March 29, 2020
Ecommerce news #5

Ecommerce news #5

hi and welcome back to another
instalment of e-commerce news that you’ll see every fortnight on our
YouTube channel now for today’s first story Facebook are facing allegations
about how much personal data is being collected and shared by third-party
integrations meaning that these companies will no longer be able to
offer targeted ads directly on Facebook this came about when a company called
Cambridge analytica discovered that they were able to pull profile
information from a large group of users and their Facebook friends it sparked a
discussion about how much data is being shared by websites and what advertisers
are going to use that information for now Facebook used to offer the option
to be able to share what products users have been buying what brands have been
buying from what the household income is and other information such as whether
they’re a credit card holder however these details are now being excluded
from Facebook targeting options meaning that marketers are going to have
far less information to target the customers with for the next story
bad weather of the Easter weekend meant that a lot of shoppers decided to stay
indoors and unfortunately I was seen a decline in football year-on-year
this means that perhaps Easter is an a key seasonal trade in point for retail
anymore however it has been a key date for e-commerce a lot of retailers turned
to offering discounts of up to 70% in order to try and boost sales we’ve been
seeing a growing trend towards heavily discounted events such as Black Friday
and it said that Easter could be the next seasonal day to follow this trend
thank you for watching and please do come back in two weeks time and we’ll do
another episode of e-commerce news where you can discover what’s going on and how
it could affect your business

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