December 5, 2019
eCommerce SEO – 103% Traffic Increase in 6 Months (real client results)

eCommerce SEO – 103% Traffic Increase in 6 Months (real client results)

a client that we’re working with right
now has seen an increase of a hundred percent in organic traffic over the past
six months now to show you to prove this to you here are some slides from HR FS
which is a third party tour so when we started off on month one the organic
keywords was 1.5 K organic traffic was 1.1 K traffic value was six hundred and
fifteen dollars now Mon six we’ve got three four point seven K organic
keywords we’ve got two point seven K organic traffic and the traffic value
has more than doubled to one point seven K now you might be thinking this is ahrefs you know the data might not be reliable okay well here’s a screenshot
from a client search console month one there was a total of 1.7 K clicks total
impressions of fifty one point five K you know mum six in March they saw that
increasing clicks to you know nearly three thousand and the total impressions
tripled essentially now the reason why the average precision went down from you
know twenty six to twenty nine is because the client is now ranking for
more keywords now let me ask you this how did the twenty year old who’s
running a SEO agency from his bedroom managed to pull out these results and
you know for a very very small retainer that the clients paying us well I’m
gonna be talking about this so firstly I just want to talk about the SEO industry
and all of the lies that are out there there’s a lot of confusion in the SEO
space and I can completely understand where it’s coming from
there are there are people out there who are talking about theory and talking
about things that don’t work and you know in this video you’re going to
realize that you know once you master one but to talk about in this video
you’re going to be able to rank for any keyword it doesn’t matter if it’s
ecommerce doesn’t matter if it’s local SEO no matter what industry you’re in
you’re going to understand the basic principles that make SEO work and let me
ask you this where there was a proven system where there was a proven system
and that I’ve managed to find you know I started doing SEO
around the age of you know 18 I knew about it when I was about seventeen and
a half I’ve really started getting into it when I was 18 and for the past year
I’ve gotten really serious about it so I’m 20 years old now and you know it’s
taken me well over a year-and-a-half to actually find a proven system that some
of the biggest companies in the world like Amazon ASOS eBay and I hear some of
the biggest e-commerce companies in the world or using this proven system that
they’re using some companies they don’t even know that they’re using it that’s
the best that’s the funny part like a lot of them don’t even know that they’re
using this proven system so I’ve resorted reverse engineered it around
you know a year ago this time last year I was selling cupcakes in a mall making
six pound seventy an hour it was a minimum-wage job I hate it by anyway
that being said the company that I was working for and selling cupcakes for
they were literally dominating the Serbs they were dominating the cupcake market
in the city that I’m in and the reason why they were doing this is because well
I’m gonna get into that right now and guess what they never did any SEO I
managed to speak to the owner before I left just asked him some questions about
business and you know maybe ask for a little bit of advice and I did and I
asked him like have you guys have done SEO and and he literally said no and it
was the biggest shock because they were literally dominating their market for
cupcake related keywords so going back to you know some of these big big
companies like Amazon a sauce eBay and IKEA what is what is the proven system
they’re all using and you know they don’t even know they’re using so what is
that okay firstly after watching this video I want you to go and download this
keywords everywhere tool and I want you to search for each of these companies
names now to save you some of the time and to you know obviously keep you on
this video I’ve gone ahead and done that so if we take a look at Amazon they get
over 270 million searches per month for their brand name a source gets over 16
million eBay gets over a hundred million IKEA gets over
seven million now let me tell you this right now it doesn’t matter how good you
are SEO brand always Trump’s SEO if you have
a reputable brand an established brand and you’re getting traffic to your site
your SEO efforts are going to be exponentially easier so going back to
you know the cupcake company I was working for why was why were they
ranking so well well firstly they built a brand like they built a very very
popular brand and the brand that they built led to an increase in their
traffic online which meant that you know that from that traffic people were also
linking to them because their brand was powerful their brand was strong and you
know the main thing that I want to talk about today is the 80/20 principle
now this 80/20 principle if you understand it you’re going to be a lot
more effective in you know every single area of your life pretty much so what is
the 80/20 rule it’s this it basically states that 20% of your efforts are
going to lead to 80% of the results you’re going to be able to get so as an
example in SEO there’s a couple of things that you can do that will
generate 80% of the results for you this doesn’t just apply in SEO this applies
in business as well most of the time you know within any company there’s going to
be a select you know there’s going to be 20% of products that make up 80% of the
company’s revenue but this doesn’t just apply in business evil this can be even
taken into you know someone’s personal life if you take a look at your friends
you’re probably spending you know 80% of your time with 20% of your friends just
just look at other areas in your life and see where this rule is happening so
what is the 80/20 rule in SEO what more the 20% of efforts that you can put in
they’re going to give you 80% of the results and here it is the 80/20 rule
for SEO is traffic plus links don’t over complicate this this is simply
literally as simple as it is you focus on these two things the 20% and it’s
going to give you 80% of the results and you’re going to be leaps and bounds
ahead of your competition because your competition is going to be confused by
all the controversial SEO information out there and they’re not going to
double down on this which is traffic and links so what if you’re starting from
zero you know what if you don’t have an established brand what if you’re not
getting traffic to your website what if you’re not getting links naturally
because you know people don’t want to link to you they don’t know you they
don’t know your brand so you know what do you do if you’re starting from zero I
hate when people show you know how to do something when you’re starting from even
the midpoint or you know when you’re starting from a good place but they
never show you what if you’re literally starting from zero or here’s the thing
link building right it’s traffic traffic and links are the two main things link
building we’ve already covered link building on this channel multiple times
if you go onto our channel there are free videos covering link building and
how you can build links even if you don’t already have an established brand
so that leads us on to traffic traffic is one of those things that most SEO
agencies are not good at generating they’re very good at SEO there’s a lot
of companies that are good at SEO but there are very very few companies who
are good at SEO and who are also good or great at generating traffic from other
sources online or offline so how do you generate this traffic if you’re starting
from zero well there are videos that we’re going to be putting out very very
soon so I would highly recommend that you subscribe to the channel right now
to stay tuned for those videos but for now I’m going to be running a
competition where is this competition and what can you win well you’re gonna
be able to win a free 30-minute consultation with me where I’m going to
run you through a customized you know plan for your specific website and I’m
also going to be sharing with you a secret that I haven’t put into this
video for a very good reason because I don’t want I don’t want to reveal all of
my secrets like there are certain secrets that give me the edge and give
my agency edge and I don’t want to pour that out into into the public but if you
enter this competition you’re going to win a free photo
consultation with me and in that competition in that in that free
consultation I’m going to tell you a secret that was used by the cupcake
company which they didn’t even know they were using but because they had this one
thing in place it exponentially impacted the success of her SEO and they never
did this you know they just this one thing when you understand this one thing
that I’m going to be you know revealing to you and our free 30-minute
consultation it’s going to blow up your results and I’m not even exaggerating so
how do you enter the competition simply comment down below ecommerce SEO for and
then your industry so for example ecommerce SEO for gardening tools or or
e-commerce SEO for toy business or whatever your business is just put down
the industry and you’ll be entered in and I’ll be picking a winner before our
next week’s video so that wraps you up really that is the end of this video
make sure you leave a like make sure you subscribe for more videos I’m going to
be releasing traffic related videos and how you can grow your traffic very very
soon so make sure you are subscribed and you turn on the notifications to get
notified when we do upload videos and yeah make sure you comment down below
what you’ve enjoyed about this video and make sure you enter this competition
because I’m telling you if you win that free consultation with me your SEO
results are going to blow up like this stuff is stuff that took me you know a
year and a half more than a year to actually reverse engineer and figure out
so you’re going to cut that learning curve and get essentially get one of my
biggest secrets so thank you for watching this video my name is Vulcan
the founder of clicks from search and I will see you on the next video

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  1. This eCommerce SEO video is a complete game changer if your businesses main focus is selling products online. After watching this video, you'll understand the proven system all big companies use (whether they know it or not) to dominate search engines. – Volkan

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