April 6, 2020
Ecommerce News #3

Ecommerce News #3

hello and welcome to ecommerce news so
for today’s first story Amazon have made a deal with video doorbell firm ring
which will allow Amazon delivery drivers to enter the homes of customers and drop
parcels in a safe place while they’re out of the house now this works because
when the delivery driver rings the doorbell customers will be able to see
and speak to them from their phones because of a small camera and a mock
film which are in the doorbell now it’s said that this will be really good for
food deliveries because it will mean that the delivery driver can put the
food away in the fridge to stop it from going off and Amazon are also hoping
that it’s going to encourage more next-day delivery sales because it
allows customers to have deliveries while they’re out of the house next up just over a week ago the UK was hit with a red weather warning for
severe snow which meant that lots of people chose to stay in and online shop
rather than go out and face the high street now while this did have a
positive impact on e-commerce figures it did mean that a lot of deliveries were
delayed due to snow in the roads now as there is a storm due to come up again
soon we advise that on your website you need to clearly detail that there may be
delays to deliveries due to adverse weather conditions and also a follow up
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