April 1, 2020
eCommerce personalization strategies that unify Croma’s customer journey

eCommerce personalization strategies that unify Croma’s customer journey

(upbeat music) – Croma is India’s first
organized electronics retailer. We have around 100 brick and mortar stores across the country, as a company, our motto is, we help you buy. So personalization was
like a real fit for us. We have a pretty high
customer traffic coming on the website, so we know quite a lot about the customers and there’s a lot of engagement happening
both online and offline. We chose Dynamic Yield
because of the ability to use one platform across multiple touchpoints with the kind of flexibility which I have not seen other products to really bring to the table. Way that Dynamic Yield
comes into it is twofold. One is the basic ecommerce personalization about just being sensitive to what the customer came looking for, and the second is to use location data, give the right store base communication. Our thought process is closer integration between online and offline through a variety of features, CRM is one, taking offline purchase data, feeding it to device and other. Today, especially looking
at the product roadmap and looking at some of the use cases around CRM, that’s pretty interesting because we are looking at building that whole integration as the next phase.

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