April 7, 2020
Ecommerce News #2

Ecommerce News #2

Firstly, JD.com who are a major
leading e-commerce player in China have plans to tackle Amazon in the UK and EU
as early as 2019 now they’ve clearly identified that
there’s still a huge gap in the UK market for e-commerce growth and the
still plenty of space for new business now Richard Liu who is the founder of
the group has plans to launch first in France and then in the UK and then
Germany and he also has plans to launch a research center down in Cambridge
along with opening a new office down in London Small retailers in the
Southeast of England are continuing to charge a small fee at a checkout for car
payments despite the fact that the surcharge ban was passed earlier on this
year so since the 13th of January EU legislation has banned businesses from
adding the surcharges to card payments however the BBC has discovered at least
17 retailers in the Southeast of England alone who were continuing to charge up
to 70 pence at the checkout for card payments this is called on the
government to monitor the effectiveness of the campaign finally stronger year-on-year ecommerce figures have been driven by a
greater use of smartphones and a growing use of voice assistance such as the
Amazon echo now it’s said that 40 percent of Millennials are using these
voice assistance so this could be the next big device that has a major impact
on online shopping behavior

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