April 1, 2020
eCommerce & Social Media Integration | eCommerce Marketing Strategies

eCommerce & Social Media Integration | eCommerce Marketing Strategies

There are 66% of all Australians connected
to Social Media every single day, so why not sync and connect your products where these
users are spending their time online? My name is Andrew, and let’s talk about
eCommerce and Social Media! Before we jump in, please Subscribe and click
the bell below to keep up to date on all the latest eCommerce and Social Media news and
updates! Social Media is everywhere and the average
Australian spends up to 1 and a half hours a day scrolling through it! With your target users spending so much time
on social media, marketing your business through these platforms reinforces your brand recognition
and converts more potential customers. Automatically sync your products so users
can view them directly on your Facebook page! They can even select sizes and variations
and in a click of a button, be sent to a filled cart ready to complete their purchase. They can even Like, Comment and Share your
items. Additionally, Boost them with paid advertisements
to further increase your reach. If you have a Instagram store linked to your
Facebook page, integrating your website additionally allows you to easily tag your products in
your Instagram posts. As Instagram is full of fashion, beauty and
lifestyle focused users, this is fundamental for any clothing and apparel eCommerce store! At Xugar, we can efficiently and effectively
integrate your eCommerce website with your Social Media for you to sustainably grow your
business. We investigate your website and social media
insights to see how your site is performing; where users are coming from, what they are
doing and where they are going. It is the best way to see how your site is
performing and in what areas needs improvements! If you’re looking to integrate and evolve
your Social Media presence, get in touch with our digital growth experts today on 1300 56
56 10. That’s 1300 56 56 10

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