April 6, 2020
Ecommerce News #6

Ecommerce News #6

hello and welcome back to ecommerce news
so adidas are preparing to close down a lot of the shops so that they can focus
more of their investments on the online side of the business they’re hoping to
more than double their e-commerce sales in the next two years and they’re going
to do this by investing over 600 million pounds on their digital operations which
includes infrastructure and logistics and it’s geared up towards the
e-commerce side. Now the chief executive said that the website is the most
important store that they’ve got in the world and this just shows how there
really is a shift from physical retail towards online shopping and adidas is
one of the first but definitely not one of the last of the big brands that’s
going to be having more of an online focus and investing more money in the
e-commerce side of the business. Now you may already know about the e-commerce
functionality that’s been rolling out on Instagram and on Facebook where users
can shop directly in the app without leaving to another website well now
snapchat are also testing out a functionality which will be available on
the discovery publisher channels and it will allow users to swipe up and
purchase products directly in the snapchat app. It appears that direct
purchasing for a social media is becoming increasingly popular and I
think it’s something that we’re going to keep seeing more of as more people
choose to shop online and as the e-commerce market thrives. So thank you
for watching this episode of ecommerce news and I hope that you found it useful
in some way please do keep your eye out for Talking Shop and come back in two
weeks time to watch the next episode of e-commerce news, thank you!

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