April 10, 2020
Ecommerce News #12

Ecommerce News #12

Hello and welcome to a fortnightly
episode of e-commerce news so in today’s news Etsy who were an
online marketplace for selling independent goods and handmade goods
have recently announced that they’ll be raising the transaction fees from 3.5% to 5% now this five percent fee will be applied to
both the item and to the shipping price which is on top of the listing fees and
the payment processing fees already charged by the online marketplace now if
you use Etsy then you’ll see these increases coming into effect on the 16th
of July so this is around the time but you might
start seeing some cuts to your profits now Etsy said that they made this move
in order to invest more money into their marketing so that they can bring in more
buyers to the platform however it’s brought to light just how much control
online marketplaces such as Etsy have over the independent businesses and the
vendors that you use the platform changes to the rules and increases in
costs can have a negative impact on independent sellers and it can make them
really vulnerable particularly if they’ve built their entire business on
Etsy this is why we recommend that you create your own site that you have full
control over and you’re not just an extension of an online marketplace
you’re a brand in your own right you’re not just building on top of Etsy’s brand
you’re creating a name for yourself and it just means that if anything was to
ever happen you’ve got that steady source of income and you’re not subject
to the rule changes while it’s great to use online marketplaces such as Etsy
eBay and Amazon we strongly recommend that you use them but only as an
additional income stream or if you’re just starting out when selling online it’s
risky to rely on and they get to call the shots and if anything was to ever
happen you’d be the one that suffer so as a long-term solution we don’t
recommend just sticking to an online marketplace now moving on we do also
have some really good news as well retailers have been seeing a massive
growth in sales thanks to the hot weather that we’ve been experiencing
since the start of May the higher than average temperatures seem to be having a
really positive impact on seasonal sales with the leading sectors being Footwear
garden and health and beauty it’s also quite interesting to discover that a lot
of consumers are choosing to shop later on at night
possibly due to difficulty sleeping with the higher temperatures so with this
information in mind it’s important that online retailers are really making the
most out of this opportunity to increase the seasonal sales what we recommend is
using relevant messaging to push your seasonal products on your marketing
channels such as on social media on email marketing and even on your paid
ads you should also make this messaging stand out on your website as well Homebase are actually a really good example of a retailer who have taken advantage
of the hot weather and have used it as an opportunity to sell more the website
features promotional banners with messaging such as stay cool in the hot
weather with a great range of fans and air conditioning so if you sell a
product that’s relevant to the season that you can push to solve problems in
this hot weather then you should definitely make the most of this
opportunity and maximise the amount of seasonal sales that you can get so thankyou for watching let us know what your thoughts are on the topic feel free to
add a comment or tell us what your opinion is and then we’ll also post
another episode of e-commerce news in two weeks time thank you

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