February 25, 2020

eCommerce SEO Checklist

My name is Luke Wester I’m the Digital
Marketing Analysts here at Miva and we are going to go over the ultimate
checklist for SEO e-commerce we’re gonna start with keyword research first thing
we want to look for with keyword research is the difficulty of the
keywords. How competitive are the keywords that you’re going after and can
you rank them? The second thing you want to look for in your keywords is intent.
Are people actually using that term the way that you think they’re using it?
Maybe, maybe not. Check it out. Number two it is implementing technical SEO. You’re
gonna need a tool something like screaming frog to take a look at your
pages and make sure that you have all your structured data proper. It’s
probably gonna take a developer. The third thing is going to be on page SEO
SEO. These are your meta descriptions, your product descriptions, title tags, these
are gonna be your h2s, you want to make sure that you’re making it really easy
for Google to crawl all your pages. So the fourth thing is internal linking
structure. Google is now looking for related pages to be clustered together
by topics rather than separate. Number five is going to be link building. You
can do guest posting you can use something like HARO. HARO IS great for
getting a lot of links that are relevant really quickly and it doesn’t take that
much time. Thanks for watching if you have any more questions visit us at miva.com or subscribe to this like button.

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