February 24, 2020
Ecommerce Seo Tips

Ecommerce Seo Tips

There are some very specific tips which apply
specifically to the ecommerce websites. The first one that I would suggest that you
look into is the amount of content that you have on your website. You have to be mindful of a Panda update. Ever since the update came out, Google is
looking very closely at the type of content that websites have and websites that have
very thin pages with very little content on them, they may get penalized. Unfortunately, Google is not able to determine
if you have an ecommerce website or a blog or are using some kind of a content management
system that basically creates pages with very little content on them. What you have to make sure is that product
pages, the ones that usually have content that looks template like, for example, you
have a product page which contains description made by the manufacturer, or you’re using
a product page for a specific product that looks like it’s been generated by a template. You have to make sure to either try to add
content on them. You can use things like user generated content
reviews, which is very valuable, or what you can also do is write content yourself. If you are in a position where you know you
have hundreds or even thousands of different product pages and you know that yourself you
cannot personally add unique content to these pages, which is going to add value and prevent
you from getting penalized by Panda, it may be a good idea at this point to basically
de-index those pages from Google. Or at least to put a no follow on them and
try to concentrate all of your link building efforts in sending all of your link juice
towards the category pages, so the pages which will list your products, and these pages only. The second tip I would say that is very important
is to have high quality images on your website. This is an ecommerce SEO tip, but it also
just doesn’t work just for SEO, it also increases the conversion rates on your website, because
if someone is visiting your ecommerce site, the pictures are smaller, pixelated, your
conversion rates are going to suffer. Why it can be good for SEO is because you
can get links referrals from people taking your picture, posting it on their website
and giving you credit. Or it may attract referrals and views from
websites like Pinterest that are interested in those high quality images. Another very useful SEO ecommerce tip is when
you’re structuring, when you have your website, make sure that whatever template you’re using
or whatever content management system you’re using on the back end of your ecommerce website,
it creates canonical pages. Because when you have an ecommerce website,
sometimes what happens is that one page is going to have 10 different URLs. What that tells Google, it may tell Google,
is that it’s duplicate content on your page. But in reality, it’s not. What Google came out with is a concept called
“Canonical Page.” What happens is, if you have 10 different
URLs which are pointing to the same page, you can have a canonical tag which indicates
to Google that all these other nine pages are irrelevant. They’re just copies and the real canonical
page, the one that should be counted is just one URL. Do it, because it may hurt your SEO efforts
if you don’t. Do content marketing and create link bait. It’s very important, because when people look
at their analytics and they look at the keywords which bring visitors to their website, oftentimes,
what they discover is that, “What is this keyword. I never actually targeted that specific keyword.” You’re going to learn what time that a lot
of visitors that you get to your website, they’re not targeting specific keywords which
are anticipated, it’s completely unique terms that they’re typing in. As long as you write relevant content, which
is very factual, it’s rich in media, for example, images or videos, it’s going to attract relevant
visitors, your target demographic to your website. At the same time, it’s going to create link
bait. If someone sees that you wrote an excellent
article in regards to your niche, they may post it on their blog and create a link back
to your website. Another thing is things like link bait, so
there’s a great example by a website called ice.com. What they did is they actually had an app
where a person can take a picture of their finger and once they are using this app, they
can see what a ring is going to look like on their finger once they buy it. It basically allows you to try out a ring
in a virtual manner. You’d best believe that, of course, this is
going to create link bait. It’s going to create all this talk and mentions
about this specific app that they have, and it’s going to create link backs back to their
websites. The fifth SEO ecommerce tip is to create content
for your ecommerce website. For example, you’re selling household goods,
decorative items, what you can do is have a contest where a person is going to describe
the best use for your product, for your decorative item, in their household, and they can win
$500 by participating in the contest. The way that they participate is by leaving
a comment on your page, on your contest page. But to participate, they must do one of the
two things. They must either like and share it on Facebook,
or they must tweet it. That’s going to create backlinks and views
to your website. Number six is to do personalized gift giveaways. What you’re doing is, you’re targeting the
people which are the most active in most of your clients, and then you give them personalized
gift giveaways. Oftentimes, you’re going to see what happens
is that those people are going to take pictures of the personalized gift that you sent them,
and they’re going to post it on their social media websites like Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter. As an example, there was a very large company
that did this personalized gift giveaway and they analyzed the customers that they have
chose just the ones which are most active. They got 100 percent of those clients that
got the free gifts, they actually posted those pictures on their social media profiles, and
it got them thousands upon thousands of visitors and page readers. The next thing that you can do for you ecommerce
website is to create deal pages, and then, once you have a deal page, for example, for
Black Friday or for some Cyber Monday, you’re going to contact coupon websites and mommy
bloggers and tell them about this great deal that you’re having. Whenever they mention your website, that’s
going to create a backlink back to your website, and ultimately, is going to be good for your
SEO optimization for any ecommerce website. Another thing that you can do for your ecommerce
website in terms of SEO is to spy on your competition. You run a link report on the website that
is beating you in the search engine result page, and you see exactly where it is, where
they get their links. Then you try to go to those same websites
and also get the links. One of the things that I’ve seen with a lot
of websites is that whenever they’re doing the link report on their competition, they
have a lot of these aha moments. They’re like, I see they’re doing this, they’re
applying this specific technique to promote their website, so it’s going to give you great
insights into how the competition is doing so you can leverage that knowledge to then
SEO optimize your ecommerce website.

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