April 3, 2020
ECommerce News Sources

ECommerce News Sources

A lot of people ask me, “What are the best
ecommerce news sources?” Actually there’s no simple answer to that question. I get that
asked a lot especially in the commerce meet-up I organize. A lot of people ask. I try to
share as much information and get as much feedback and tips from other people. There
are a few top sources. They don’t look like really great websites but the content is actually
very useful and very important in the sense that it’s credible sources. They have great
data. The first one would be Internet Retailer.
That’s a really good source. I think that’s the most important one. Practical eCommerce
is another one that I suggest and that I recommend, that I check out a lot. Econsultancy was one
of the other big names out there. In terms of blogs there are also great blogs
from companies like SEOmoz that will give you great insights on SEO, for example. The
KISSmetrics blog is also really well-done. They always have interesting analytics, interesting
metrics and interesting infographics that you can look at. eMarketer is another good
one. You might want to check that out. Crazy Egg, same thing. It’s the blog of Crazy Egg
but they have really interesting content. One that’s popping up and is pretty in vogue
right now is Get Elastic. I would encourage you to check that out as well. You can always look into the more traditional
kind of tech news like Mashable, TechCrunch, The Next Web, VentureBeat, stuff like that.
They always have ecommerce sections. You’ll always find interesting information there.
The problem is that you actually have to source through it and look through it to find your
content, but the information on those websites is really valuable as well.

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