April 4, 2020
Ecommerce Marketing and the Holiday Season

Ecommerce Marketing and the Holiday Season

Hi everyone, I’m Sandeep with this week’s
Digital Marketing Moment. A company called Zaeus Research released a
report that outlined the priorities for marketers and businesses going into this holiday season. The results are not all that surprising. One of the first things they looked at was
which marketing channels were the priority for different e-commerce businesses going
into the holiday season. Like I said before, the results aren’t that
astonishing. Number one is email marketing, which comes
in at 43%; followed by social media at 22%. Search ads and retargeting come in at 15%
and 12% respectively. What this tells us is that e-commerce business
owners and marketers still believe that email marketing will be the strongest channel to
use to contact their consumers and prospects during the holiday season. The holiday season starts with Black Friday
and goes all the way up through the Christmas shopping season. The other finding that came out of this report
was that personalization remains a top priority for marketers and businesses alike. What this means is when you’re setting up
your marketing communications, it’s important and valuable for you to segment your list
into different groups or demographics such as males and females, or breaking it down
by different age groups and sending a customized, personalized marketing message to those people. For example, if you know your buyers in a
certain age group favour a certain product or service, set up a different campaign for
that buying group and send them a campaign that will be promoting the products that are
going to appeal to them. If you can follow these strategies throughout
this holiday season, you’ll be sure to maximize your conversion rate and improve your sales
as much as possible through the holiday season. I’m Sandeep with this week’s Digital Marketing
Moment. I hope you found this tip valuable, if you
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