February 26, 2020
Ecommerce News #4

Ecommerce News #4

hello and welcome back to ecommerce news
so for today’s first story a new law has passed which means that online
marketplaces are now accountable for tax fraud committed by online sellers in the
UK this means that if the seller isn’t paying the right amount of tax and the
marketplace fails to remove them from the platform the HMRC has the right to
pursue the marketplace themselves now it’s hoped that this new law will send a
clear message to retailers and online sellers that everyone has to play by the
same rules and pay the taxes Instagram have launched a new shopping feature in the UK that allows users to tap on a tagged post so that they can buy the
featured products so when that post is tapped a pop-up will appear with a price
and then a link to a page with a product description and a shop now button now
this feature was previously rolled out in the US but now it’s coming to us and
Marks and Spencers were one of the first retailers to test out the feature they
say that it’s really simple to upload a post and it’s easy for customers to use
it and hopefully this will bridge the gap between Instagram and e-commerce thank you for watching and make sure that you subscribe to our YouTube
channel so that you don’t miss an episode of e-commerce news and make sure
to watch out for the next episode of talking shop thank you

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