April 7, 2020
Ecommerce sites building a community around purchase.

Ecommerce sites building a community around purchase.

What do you think about building, because some brands, eCommerce sites kind of lend themselves to building a community around the purchase. Cause you know, we’ve had a few people
who, when people buy certain products, they get put into a Facebook group and
they get, you know, they get told how to use the products and they get, and then
that seems to work quite well for, you know, for specific products. You know, there might be a bit of confusion about how to use it,
how to get the most out of it. They might need a little
bit of community around it. And I’m kind of thinking, you know,
like medical products, like, you know, continuous glucose monitors,
those kinds of things. Yeah.
And I think that works. You know, if you’ve got that little bit of
a hump where there’s, you know, it needs to fall in love with the products
and the first couple of weeks, and if they to fall in love with it, they need a little
bit of help and it’s difficult for you for them to get, you know, you can’t give them one on one. I think, so, doing all that stuff, I mean, if you’ve got products that lend itself to that and buyers that want that then that call, that’s going to be awesome. It’s what you’ve got, a loyal herd that love you, and they’re not even going to go and try and price compare. You launch a new product, they’re not
going to go and compare because they’re absolutely so bought into you. So, you know, go for it.

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