March 30, 2020
eCommerce SEO Tutorial – Part 2

eCommerce SEO Tutorial – Part 2

welcome to part two of the e-commerce
SEO video in the last video we shared with you three of the top six tips for
driving traffic to your online store to watch part one of this video check out
the link in the description down below moving forward in this video we will
take a look at the next three tips for driving traffic and conversions also we
have a few bonus tips at the end that you don’t want to miss so starting off
let’s look at ranking factor number four local searches an important trend in SEO
is local searches this could have significant impact on traffic and
conversions but many businesses tend to ignore this on an e-commerce website you
would usually pick out category or product keywords to rank your website
for but if you are running an omni-channel business and local keywords
are absolutely critical by showing up in local searches you could drive footfalls
to your offline stores and traffic to your online store now onto ranking
factor number five get rid of black hat tactics if you’ve been doing SEO for
some time then you must be aware that there have been a lot of updates from
Google over the last couple of years the most important ones being the Google
penguin and panda updates which are related with for quality content and
backlinks in the case of an e-commerce website we have thousands of products
listed it’s very easy to have duplicate products on the site and even duplicate
product descriptions having a lot of duplicate content raises a flag and
there is a possibility Google might penalize your site even now we come
across websites that are stuffing keywords in their product descriptions
and blog posts it is an absolute no in today’s day and age
so make sure there’s no duplicate content or keyword stuffing on your site
now let’s talk about backlinks a lot of n Khmers websites put their banners on
affiliate sites for get backlinks from partner sites many a times you end up
getting site-wide links and again this is frowned upon as far as SEO is
concerned we highly recommend that you get a thorough backlink audit done at
least every three to six months as you build backlinks to boost your SEO it is
important that you regularly audit your backlink profile to see what kind of
links you’re getting if you discover any spammy links you need to get rid of them
quickly as these could get you into real trouble with Google penguin even if
you’re doing all the right things a few old toxic backlinks could hold you
back from improving your rankings and growing your business a lot of times
people tend to ignore these things thinking they’re not likely to get
penalized but we must not forget even a giant like eBay was penalized in 2014 so
blackhat SEO is an absolute no and often we’re on the wrong side of Google
without intending to so it’s best you keep a lookout for these things lastly
let us explain SEO ranking factor number 6 create a secure website there was an
update from Google in 2014 which basically encourages website users to
secure their websites it suggested that all sites especially ekam swans migrate
from HTTP to HTTPS which is basically the secure version of HTTP the idea is
to make your entire site secure and not just your checkout pages that deal with
credit card details then in late 2016 Google started marking sites that hadn’t
migrated to HTTPS as not secured on Chrome browser this definitely affects
how your visitors perceive your site and whether they can shop with
confidence which has a direct impact on your conversion rates so to get an edge
in rankings and to avoid being marked not secure we recommend migrating to
HTTPS we have a detailed blog post on the migration process that you can
access by clicking on the link in the description down below just make sure
you follow the steps properly otherwise you could end up severely affecting your
rankings and traffic so that completes the top six tips and rankings factors
for eka mercy SEO now we have three more bonus tips which we’ve used to drive
crazy traffic to our clients sites so keep watching number one longtail
keywords we highly recommend targeting longtail keywords over short tail as
they’re easier to rank for and also tend to convert better aiming for longtail
keywords can help build significant amount of traffic and domain Authority
this in turn gives us a fighting chance of ranking for short tail keywords
number two social signals integrate social sharing buttons on your product
pages if your buyers like your products and share them on social media it’s a
signal to Google that your content is popular and liked it helps build search
rankings and also brand value on social media number three don’t delete out of
stock products from the site keep the pages for out of stock items running on
the website because that gives Google large stable set of content that it can
index let users know by other ways that the product is out of stock but there
are other similar products that might interest them this concludes part two of
this video we hope you’ve learned something that you could use to drive
more traffic to your ekam or site if you found this video useful then be sure to
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