your website that
you do have a shopping cart icon in the header. People see it like okay this website looks
great, I like the design of it, oh I can buy things. Great, let me go ahead and shop here
or it can be a great looking website and they’re just looking and don’t even know where to
click, they don’t have any idea because it is not evident to them that there are e-commerce
capabilities on the site. So guess what, that means, that means lost sales and lost revenue
for you. So be sure that your site has a shopping cart in header. The next tip is the most effective sites feature
clear and concise messaging, no more than a few words. You guys know that I always talk
about this. Make sure that you are telling people what your site is immediately. Not
too many words, I mean you know you don’t want to keep bare-bones minimum but people
need to be able to scan it, quickly pick out keyword to know exactly what it is. Don’t
think that your about or your content on your home page have a whole bunch of information
on it. The last one comes from our social media friend
live in social. Planning and scheduling are essential for every social media manager.
So as e-commerce business owners out there, such as yourself, if you are a small business,
I know you’re also an entrepreneur, but guess what? You’re a small business and wearing
a lot of hats, you’re probably also a social media manager. So be sure that you schedule.
You can workout your schedule in some many ways. You can use a scheduling tool such as
HootSuite or you can just say you know what, between 3 and 315 everyday I’m on social media
or whenever. Make sure you work out a schedule so that you stay committed. Be sure that you
are growing your followers by being committed and always being there. Make sure that this
account is active because sometimes as small businesses we don’t put make social media
a high priority and our account goes dormant. You know it’s pointless if you are not going
to stay committed to it. Be sure that you put into your schedule you come up with some
serious strategy as opposed to doing it haphazardly. So, that concludes the fourth episode of the
ecommerce success show. If you have any questions for me be sure to email us at [email protected]
and I hope you learned a lot and see you back next week.

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