March 30, 2020
Ecommerce Soccer Field And The Players – Part 1

Ecommerce Soccer Field And The Players – Part 1

I’m Ram co-founder of a startup helping hundreds of
e-commerce stores including some of the top 500 retailers. In this video, I will cover the top four
rules of an e-commerce ball game. This piece will help you understand the essentials
of running an e-commerce business for growth. And also my upcoming videos will
be based on these rules. Let’s make it very interesting. Have you watched a soccer game. In the soccer game the ultimate is the goal and
in e-commerce the ultimate is the conversion? Let’s see a goal in action. As we know it is a team effort. First let’s see the soccer field. There are three positions for the players Defenders,
Midfielders, and forwards, and they have a very specific role to play. E-commerce works in the same way. Now
if we see the e-commerce field. The conversion is the goal. And if we lose it’s an exit of the user. And there are three positions here as
well based on the user Journey. We call it as Landing,
listing, and product. Let me repeat. We call it as Landing,
listing, and product. Don’t worry. Even if you’re Landing some of your users on
the product page my suggestions will work. This e-commerce soccer field can be used as a mental
model for planning for a campaign and also for merchandising. Now we know the field. Let’s start with the rules. Rule number one. Aim for conversion not for clicks. The most important aspect of running an e-commerce
business is bringing in relevant users to the site. The first player I would like to introduce
is the traffic quality. High quality of traffic can be achieved by
understanding your customer segmentation. The second player is repeat sessions. As we know most users purchase on their
second or third trip to the site. So this makes the repeat sessions a very powerful feature
for conversion, so how we are planning to bring them back to the site. We need to implement a solid remarketing strategy,
and we need to always look for ways to bring your users back to the site. And the last player in
this position is Navigation and Banner. They provide the best message match for your customers
for example if you’re bringing a user from a promotional campaign. They might need to see similar offers on your landing
page, and if you’re bringing a user back from remarketing campaign. They might need to see a personalized
content on your landing page. Landing experiences are broad topics by itself I will cover these in-depth in separate sessions. Please see the description below to find
the second part of this video.

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