February 26, 2020
Ecommerce News #8

Ecommerce News #8

hello and welcome back to ecommerce news
so today I’m going to talk about a new app that Facebook have launched which is
an analytics app and it allows marketers to measure their metrics while they’re
out and about and on the go the app works alongside the web version of
Facebook analytics and it allows you to track your growth engagement and your
conversions the app also notifies you about any changes in your data so that
you constantly kept in the know and you’re updated on what’s going on but in
case you didn’t know Facebook also have quite a few different apps that you can
download and use on your phone when you’re away from your desk the first one
is Facebook pages manager which allows the different admins of the page to keep
up to date with activity they can create posts respond to comments and respond to
private messages as well on there as well as viewing the insights so that you
can see how people are interacting and engaging with your page the next app is
Facebook Ads manager which allows you to monitor and control your ads all in one
place you can create ads on there you can edit them and you can monitor
the performance and see how they’re doing now these apps are all great for helping you to gain a better understanding of
your marketing so that you can see where are you going right where you’re going
wrong and then understand what it is that you can do to improve them for
example if your facebook posts or your facebook shopping ads aren’t quite
getting any engagement then you know that there’s something not quite right
and that maybe you need to tweak it and make some changes these apps can
therefore help you to make better informed business decisions and also you
can access all of the key things that you need while you’re away from your
desk these apps are all free and available to download on the App Store
and on the Google Play Store and they just might help to make your social
media marketing that little bit easier thank you for watching and make sure
that you subscribe to the ekm youtube channel for more video content and like
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with any tips and advice that we’re going to be posting on here

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